Page 3, 2nd November 1951

2nd November 1951
Page 3
Page 3, 2nd November 1951 — I GARDENING I THIS is probably the best time to

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I GARDENING I THIS is probably the best time to

-"; plant trees and shrubs of all kinds. The soil is still warm enough at root-level to encourage prompt establishment. All roots should be soaked before planting unless you are just transplanting within a matter of minutes. Good old manure or compost should be put where the trees can reach it soon, but not touching the roots. The soil should be worked down-between the roots and then trodden very firm. Greasebands (if not already applied) should be put round all fruit trees at once. Pruning may begin now. All diseased growth or shrivelled fruit-mummies should be burned. The sappy stuff can all go to make up a new compost heap. Any herbaceous border material available is also a good foundation. Matured compost and manure should he spread right way, and dug into the top few inches of any vacant plot. Bonfire ashes should be kept dry until spring, or sprinkled now round fruit trees. It is not too late to set out cabbages and other spring greens, although transplanting for midwinter use is risky. E. I. KING.

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