Page 5, 2nd November 1951

2nd November 1951
Page 5
Page 5, 2nd November 1951 — Muslims try 'Catholic' land reforms

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Organisations: Muslim League Party


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Muslims try 'Catholic' land reforms

MUSLIM politicians in Pakistan, in their determined fight against Communism, are using methods in the agricultural areas similar to

those recommended to Catholics by the Holy Father.

They are introducing agrarian reforms which not only are a positive answer to the Communists but arc bringing great benefit to peasants.

During the elections at the beginning of the present year the Muslim League Party promised that it would make agrarian reform one of the items on its agenda.

The League came into power with a large majority and the opposition party hinted that agrarian reform would now be forgotten because many members of the Muslim League Party arc large land-holders. In reality. says Fropagandos Fides, it has not been forgotten but there is some division of opinion among members of the party as to whether it is right for the Government to take land from land-holders and to give it to landless tenants.

A vote on this issue gave 91 votes in favour of the Government's taking over the land leaving only 25 or 50 acres to the owners. There were 9 votes against the measure and others were neutral.

This is the story of the Punjab where the Chief Minister is himself a large land-holder. The Chief Minister of the North West Frontier Province told the writer that he has already made 200.000 landless tenants into owners of their own land and a house. This undertaking required courage. Before. land was sacred and landlords could throw tenants on the road at will. The taking of a yard of land would have meant bloodshed and feuds.

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