Page 1, 2nd November 1951

2nd November 1951
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Page 1, 2nd November 1951 — I thought it would be worse'

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Locations: Buenos Aires, Rome


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I thought it would be worse'


THE sending of Gen. Mark Clark to Rome as the first

United States Ambassador to the Vatican may be held up for months, according to present indications, and it looks as

though the opposition will continue to build up.

The nomination is before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, hut the Congress has adjourned and it is not expected that there will he any hearing on the appointment before the second session of the 82nd Congress convenes in January.

By early this week more than 5,000 messages had reached the White House. Many were from Protestants, who have arranged mass meetings to express their indignation at the President's proposal.

But President Truman said: " The controversy touched off by the appointment is not as great as I expected." He added that there was bound to be a lot of criticisms but he thought they should all be argued Out.

The Buenos Aires Catholic Newspaper El Pueblo has blamed Masonic and Ku Klux Klan influences for what it called the insensate outcry against the nomination of General Mark Clark.


It also commented critically on the appointment being made in a " strictly political sense as related to the struggle against Communism. " Does this mean that if there was no cold war the American Governmet would have no interest in correcting an elemental mission in its foreign relations systcm?"

This latter angle was one which the Italian Communist newspaper Unita took up.

"Truman appointed Clark to the post because the President knows that the Vatican is not sincere when it says it is not taking sides because it is known that the Holy Sec is on the side of the Atlantic pact and shares the same objectives of the antiCommunist struggle of the U.S. Government," it said.

Unita was in due course quoted by Moscow Radio.

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