Page 2, 2nd October 1936

2nd October 1936
Page 2
Page 2, 2nd October 1936 — AN UNDEVELOPED DOMINION

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Locations: Liverpool, London


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Can Canada Support Our Unemployed

From Our Canadian Correspondent " What Canada needs is ten million more Britons."

The Bishop of London's statement to the press when he arrived at Liverpool from Canada last week was a very wide one. He probably did not intend that it should be understood as simply as his words implied.

Canada does need more men. She can support them. There are untold mineral resources untapped in Canada, more than enough to support another ten million— but this store of mineral wealth is for the present unattainable. Money is needed to utilise it; money to start mining companies working and to enable man to make use of the coal, iron, nickel, copper, gold, silver and cobalt which is known to abound in Canada.

Not a " Get Rich Quick" Investment But at present the money is not forthcoming. English financiers do not consider Canada a good investment, probably because they realise that the return for their money would be a slow one, and Canada has not enough capital to float mining enterprises herself.

Canada cannot, therefore, provide a liv ing for another ten million men, She has enough difficulties as it is.

There are on a seasonal average between five and six hundred thousand unemployed in Canada out of a total population of only ten and a half million.

Until Canadians have solved their own unemployment problem they cannot assist Great Britain to solve hers.

English money would help. English money invested in Canada would have the effect of aiding industry and swallowing up the workless—a preliminary step to absorbing our own unemployed. And Canada cannot be such a bad investment since no one has doubts that the mineral wealth is there. There is room for more men in her vastness for she is very underpopulated, but they cannot go until she is ready for them.

U.S.A. Annexe?

The Bishop of London said he did not want to see Canada become a mere annexe of the United States. There would be no danger of this if England would support Canadian industries financially. The U.S.A. trusts Canada more than Britain does, apparently. Lots of American money is invested in Canada — as there is also Canadian money in America. Commercial and financial bonds bind U.S.A. and Canada as well as does the fraternity of the American Continent.

But Canada will not become a mere annexe of the U.S.A.

Canada may be almost dependent commercially but she is too strong and wellequipped and she is getting stronger. The Bishop also said he would like to

export English coalminers to the North

West of Canada. Assuming they were willing, does Canada want them? Not now, any way.

The man with money to spend in Canada is welcome; the small capitalist-cum-farmer would be greeted with joy—but not the labourer.

"Instead of spending a hundred million pounds every year on keeping people alive in England it would be worth while to spend it in developing Canada," the Bishop was reported to have said. That is a matter for the English people to decide.

Britons can emigrate only to a Canada that has new industries to absorb them.

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