Page 8, 2nd November 1984

2nd November 1984
Page 8
Page 8, 2nd November 1984 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Council of Clergy LO MA* Hell, Vietnamese Pastoral Centre, •-oary School, Si Thomas More High School, St John LlOyd School, Ministry of Poeste COnf Cardill, Child Welfare Society, Ecumenical Commission, SI Joseph's Retreat Centre, Schools commission, Area Pastoral Council, Child Welfare Committee, Nene Collegeam Steering Committee Council, DigOy Stuart College, Holy Cross Church, AdriliniStral We Council, 3Opm Minor Council of Clergy Loyola Hall, Diocesan Schools Commission, Polish military, Barrow Gael Teachers' Assoc, John Freher School, Si John's College, Senate, Thersder Rescue Council, Primary School, Vestment Guild, English College, Ecumenical Service, Priests' Meeting Continued Uphelland Northern Institute, Calton College, Parish Social Centre, Finance Board, SI Mary's High School, Catholic Children's Society, Polish Church, Youth Group and Pariah Council, Department of Pastoral Formation Meeting Canal Offices, SI .rneeph School, Steering Committee, Rescue Council, Catholic Head Teachers St Paul's School, Levey Commission, Llph011and Deanery Pastoral Council, Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee, Collon College, Oscott College, St Joseph's Comprehensive School


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Bishops Engagements

Keywords: Religion / Belief

0Ordination. Vvlsitetion,C s Confirmation, M= Mass.

Cordaro' Hume Archbishop ot Westminster Sunday. M Ogle Street. I lam Tuesday: Attends Chapter 4 45pre Finer Requiem At for F J Damen 7pm

Archbishop Bowen of Soothwary Sunday Consecration ol new church. Bearsted. 3pm Tuesday: V staff and students. St John's Seminary. Wonersh Wedrones Continues Seminary visit: Diocesan BishOpsmewing, 2pm BishopsiStatt meeting, Seminary. 4pm Thunday: Meetings, Arcregishop's House_ pm Friday: Remembrance Day Sennce County Hail. 10am Lally CommissMn meellng, Archbishop's House. 7 30pro,

Archbishop Comte de Murrill§ of il)rwarighant Sunday: V & C SI Hubert. Weeny Mender Meeting of Catholic Head Teachers St Paul's School. ErtgbaSIOn fpm Holy Trinity, Sutton Goldfield. 7 30om Wednesday: PA for Sixth Form, Holy Trinity School Small Heath 11am Friday: M SI, Philip's Sixth FOrm Collage 12 noon. M tor Centenary of Pansh• Sacred Heart. Henley-pr,-Thames, 6 30Lint Saturday_ V & C Our Lady & All Saints, Slowdoridge

AthigiishoP Word. of Cardiff Sunday: V & c Tretorest Tuesday, Presentation to diocesan clergy of Ministry co Priests Programme Our Lady 01 Lourdes Halt, Gebela 11 30am Wedneeder M iGenng Church WeekISI Joeeph-SSchool.Alsereron. 7 30pm Monday: Sayer Jubilee (Mime of Cairn tans, Hereford 8 30pm Folder Catholic Children's Society, A G m Cathedral Offices, 7 30pm. Saturday: Opens U.9 M Annual Bazaar, St Cuthben's. Docks, Cardiff. 2pm

Archbishop Wortook of Liverpool Sunday, V St James', Orrell, Monday: Visas Primary School...St James' Oral' St Peter's Secondary School Orme pm Meeting of Llph011and Deanery Pastoral Council. 8pm, Tuesday: Chapter M Metropolitan Cathedral, I lam Preists' Meeting Upholland Northern In !MOB. 4.30prn Wednesday: Priests' Meeting Continued Uphelland Northern Institute am Thursday: Council of Clergy LO MA* Hell, Ralnhill. 100m. Meeting Mersey Docks Mice. 730pm. Friday: Council or Cteigy Continued Loyola Heil. Rerthei, 10arn Satunder M ter Old Severe:ars Society Metropolitan Cathedral t tarn

B lehop Messed*, of Melon Sunday: V St Bonavenfure's. Bisrmintort, Bristol Preaches at all PA Tuesday: Chapter M. Clifton Cathedral I tam Theradey: Meals Newly Ordained Priests at SI Ambrose Item Glastonbury Pew-image Committee Meeting at SI Ambrose Item FrIster PA and Presents Petrel Decoration at Holy Cross Church, Bnatoi 7 30pm &Murder Meets Clirlon Religious Education students at Cello. Reitgioue Education Centre Emmaus House, Clifton, am Dinner with Quid of Catholic Donlon. 7 30Pm

Bishop Brewer Comities. of Lancaster Sunday.. V & C. SS Thomas & Elizabeth. Thurntern, Lancaster Preaches at Ecumenic*/ Services, St Cuthbert's. Lytham. 6 30pm Wednesday: Concelebrates Jubilarlans' M, Cathedral, Lancaster 1130am Presides at InduCliOn IA 01 new Parish Pleat. The Rev V Farrell, Holy Family, Blackpool. 730pm Thursday: Meeting at Permanent Deacons, Brelleigh Halt. 10.30am PreSentt Genii icates, Si Thomas More High School, Fulwood, PreSton. Friday: Meeting Of Secondary School Chaplains, University Chaplaincy. LanceSter. 2 30pro Al and addresses Barrow Gael Teachers' Assoc 7pm Saturday: Commences V SS Mem & James, Scorlon, Preston 6.30PM

B ishop Burn Auxiliary ter Salford Tuesday Requiem M for Mgr Choweniac. Polish Church. Bolton, 7pm Wedrendey: Chapter M. Salford Cathedral 12 noon. Thersder Rescue Council tl am Silver Jubilee, SI Veronica's. HelmaNue 730pm Friday: Begins V. SI Teresa's Blackburn. Month's Mind M ler Mrs Mary Kemple! for UCM 7 30pm.

Bishop Clerk of East Anglia Sunday, V of sawed Heart Parish. Brelean, Peterborough Monday V and M St William's School Bretton. PelerborOugh. FrIdey: Willainnhem Shone Councit, Walsingham Salseclay: PA for AGM ol Waleingnare Association and attends their annual dinner, Walsingham.

S ishop Cleary !leathery for Birmingham Sunday: M Oscott College, Sutton Goldfield Ilam Teensy; PA & C: St Dominic, Stone 7 39pm. Thursday: Meeting of Governors of Collon College 1 lam.

B ishop Emery. of Porismoulle Sunday: Si John Bosco, Woolley Palish V. Twenty: Si John's College. Southsea ern. Wednesday: SI John's Seminary. Wontesh Students Inlenneors. II am. B ishops/Staff meeting, 4prn Friday: St Joseph's, Maidenhead C M. 7pm B ishop Foley of Lannon, Sunday, V & C, Our Lady 8. St Charles. Keswick, 10 45em Tuesday: Annual requiem 10, deceased bishops & Priests. Cathedral, 11 am. Wednesday: M for priest. Jul:diet-tans. HCJ Convent. Lancaster 1 t 30.arn Friday: Schools commission Meeting, Bishop's House 2 30prn B ishop gray of Shrewsbury Sunday: Concelebrates PA lo celebrate Geese Jubilee Of St John's, New Ferry 11 30am Tinedsy: Day oh Recollection. Savio House, Bollington iciam Concelebrates PA with Diocesan Priests ordained from 1978 to 19&a. SI Joseph's Retreat Centre, Maleae, 8pm Thursday: C. SI Vincent's. Altringharn. 7 30pm Bishop Hannigan of Monsen Sunday,: V and C Lampeler Monday: Diocesan Admissions BoardInterview of Prospective Church Students Tuesday, Chapter Meeting. Mass and open new Parish Social Centre at Carmarthen. 7pm Wednesday-. C, Rhyl, 7pm Thursday: C. Llanelli. 7pm Friday: Visit to St John LlOyd School. Llanelli, ant Catholic Children s Society AGM. Cardin. 7 30pm Bishop Hens of Middlesbrough Seeder V St Mary's Markel irveighlon M. 10 30en Newman Association Supper, Thomaby B pm. Wednesday, AGM Vestment Guile, Newiands Convent. 3pm. Thursday: Ground OFealong ceremony, Cookby Newham 12 16pm Fines Xaverien Centenary Dinner, Liverpool Bishop Harvey Auxiiiary for Weelesimper Sunday, Redone visit SI Teresa ol the Child Jesus, Headstone Lane Tuesday-Fridsy, Retreat at London Cpiney friday: Area Pastoral Council Meeting, Hendon. 7 45pm Murder Pansh Sisters Meeting, Carlisle Place 2pm M 55 Mary & Joseph. Poplar 7pm.

Bishop Nendesen, *wintery ter Southwark Sunday:Confers Papal Honours during M. Orpington, 1 taro Confirmation, Abbey Wood. lore Mendes, D iocesan Finance Meeting, I lam Tuesday: Celebrates Golden Jubilee Muse St Thomas More. Primary School Eltharn, learn Meeting at T name srneed 2 30prn Wednesday: Diocesan Bishops' meeting. Wonersh, 2pm Bishops' Staff Meeting. Wonersh, 4pm Thursday: Meeting with Headteachens 01 SE Area Secondary Schools. Lewisham, Mare C. Dulwich Wood Park. 730pm. Fridayp Meeting with Oilmen of the Ecumenical Commissrons, Blackneath, 7 30pm Bishop Jukes Auditory far Southwark Sunday: PA 10, Kent JuMM.11 And Peace Groups, Waist Mailing. 12 noon Meeting with Permanent Deacons, 2 30pm Tiressisy, Meets an Youth Group and Pariah Council at 6 15pm Tunbridge Wells pariah, 8pm. Wedneedey: Bishops' Meeting, 2prn Wonersh Stall Meeting, 4pm. Thunder. DracOnet Ordinations at English College. Valladolid 7 30pm. Friday: Courtesy call on Archbishop of Valladolid M et English Collage, Valladolid Saturday: Leese Or Rome to attend Commission Meeting Bishop Kelly of Sellord Tuamlay: Hopwithd Hail Governors. 11am Meeting with Salesians, Steno House, Bollinglon, pm Wertneeday: Ecumenical Service. Salford Cathedral, 7pm Thursday: Rescue Council. 41am Friday/Saturday, V & C SI Albans. Blackburn Bishop Kurnool, Itualllary for west...moo Monday-Thursday: On Retreat Friday: Meeting of Parish Sisters, Bayswater, 2 45prn Bishop illeCartie Auxiliary tar Birmingham Sunder Al for Knights of SI Columba. St Chad's Cathedral. 10_30hun M for Handicapped People St Atigustine's. Solihull 3 30pm Monday: Diocesan Schools CommissionOrlon 11 Mom Tuesday: Chapter Meeting & M. St Chad's Cathedral 11 30am Thursday: Calton College Governor MeetingSt Chad's. Nam. Friday: Vietnamese Pastoral CentreManagers Meeting 2pm lethop Pectlidenem ol Nottingham Sunder MG. SS Mary & Augustine. Stamford, 3pm Monday: Deans' Meeting, Rearsby Convent, 1 tam Tsseedey-Ecumenic/1i Conference. Swanwick Conference Centre. Derbyshire Evening Wednesday: RCIA (PrieMS) Conference Centre. Swanwick, 11am Thursday: Visits SI Mary's High School. Chesterfield, I lam Friday: Molls --Leicester Mercury" Offices, 11 45arn Leers CTA Masa. SI .rneeph School, Mkt. Harborough 7 30tan Saturday: AGM of CVSC

Bishop McMahon Cl Brentwood Sunday: V St Helen's Westcleo Tuesday: PA for 75th anniversary of

S' ••• ,,•-oary School, Manor Park, 8pm Wednesday: COnceleorates Jubilee Al ol Thanksgiving with Havering Deanery, St JOseph-s, Upnenster. 7 3017m Theredem Concelebrates Jubtiee PA of Thankagrying with Harlow Deanery. Our Lady 01 Fatima. Harlow, 8pm Fridev. Concelebrates Jubilee M of Thanksgiving with Chelmsford Deanery. St Augustrne's. SCinngtietcl, Criermsford. Spin B ias* Mahan, Monkey Pre Westrmineer Sunder: C Hayes. 3 30pre Wedreedas Confereoce 'or World Mission Presides at Church SCh0OiS Serino,. Westminster Calneerel, 7pm B ishop Meveriey of Hallam Sunday: Blessing and %leveeing ol plague io connernmorale Polish military at the Cathedral. 12 30om Mandey: Meeting of the Finance Board at Bishop's House. 10 45prIl Friday: attends provincial dinner al KSR at Barnsley. Saturday: Ordination to the chceonate of Brian Gowan and Craig Elliott, 3.13m• Bishop Mullins, Area Bishop In Swansea Bentley: V and C St Joseph of Arenalhea. Pyle. Tiresday: Ministry of Poeste COnf Cardill, 1 tam to 3pm. Governors Meeting at DigOy Stuart College, London, 5pm. Wednesday: Meeting oh Principals of Galhoec Colleges. London, 2 30pm Thursday: AGM the Ass0matiOn of Voluntary Colleges. London. Friday: at St Joseph's Comprehensive School, Pon Talbot, at the end of the Caring Church Week. 2pm e ialoop K O'Brien Auditory ler Middlesbrough Sunder C at St Wilfrid's, York, 11 I Sam Tuesday: Council al Chnoltana and Jeiva at the Guildhall, Halt 7.45ort Wednesday: Take pad in panel at Christian Aid Evening al the Guildhall, Hull, 7.309m Thorsen, Benediction tor Vestment Guild Meeting al St Witted's Cork, 3pm Child Welfare Committee' Meeting et St Vincent's. Hull. a 30pen ender M for the Vestment Guild at AnChor Home, Huh, Bishop MunihrO'Cretner of Arundel end grighlon Sunday Continues V, Chimney am Benediction on occasion of Anniversary Morena! Feast, St Charles Borrernem Weybridge, 4prn Concludes V. Chertsey pm Tuesdity: Speaks to Gateman', Denslead, pm Wednesday: BishopeiStalf Meeting, Si John's Seminary, Wonersh, 4prn. Friday; M for Catholic Teachers, Brighton pm. Attends Youth evening. Storrington. 8 30pm Bishop °Tanner, Auallisry for Liverpool Sunthry. Mender V Our Lady 01 Mau el Carnet Lverpooi monde,: C Holy Cross, SI Helens 7 pm Tuesday: C Blessed English Martyrs. Havdock 730pm Wednesday: C St Oswald's, Asetonen.Makerriele. 7 30pm. Thunder Council ol Clergy Loyola Hall, Reinhill. sOarneorn. C Our Lady Immaculate Bryn 7 3Opm Minor Council of Clergy Loyola Hall.

10am.1 pm

Bishop Ramentome, Audliery tor Liverpool Sunder C St Thomas of Canterbury. Wrndleshaw 6 30pm. Monday, Department of Pastoral Formation Meeting Canal Offices. 11am Uphottend Deanery Pastoral COurmil Meeting St James. Orrell_ Tuesday: C SI Monica's, Boone. Thursday, Council of Clergy Loyola Mb Rained! Certificate Evening Holy

Cross High &hoot, Chormy. 7pm. Friday: Gouncri or Clergy Loyola Hail, Rainhill Saturday: Headieechers of Infants Meeting, Standish Conveel, 10-12,30prn NAHT Dinner, 730pm

Bishop Resinous ol Plymouth Thursday: V and AL St Cyprian's Church. 1.Mbrooke. 10 30am C, St Alphonsua Lieouri Church Cfludteegh, 3pm

B ishop Themes of Northampton Sunday: V, Holy Redeemer, Slough. Monday: Visits Nene Collegeam Steering Committee Council 01 Priests. Lourdes Pilgrimage Committee. 5.6prn Tuesday: Study Day for Clergy. Wednesday. Study Day tor Clergy Swanwick Local Ecumenical Protects Conference. pm Friday: V. Our Lady I Slough Saturday: V. Our Lady's, Slough, 2 30pm Diocese' Ecumenical Commission

B abe* Tripe Auditory for Soethsserk Sunday. V and C at WimPtecion Common Tuesday: visits John Freher School. Purley Al tends Croydon CMAC Social Evening. al St Marc's Hall_ 8 I5cm Thuredey1Fdetric V to Menon Seueder C at Menem 11am Bishop Wemeley thile Forces) Madeleine}, AdriliniStral We Council Meeting. Ferntioiouglv. 1 tam

Thunlay, Levey Commission Meeting. London, le 30am Friends of St George's Dinner, London,

7-30pm. Saturday: C & Ph ANN Hester. Gosport. 5prri B ishop Wheeler, Bishop et Leeds Sunday: V 5 C, Our Lady of Lourdes. Huddersfield Tuesday: V & C,

Evening. St Ignatius, Oswalt Thursday: Governors Meeting of Child Welfare Society. 11 ern Friday, Steering Committee of Senate oh Priests. Eitofts. 7pm.

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