Page 8, 2nd November 1973

2nd November 1973
Page 8
Page 8, 2nd November 1973 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Lancaster University, Cathedral Chapter, Catholic BI-Centerrary Committee, assisr:an University, Council of Priests, Crvro Service, Council of Laity, Consecrates Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Wilfrid's School, Anglican Diocesan Union of Merts Societies Portsmouth, Cardinal Newman School, Schools Commission, Diocesart Senate of Priests, Ds Lisle School, St Cuthbert's GrdITIMal School, Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter, Priests Consultative Edrie.allon Committee, Gateway School, Oiocesan Priests Council, Mary's School, Uirited Ffeharm Church, English College, Youth Service, Christ's College, Council of Adrntrachation, Newman Association, Mess Guild of Se, Catholic Teachers Association, Llpholland College, Missionary Society, Ali Sarnia Pastoral Centre, Foolish College, Anire's Council of ChercheS, Teachers Tit St Luke's School, Southampton University, DiLcesan Council, Association of Catholic Willows Mass, House of Commons, Remembrance Day Service, Stanford, VValsingham Association, Oscott College


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Cardinal Heenan of Westminster Friniiy Presides .11 in.-n-1.11C of Governors ol Corpus Chrian coriaga Arairlatrhop Hoasii 2. Saturday.. Lays faiindatiori stone. of maw church Harrow Road. 3 Si in mass for Scouts and (dairies ot the stisir el St Vincent's Carlisle Place 10. tireci.hes at Feshval Service AI Saints Margaits Street. 6 Monday: Mceta editorial board of Clergy Review, Archbishop's House 4 30 Trair• sciav, Prestries at Conceiebratad Mass tor visit ol priests and brothers to Peatoral Comte. All Saints toerton) Cranes.

B ishop Butler, Auxiliary of Westminster Monday: Clergy Review Board Archbishop's HMIs.. 4 30 Tuesday: Cord), n,ationti Watford. J Wedansilay: Act minisirative CctLI cd 1••iddine Aiciibishon s House, 11; CORAT riaatirig. 6. Thursday' Ineugural meetind. Ali Sarnia Pastoral Centre 11.. Confirm aeon Afitints Laanaey, 7 Frretayr Visrtatiori arid Confirmation, VVeiwyn Garden) City Bishop Guaxxelli, Auxiliary of Westminster S,ioday: Visits' ion Westminster Fleligrous Eriticanoir ef,,fire Study Ddv. Hig1iciale. Tuesday. Confirmation Cadogan Stieet 0.30 WITCC. Thrirsday. Confirmation St Richard of Chichester, 7 30 Bishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Fratay. Westminster Schools SIM Commussion Mass and sociai gathering. 6,30. High Mass Cathedral. Saturday' Association of Catholic Willows Mass. cathedral 6 Saturday•Munday. Brent Deanery Visitation Wembley Park MOndav! Justice and Peace Haman Rights VVorkirig Group. tuesday, Westminster Religious Erhication Centre Study Dev. Grail. 10_30. C.P.E.A., House of Commons. B. Friday Con.firmation. Yearlino. 5.3D Archbishop Dwyer l Birmingham -Stoelay-Werfnesilay. Frenuh Hierarchy meeting Lourdes Thiirsday: Meeting of Nesvinan College Governors, Friday' Priests. Cons' pita .ve Fdaca taw, CrilitrodIee ineefing. St Bernard s Road, Oiton. 11Speech Night Oltran Cnoverii. &Shen CINlry Aimdiary of Birmingham Sunday. Mass and Confirmation, St. BPrn,rilf71 s Atihey Halloo I 1. COntailebratos MdtIS Our Lady, Ashley. 5_30 Tuesday: Meeting of Chapter and Mass St. Chad's Cathedral 11 45 Wednesday. Visitation of school and srck. Sacred Heart. T 'mom annuat

Ilfi fl a Marian One Ciiiiki 13tirslern. 7.

Thrust-tau. Meeting al din Stoke 2.30. hid ay Meeting of Priests Consaltative Education Cornmatee. Olton 11.00. B ishop emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Tuesday Meritiag of Chanter arid Md55. St. Chdd Cathednal, 11,45. Wedriesday. Vrsas school aid sick_ Or Lady, Caversham, 1t: meeting e Newman College Governors, 5.30 Friday: Priests Consultative Edrie.allon Committee meetino. Si. Barnard-s Road 011otr 1 1. 6..,unlirnlalinns and Beriedichors• Weole'r Cantle 7 30. Saturday: Annual dinner of Birmingham 1431dd-hall AasoCiation, 7.30 Archbishop Back of Liverpool Sstorday'Stinclay. Page-ire! Corinna Plenary Session Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass at St. Albert's. Warne-tome ro, 150th anniversary, 11 Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Siinclayr Plenary session of Ilincesan Pastoral Coanell at Cenacle Convent. Liver pantie:15. preaches at service arranged by Lytham Si. Anire's Council of ChercheS in Lari'-.1re Uirited Ffeharm Church, Parrhaven, 0.3.. aondayr Mech.-re of Council of Adrntrachation, Curial Offic_es. 10.30, Tuesday: Concelebrates Mass al meeting of Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter. 11: VVisarriati Le,..ture, Oscott College. 4. Wednesday. Corcereeratea Mass and confers Confirmation at Our Lady's, Formby. 7.30. Thursday. Visits schools end sick in parlSh of Holy Family Platt Bridge. Friday: Celebrates Mass for Teachers Tit St Luke's School. SkelmLisdale, B. Bishop Worlock of pertammath Saturday. Addresses Anglican Diocesan Union of Merts Societies Portsmouth, 3. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Eastleigh. Thursday: Reolonal meeting with bishop and unlversity chaplaios. University Chaplainry Southampton. 11 Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Tuesday: Mt:155 For tiecear.ed alergy of the diocese 11.16. Thursday: 1'i/rasa. Visitation and Conlarmation. Battersea West. Monday. Diocesan Finance Meeting, 11; school managers meeting. Blackheath. 4. Tuesday: Mast; for deceased clergy of the diocese. Cathedral. 11.15. unatugivirig. St. Teresa's Sehoul. Lewnsharn. 7.30, Wednesday: Mass, St Anne s Convent. Wimbledon. 10.00. Friday.: Ordination of the diacoeate, Brockley. Sarardayr .X SC Pinner Cjiftn,ivdle 7.10. B ishop Grant of Northampton Fiiday• Completes visitation et Our tarty's, CorbySaturday: K.S C board of dime:tors' meeting, Sure-lay: Preaches at Crvro Service at SippluSWade. f1.40111rIdy; Meeting of College Council St. Edmund's House. Cambridge. Trinisclay-Wedriesday: Meedng of recently ordained pries 's. Clapham Park. B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton Friday.'Saturdey: General meeting. VValsingham Association at VValsingharn Stairlay. Celebrates Mass. St. MiffiS Yarmouth_ 11.

Bishop McGuinness, Coadjutor of NottinghamSunday: Visitation and Confirmairon, Narborough. Leicester Monday: Talk at Gateway School. Leicester. Tuesday: Meeting of Cathedral Chapter Wednesday:

Diocesan Priests' NrAtirighaffi Thorstlay: Schools meeting. Leicester, 2.30. Saturday: Study Day for secondary school teachers, Ds Lisle School. Loughborough. Bishop Lanaton Fox of Monrovia Sattmlarr Consecrates Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea at Lland dna. Sunder Visite Con and Confirmation, Beaumaris. Monday: Blesses new parish centre at Menai Bridge. Wednesday: Celebrates Mass at the Cathedral for the feast of its dedication. Thursilaiy: Confirmatioe at Connah's Quay. Bishop Holland ot Sonora fricay: Visits Pallotine Convent. Rochdale. 2.30. Sunday: Visitation 10.45, Confirmation 3, St. Charios, F.ishton, Tuesday. thusteeS of English College. Varladolid. Wardley Hall, 12: Catholic BI-Centerrary Committee, St. Chad's. Cheethem H21. 7.30. Wednescuer Governors' meeting. Hopwood Hall. Middleton. 11: Catholic Doctors' Guild A.G.M.. Boyd H011se. Victoria Park. 7.30. Thursday: Schools Commission. 10.30. Friday. Visits Mount St. Joseph's Convent. Deane Bolton, 3. Sunday: Remembrance Day Service, Cenotaph, Manchester, 10.30; visits Notre Dame Convent, Salford. 3 30.

B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of Selford FridayBeglos viaitation. St. Mary's, Langho. 10 30; concelebrates Mass, St. John's Cathedral. Salford. B. Sunday: Visitation 10. Confirmation 3. St. Mary's. Langho Wednesday: Chapter Mass, Cathedral, 12. Thuisday. Schools Commission. 10.30: governors' meeting. Cardinal Langley Schooh, menchesrer 4,30_ Friday: Continhes visitation. St. Merv's. Lenart° 11: begins visitation. Sr. Mery's Crehaldestnn. 7 45 Saturday: Celebrates .Mass for the Mess Guild of Se' Mary's School. Failsworth. Salford Cathedral, 10.30. Sunday: Confirmation. St Peter's. Stonyhurst, 4_30 Bishop Alexander, Auxiliary of Clifton Sunday' Visitation. Melksharn: ConfnrMeniOrl, 3.30. Monday: Annual meeting of Sulpician Associafon. Cathedral. Mass, 6, Tuesday: Saturday: Exhibition of Religious life Cathedral Opening Mass. 10.30h Si, Mary's on the Quay Bazaar, Bristol. 2. B ishop Restieaux cif Plymouth Sun day. Mass at Convent and visitation, 10.30: Confirmation at Ugbrooke. 3_ Bishop Garay of Brentwood Saturday: Diocesan Education Day, Brentwood, 11 Theariay: Chapter Mess end mnelLng Brentwood 11. Tuesday/Wedrienday: Meeting with 1973 ordinands. Chlgwell Convent Thursday. Masa and Curifirmetiorr. St. Dominic's, Harold Hill, 7.30.

Bishop Cunningham of Hexham and Newcastle Sunday Mass, visitation and Cordirmation. Willington. 3.30. Wednesday: Meeting of governors. St. Marie's College. Senham, 2.30. Thursday: Council of Priests.. Marie Reparatrice Convent, Newcastle_

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexham and Newcastle Sunday: Mass and Confionatiuo St. Patrick's Consett. 3.30. Thursday: Cooncil of Priests. Marie Reparatrice Convert, Newcastle, Bishop Wheeler of Leeds Saturday: Session of Universe Lams Wood Hall. 9.15: Council of Laity. Headingley, 2, Sunday Visitetfor and Confirmation, Si, Clare's Bradford, Tuesday: Oiocesan Priests Council. Thursday: Governors' meeting, Trinity and All Shims' Colleges. 11 Friday! Mass. St. Brendans School Bradford. 11 iliahop Foley of Lancaster Sunday: Mass. New Maya Centre. Westgate, Morecambe, 10.30. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, 11, Poor Missions Meeting 2. Bishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Lancaster Sunday: Visitation and Contematiori. Holy Trinity and St. George, Kendal. VVedneselayr Mass at Lancaster University, 5. Saturday Starts the Lakeland Walk. Bishop Grass, of Shrewsbury day. Visitation end Confirmation. Holy Rencorn. Monday, Visitation continued Holy Spirit Runcorn. Thursday: Chapter meeting Saturday: Visitation and Confirmation St Columba. Cfiesie r. Monday Mass Palaeefields, Runcorn, 8.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of • Shrewsbury Saturday • Visitation All Si::::. Ashton on Mersey Sunday • Visitation) arld Cunfarnation. All Saints Ashton-on-Mersey Monday. Visitation continued, All Saints Ashton .on Mersey; national sub-commission meeting for the In-Service Training of the Clergy. .Tuesdayr Addresses Catholic Teachers Association meeting. Grimsby. Wednesday: Addresses Newman Association Meeting, Stockport. Thursday: Meeting of Diocesan Corohnittea for the Further Educe lion of the Clergy. Crewe. Bishop Bowen of Arundel end Brighton SundayVisitation Tilgate. Sussex_ Monday: Meeting of DiLcesan Council of Administration 13ishop's House. Hove: visits Cardinal Newman School. Hoye TuesdayConcelebrates Requiem Mass for the Iale Bishop David Cashman and the deceased priests of the diocese., Cathedral, Arundel; meeting of Diocesan Schools Corn mittee for Surrey. St Ourestan's Presbytery_ Woking. Wednesday. Visitation and Confirmation. Effingham. Surrey. Thursday: Meeting of university chaplains at Catholic Chaplaincy to Southampton University Friday. Blesses and opens new extension to Si, Wilfrid's School. Crawiey, Bishop Fins of NottinghamSunday: Visitation and Confirmation. likeston. Monday: Theresian Association Day of Recollection, Londea Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, Nottingham: Regaintn tor Catholic Teachers Association. St. Mary's. Derby. 7 311 Wednesday. of Diocesart Senate of Priests, Nottingham Thursday: presents Papal Award to Mr. and Mrs. Frost. Cresswell.

APPOINTMENTS Hexham and Newcastle

Fr. Joseph Scam parish priest of Si, Edward's, Whitley Bay. Northumberland. in the Flexhain arid Newcastle diocese. has retired, and is succeeded by Fr Richard Cass Other appourtments it the diocese are: Fr J. Gannon to Elachester Convent: Fr. H. Ryan to St. Joseph s. Newton AychHe: Fr .1 Ocala) to Cokhoe. Fr, B. P Smith to Alt Saints . aerryhill: Fr. F_ Kearney to Sr Mary's. Forest Hall: Fr. A. Barrass as assistant Diocesan Treasurer. Fr E Featherstone to St Cuthbert's GrdITIMal School. Newcastle: Fr. R. Spence as assisr:an University Chaplain Newcastle, Fs. G. Brydun to St. Patrick s. Felling: Fr. Marron to Apostleship nt the Sue, South Shields, Fr. N. Cotahan to Catholic. Missionary Society. Lonrine• Fr. P Turbitr to St. Robert s. Fenham: Fr S. Curt) ningham to St. Mary's Cathedral Newcastle_ Fr. T. Burke to St. John's, Billinghaar Ff M Staunton to COMUS Christi. OateshearL Fr, M Higginhottom ro Upholland CollegeFf P. O'Connell to St Cuthbert's, Kenton: Fr. M. Carroll in St Joseph's Blaydrirt Fr. S. Doyle to Holy Rosary. Billingherm: Fr. J. Cassin to Sc_ Joseph's Harrlopool. Newly ordamed. Fr J. Butters 10 English College. Eunla. for further stindres: Fr. J. Cooper to Foolish College. Rome. for further studies. h. N. Fitzpatrick to Louvain. tor further studies: Fr. J Clahosey to Sr TeleSMS, Heaton, Fr. P. Carr to St. Charles-. Gosforth Fr. K. Vasey to St. Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle: Fr. P. McDermott to St. Oswald's. Wrekenton; Fr. P. Clarke ta Christ's College. Liverpool, for further studies. Fr, G. Lee to Llpholland College: Fr. J. James rn St Cuthbert's. North Shields


Fr William Loveland M Ongar and Fr. James Cooeey of Barkingside. in the Brentwood diocese, are retiring at Pie end Of this month.

The following parish priests arti Fr. Michael Hopkins from Collier Row to Upton Park • Fr Henry Peace from Brightlingsea to Le;.ndan: Fr Joseph Burns Iron, Upton Park to Collier Row: Fr. Earoonn Ntagrath from Stanford-le-Hope to Briohtlinusear Fr. Terence Keeling from Laity:fan to Danbury: Fr. Stanley Jaynes from Shouburyness to Dimmow: Fr Brian Drea from Dearnow to Ongar. Fr, Kierar. Dodd from Waltham Abbey to Ilford. SS Peter 8. Paula; Fr. David Kenney from Danbury to Shoeburyness; Fr. John Hayes from the Youth Service to Waltham Abbey; Fr Michael Corley faam E.,'ichop's House to Barkingside. Fr, William Nix of Ilford is to succeed Pr. John W. Hayes as Youth Director for the diocese. Fr. Hayes has resigned the parish of Upton Park owing to ill-health. For the 11111e being he is serving as art assistant priest at Colchestea wtth his friend Canon Barren.

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