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2nd May 2008
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Page 14, 2nd May 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Archdiocese's Centre for Evnngellsittion, Archbishop's Council, St Stephen's Primary School, Oratory School, Park Naar Pastoral Centre, Bishop's Council, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Diocesan Council of Laity, Diocesan Schools' Commission, Scotush Bible Society, Cottonian Association, St Dorainic's School, St Philip Nat Church, St Vincent's Primary School, Thom Cross Young Offenders Institute, Mildmay Hospital, Holland House, Forest School, European Commission, Diocesaa Protection Commission, Gillis College, Life and Peace Institute, LPA, Scotus College, British Mrthadist/Catholic Committee, Abbey Church, Centre for Evangelisatica.945am, Visit's St Mary's Primary School, Liverpool Aithdiocesan Centre, College of Consultors, Council for Liturgy, High School, Council of Priests, Faith Diocesan Assembly, Church of St Benedict, Sant Council of Priests, Pastoral Resources Centre, St Chad's School, Confirmotion St Mary 's School, Ecumenical Barn Service, Fff Cathedral Chapter, Catholic High School, Royal College of Suigeons, Mere Golf and Country Club, Curial Office, Queen Maly University, RC Infant School, Diocesan Youth Ministry, St Cecillias RC Junior School, House of Lords, Diocesan Personnel Board, Cathohc Church, Liverpool Archdlocesan Centre for Evangelisation, RC Primary School, Buckley Parish Centre, United Reform Church, Committee of Bishops, Carial Office, Liverpool Hope University, Diocesan Stewardship Committee, Advisory Committee


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May 4 to May 9

Cardinal Murphy-O'Conisor (Westmmeter) Mon, Celebrates Mira for Migrants, Westmunter Cathedral. I am. Tue: haerviews and Engagemens, Archbishop's House. Wed: Celebrates Mass for Franciscan Missionruies of Littlehamman, St Joseph's, East Street. Litriehammon, 11am. Thu: Cardinal's Lecture Series-Gives Lecture-Faith in Britain, e personal perspective, Westminster Cathedral. 7pm. Fn. Meets with Archbishop's Council, Westramect Cathedral. 9.30am. Sat. Celebnom Thanksgiving Mass for Married Couples, Westminster Cathedral. 3pm.

Archbishop Kelly (Liveipool) Sun. Visitation Mass. Si Margaret Mary, Liverpool, 9.30am; visi'anon Mass, St Margaret Mary, Liverpool, I lam; leads 'Walkiag m Faith' walk, St Anthony. Scotland Road. Liverpool to St Francis de Sales. Wilton. 2pm. Mon Tom Roman Association AGM, Drottwich. Tue: Latytens Crpty Pmject Fund Raising Dinner, 60 Hope Street. Liverpool. fpm Wed: Pastoral Area Team Leadersmuting, St Oswald ad St Edmund Arrewsmith, Astoon-M-Nlakerfield, 12.30pm. Thu: '2008' meeting. Liverpool Aithdiocesan Centre for Evangeliseioa.9 A Sant Council of Priests, Liverpool Archdlocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 10.30am Fri, COPCA Metering. Livetpool.Arrawbocesan Cenue for Evangelisation. 10am: Mass with older people.hletropoliten Cubedread Chin the King. Liverpool, 2.30pm; Holy FIctilfiehheadons, Cartrelee Moeastery. St Helens, 5pm. Sat Archeliocesan Pilgnrrasge to Ladyrwell, 2pm; attends Cathedral Concert: .Dancies and , Metnieolitan Cathedral of Christ the gasLiverpool, 7.30pm.

Archbishop Nichols (Birmingham) SUIT Man, for Catholic Handicapped Fellowship. Oscott Colder:. 4pro. Wed Visits St Augttstie.'s Pornary Samoa Handswali.2.15pet ad Farmed in Faith Diocesan Assembly. St Peter's, Stafford, 730pm. Tim Camel:seas for Teachas, St John Vimney, Cove, 7pm. Sat Diocesan Pilgrimages to Walsingham.ntry Bkhop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Wertmin;ter) Sun Confirmation, Kenna Rise, Ilam; Coefumanon.Finchley Quads End, 2pm. Mon: Migrants Mass, Cathedral, 11 am. Toe: Brave New World Lecture. House of Lords. 7.30pm 9pm Tau: Confirmation, Barnet. 7.30pm. Fri: Archbishop's Counca, Archbishop s Rothe?, itaan, actiormanon. North Finchley, 7pm. Sat: Ccofilmation, Sudbury. I lam. Seminary. Munster of Reeder. 5pm.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Son: Omni the WYD Walkers. Werdky Hall, I pm; celebration of Confir. matron. Sacred Heart, Cadishead • 2.30pm. Tue: Meeting of the Diocesan Schools' Commission. Gerald Road, 2pm; celebration of Confumetion, St Joseph's. Damen, 7pm, Wed: Chapter meeting and cekbratioe of Mess. Salford Cathedral. i 30am. Thu. Celebration of Confirmation. St John the Baptise Burnley. 7pm. Fri: Private appointments. Wadley Han. Sat. CWL Centenary Mass and AGM. St Mama. Mulberry Street, Manchester. I lam.

Bishop Budd 1Plyinoidh) Sun Confirmation, Blessed Sacrament, Exeter. I lam; Confirmation. Exeter University Chaplaincy. 3pm; Blessing of Floh. Ghost. Earnoteh, 6mtn. Mon. Lourdes Preparation bay, Cathedral, 2pm. Tun Plymouth Lnformal, Bishop's House, 10am Wed. Liturgy Commission meeting. Exeter, 5pm Thu MOSS and lunch Retired Clergy. Bishop's House. noon. Fri: Confirmation, The Verne. 3par. Confammion. St Joseph's. Poole, 7pm. Sat, Excite Deanery Day.

Bishop Campbell 'Coadjutor Lancaster) The: Diocesaa Protection Commission. am; Diocesan Trustees meeting. pm. This Ecumenical meeting. Bishop's Apartmem. Fn: Vicars Genral Meeting. Sat: Diocesan Altar Severs' Mass. St Peter's Cathedral.

Bishop Conry (Arundel & Brighton) Wed. Mass for Rthiharians. St Joseph's Convent. Littlehal:tiptoe; Brighton Deanery Confirmations. St Mary's, Preston Pan. 7.30pm. Thu: Mass for the Community. Sayers Commomnoon. FriEastbourne Deanery Confirmations, Eastbeume. 7.30pm. Sat Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting.

Malmo Doyle (Northampton) Sun, Visitation continues, St Margaret of Scotland, Luton Mon Fn Diocesan Cletgy Retreat London Colney. Fri: Conformation. St Aidaff s, Kmgsthorpe, Northampton, 7pm. Sal COLICITMatiOCI, St Edward the Cordessot, Milton Keynes. 11.30ant visitation. Holy Ghost Parish, Luton, prn.

• Dreiney (Middlesbrough) Bishop's Council. Curial Office. Taint Wed: Visit's St Mary's Primary School. Grangetown, 930aun blessing of school extension. St Mary 's Primary. Market Weighton. 3pm; celebrates Confirmation, SS Mary and Imeph. Hedon. 7pm, Fri: Meets with Religious Provincial. Curial Office. 2pm; smlebrates Confirmotion St Mary 's School, Topchffe, 6pm. Sat: Commisuoming of new Ministers of the Weed and Holy Communion. York, 9.45arn.

B ishop Evans (East Anglia) Sun: World Youth Day overnight Retreat Walsingfien. Mon Diatom Pilgrimage to Waisinghatn. Wed: British Mrthadist/Catholic Committee m Salisbury. Thu: Cambridgeshire Church Leaders meeting. noon. Diocesan Personnel Board, Bury St Ednimids. dpm Fri. Catholic/Oriental Orthodox Font. London, I lam: Confirmations, St Oswald's, Peterborough, 7.30pm. Sat: Diocesan Council of Laity, Poringland, I Ions 3pm: Confmnations. All Souls, Petm6.6.106Pm

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun Contirmations. Lltham Weil Hall, 10.30am. Mon: Centenary Man.Nowbory, noon Raven Association Conference, Drouwich. Wed: Council of Priests and College of Consultors meetings, Valet hail. 11.30am: Pentecost Emit Reception, Dooming

Street, 4.. Fn: Meeting with Conan] of Oriental and Orthodox Churches, London. I lam. Sat: Ell Quinn Day. Aylesford, I 1 ant

Bishop Rine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Sun, Cooftrmanon, St Thomas of Canterbury, Deal. 1 lam Mon: Celebrates Mass for the Annual Rally of Altar Servers, Aylesford Priory, I 1.30am. Tue. Attends AGM of the ROMIalAssociation.Droimich. Sat Interviews for candidates for priesthood, Archhishop's House.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Parish Vialration and Mass. St Patrick's, Hauling Island. 10.30am Tee: Bishop's Council meeting. St Peter's. Winchester,. lOam. Wed: Diocesan Stewardship Committee meeting. Bishop's House. Portsmouth. 10am: COPCA meeting, St John's Cathedra. Portsmouth, 7pm 9prn. Thu, Bishop's Day with Clergy. Park Naar Pastoral Centre, Wicideam. Fri: Confirmation for Themes Isis Pastoral Area, English MartyraDillosi. 7pm. Sat_ Mass to man the Centenary of the Owen Our Lady, Fleet, 11.301m.

Bishop Hopei (Westminster) Sun Thu: Knights of Malta Pilgrimage to Lourdes. Fri: Archbishop', Council. Archbishop's House. 930am: ode:ewes Confirmation Mass, Om Lady of Landes. Anton, 7pmSat: Cekbrates ConfIrmation Mass. Abbey Church of St Benedict. Eating Abbey, 3pm.

Bishop Kenney (Bimthaghurn) Sun: Confirrnations,Oratory School, Wooticale, Reading, 10am. Mon Wed: Life and Peace Institute. Ohio. Wed Thu: Parliamentary Interns, Brumes. Sat Mass. Sisters of Charity. Say Park. Birmingham. I lam.

Nihon Lang (Clifton) The: Salisbury Deanery firm Conation. The Sacred Heart, Tisbury, 7.30pm. Wed: Secondary Schools Mass. Clifton Cathedral. Bristol, II axe Confirmation, English Martyrs, Tuftley, Gloucester, 7.30pm. Thu Seeking the Face of Christ earring group meeting, Stroud.

Bishop Longley (Westminster) Sun Cordlrmation. St Mary's. Hampstead with Swiss Cottage Parish II .30am. Cmillonation, St Schola.stica's Clapton. darn. Mum Concelebrates Mats Mr Mptnm Workers, Viesanthrter Cathedral, I lam. The Vno to Maria Fidelis Sixth Form. anion. 9.30am: St Peter's Italian Church Marriage Course, Rpm. Wed: Pastortd Visit to Queen Maly University. 11 am and Chaplaincy Mass. I pm; Muss, followed by Pariah Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succour. Kensal New Town, 7pm. Thu Par total Visit to the Mildmay Hospital, Hackney. 9 I5am. Memorial Mass for Antonia Nwokocha, St Dorainic's School. Homerton. 2pm: Cardinal's Lectures V. Westminster Cathe dral. 7pm. Fri, Archbishop's Council.Attlibishop's House, 930am. Set Meets with St Monica's. Homan Confirmation Candidates, Archbishop's House. fpm: Concelebrates Thanksgiving Mass for the Sacrament of Matrimony, Westminster Cathedral, 3pm: Confirmation, Ss Peter and Pull, Oakenweft, 6.30mn.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun Confirmations. St Bede's, Clapham Park. noon Mon, Migrants' Mass, Westminster Cathedral. Toe Si Klemm s Reunion, Droitwich. We& Council of Priests, St Am's. Meadow Road, II 30am; Consultors, St Arum's, Meadow Road. 230pro.Tha Confirrillia0n3. St John Niamey, Beeleyheath, 730pm. Fri: Visit to IMCM. St Confirmations. Our Lady of Mount Cannel, Favenham, Darn, ConfimaLone, St Joseph's, Bromley. 5pm.

Bishop McGough (Birmingham') Mon. Mau and Annual meeting for Cottonian Association. Cotton, I130am. The: Joint meeting with Bishops of West Midlands. Holland House, 1030am. Fri: Visits St Chad's School, Sedgley. 2pm.

Bishop McMahon 1Thentwood) Sun. Pastoral Visitation and Confirmation, English Martyrs. Homchurch. Mon: Attends Migrants Mass. Wertminster Cathedral. Toe: MeetingsIntervitays, Cathedral House: grass talk on 'Prayer' at the BRES Spirituality Evening, Cathedral House. 7.30prn. Wed: Vises 6th Form. Forest School. 830am. Fri: Conference re Travellers, Wickford, 1030am. Sail Attends Diocesan Pastoral Council Plenary.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sun: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Beauvale. 3pm Wed: Notts and Dertsys Church Leaders meeting. Reptoe: Confirmative:. St Patrick's. Leicester. 7pm. Thu: CASE. London. Fri: Boars Trusters meeting, Bishop's House. 3pm. Sat: Celebrates Mess for the Centenary of Our Lady of Merry and St Philip Nat Church, Melbourne. 4.30pm.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Sun. 'Walking in Faith' Walk. St Anthony. Scotland Road. Liverpool to St Francis de Soles. Walton. 2pm. Wed: Pastoral Area leant Leaden' meeting. St Oswald and St Edmund Arrowsmitti. Ashton-in-Makerfoeld, 12.30pm Thu: '2008' meeting, Liverpool Arch. diocesan Centre for Evangelisatica.945am; Causal of Priests. Liverpool Archdiocesan Crane for Evangelisation. 10.30am. FriCOPCA Meeting. Liverpool. Archdiocese's Centre for Evnngellsittion, Mat Sm. Mass with Noon Marna Aso.), lates. Liverpool Hope University. I lam; Co-operation Ireland Gala Ball. Mere Golf and Country Club. Knutsford, 8pm.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun. Pastoral Van tenon, Christ Chuck, Heald Green. Wed: Bishop 's Interview Meaning, Canal Offices. ant Confirmsbon, Our Lady of Loirdes. Partington. with All Saints and St Margery' Ward, 7pm. Thu: Confirmation. Thom Cross Young Offenders Institute, Appleton, 930am. Fri: Cheshire Church Leaden, Bishop's House. Chester, 9A5am, meeting with Team Members of LPA 19. St Chad's. Cheadle, 7pm. Sat: Eucharist with Religious of the Diocese. Hawkstone Hall, 2:30pm.

Blimp 07Demoshoe (Lancaster) The. Diocesan Protection Commassios. loam: Twice's. 6pm. Wed: Confirmation. St Witham, Fleetwood. 7pm. Thu: Meeting re: Ecumenism. 11 amt Fri; Bishop's Council meeting. 1030am: RUC meeting. 230pm. Sat Altar Servers' Mass, Cathedral. 12.15pm.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sun Ordinmion to Diaconate. Oxford Oratory, I lam. The: Chapter meeting. Cathedral House, 1 lam, Chapter Mass, St Cha'd Cathedral. 12.15pm. Sat. Interviews for Priesthood. Oscott, 930tirn.

Bishop Rawrthorne (Half) Sun: Visitthoo. Saved Heart. Goldthotpe,930arn. visitation continued. Corpus Christi Parish Mess, 3pm. Mon, CAFOD/Christian Aid Walk. Toe: Council for Liturgy, Bishop's House, 230pm. Wed: Vona and Deem Church Leaders' meeting. Reptoo. 10am; CTSY Evening, Bishop's House. 7pm. Thu. Good Shepherd Presentation. St Charles, Sheffield. 1030am; Cutlers' Feast, Sheffield. 6.30pm. Fri: Lecture.. Durham Calamity. Sat: Re-Assembly aseeting.All Seises Catholic High School, Sheffield, e.30am.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sat: Mass for those received into the Cathohc Church at Easter. Leeds Cathedral fmtn.

Bishop Stock (Westminster) Wed Cceifmnation. St Joseph and The English Martyrs. Bishops Stortfan. 7.30pm. Thu: Celebration of Catholic Educe. tam, St Vincent's Primary School. The Ridgeway, Mill Hill. NW7. I lam; Confirmation. St Hilda's. Stevenage, 730pm. Frs. Archbishop's Council awes ing , 930arn. Sal: Celebration of Marriage Day. Westminster. Cathedral. 3pm: Confirmation, St Augustine's. Hoddesdon. 6.30pm.

Bishop WIRiams (Liverpool) Sim: Visitation. St

Jahn Me Evangelist, Burscough. Archiliocesan Finance Advisory Committee, Liver:1 Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 10.rn; KHS Lunch, The Athenaeum, Liverpool. Ipm; Lutyens Crypt Project Fund Raising Dinner, 60 Hope Street, Liverpool, 7pra, Wed: Multifaidi Group for HealthCM Chaplaincy, Church House, Landon. aiTEW meeting. Bishop' Conference, Eccleston Square. London, 2pm: Confirmation. St ultimo= Laboure, Farington, 730pm. Thu: Council of Priests, Liverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation 1030am: Royal College of Suigeons' Dinner, Liver

pool Medical Institution. 7ptn. Visits St RC Infant School, Liverpool. 9.30am: visits St Cecillias RC Junior School. Liverpool, 1 30pin.

WALES Ardsbbbop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Confamations, Caerphilly. 10am. The: CBS Metaing,Anfibishop's House, 12.30pm European Commission, Cardiff Bay. 6pm. Wed: Wizard of Oz Performance, Si AI han's High School, 7pm. Thu: Council of Priests, Pastoral Resources Ceram. Liam; Confirmations. Si Albans, Cardiff. 7pm. Fff Cathedral Chapter meatmg and mass, 10.30am; Confirrnmioes, Treforest, 7pm. Sat: Diocesan Youth Ministry Meeting, Pastoral Resources Centre, 10.10am.

Batboy labalE Menevia) Sun: Annual Pilgrimage to Cardigan. Mtn Engagements. Carial Office. Wed: Confirmation, Cathedral.

Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun, National Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of the Taper, Cardigan. The: Morning Prayer, St John's Rhosnesni, Wrexham, Sam; Irish Colleges' Reunion. Wed: Meeting with Primary headteachen.4.30pre. Thu: Regional Cyrun meeting. Buckley Parish Centre. IS 30atn; Ecumenical Barn Service. United Reform Church, Flint, 7pm. Sat: CAFOD Family Fan Day. Pantasaph.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sim: Depart for the headquaners of the European Convoission in Brussels for inter-faith dialogue on climate change and inter-cultural dialogue, 1130am. and overnight. Tee: Centenary Mass of St Stephen's Primary School, Delmar, 11 am; meeting ofStand ing ing

Committee of Bishops' Conference of Scotland. Scotus College, Glasgow, 2pm... meeting of Bishops' Conference of Scotland, Scotus College. Glasgow. 3.30pm, and overnight. Thu: Opening Mass and Dedication of St Margaret's RC Primary School. Loarhead, 10am. Fri: Meeting of Vicars General, St Bennet's, Edinburgh, I lam; meeting of Trustees of Archdiocese. Gillis College. Edinburgh. 2pm; i-Centeraery Dinner of Scotush Bible Society. Ochtenyre.Crielf,7pm. Sat: Celebration of Confirmation and First Holy Communion, S Margaret's and Holy Spirit, Stirling, St Margaret's. Slam.

Bishop Logan IDunkeld/Dundee) Sum Confirmations& Francis, Durelee, 1130am, Mon. Confirmations, St Stephen's. Blarigowrie. 7pm The Wed: Bishops Conference, Scotus College, Glasgow. Thu. Confirmations, St Joseph's, Dundee, 7pm. Ert Confirmations, St Margaret's, Montrose 7pm. Sat: Month's Mind Mass for Canon John °Tamil. St Mary. Lochlee. Dundee, noon.

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