Page 7, 2nd October 1959

2nd October 1959
Page 7
Page 7, 2nd October 1959 — A LTHOUGH the names of the 1-1 majority of the

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A LTHOUGH the names of the 1-1 majority of the

Catholic candidates in the General Election have appeared in the CATHOLIC HERALD over the past three weeks, we now give, for the benefit of readers, a complete and up-to-date list of those whom we know as Catholics or who have notified us of the fact.

PHILIP INGRESS BELL (Bolton, Eabt), Con: it U MPIIREY BERKELEY (Lancaster), Con; JOHN BIGGS-DAVISON (Chigwell), Con; .1. B. BOWYER (Cirencester and Tewkeshtny), Lab; GEORGE BRIDGE (Southgate). Lib; F. J. V. BROWN (Enfield East), Con.

BRIAN CALWELL (Stepney), Con : Col. 0. E. CROSTHWAITEEYRE (New torests Con; MRS. CULLEN (Mrs. William Reynolds), (Glasgow, Corbels), Lab : CHARLES CURRAN (Uxbridge), Con.

HUGH DULARGY (Thurrock). Lab ; J. DEMPSEY (Coatbridge and Airdrie), Lab.

W. J. EDWARD (Stepney), Lab.

T. H. F. FARRE1.1. (Kingston-onHull, West), Con; ANTHONY FELL (Yarmouth), Con; J. FINNIGAN (Bridgwater), Lab; MAURICE FOLEY (Bedford), Lab ; IIUGH ERASER (Stafford and Stone), Con.

R. L. GARDNER-THORPE (Eastbourne), Lib ; WINC-COMDR, It. G. GRANT-FERRIS (Nantwieh), Con.

L. IIALLINAN (Cardiff, West), Con; R. J. S. HARVEY (Romford), Con; DAVID HENNESSY (Tottenham), Con ; AUBERON HERBERT, (Sudbury and Woodbridge), Lib; LADY HILLS, (Hendon, North), Lih: H. C. HOLIalls (Sheffield, Brightside), Con: A J. HOUSTON iRenfrewshire E.) Lab.

D. P. JAMES (Brighton, Kemptown), Con; P. J. JENKINS (Harrow West), Lab.

T. P. G. KITSON (Richmond, Yorks), Con.

DAVID LOGAN (Liverpool. Scotlard), Lab; T. LYNCH (Derbys, SE.). Lib.


MRS. MARY MeALISTER (Glasgow, Kelvingrove), Lab; J. MeGINLEY (Glasgow, Woodside), Lab; JOHN WRAY (Wallsend), Lab.

SIMON MAHON (Bootle), Lab; ROBERT MELLISH (Bermondsey_ t) Lab; SIR JEREMY MOSTYN (Ealing, South), Lib; SHEELAGH MU RNAGHAN (Belfast South), Lib.

GERARD NOEL, (Argyll) Lib. SIR TOM O'BRIEN (Nottingham, West), Lab: MISS M. P. O'GARA (Manchester, C'heetham), Con; BERNARD OWENS (Small Heath). Con.

DAVID PITT (Hampstead), ,Lab; T. PRENDERGAST (Newcastle

under-Lyme), Con; DAVID PRICE (Eastleigh), Con.

MARGARET REID (Chislehurst and Si dcup ). Lab ; W. RUTTER (Clitheroe), Lab.

3, B. SYMONDS (Whi ieha ven ), Lab; N. P. SCOTT (tslington, S.W.), Con, WILLIAM TEELING (Brighton Pavilions Con; JOHN TIMMONS (Lanarkshire, Bothwell), Lab.

PATRICK WALL (Haltempriee), Con: R. P. WALSH (Bury and Radcliffe), Lab; It. W. M. WALSH (Epsom), Lib; D. M. WALTERS (Blyth), Con; JAMES wArrS (Manchester, Moss Side), Con: W. 'I'. WELLS (Walsall Norifil, Lah: SHIRLEY WILLIAMS tSouthampton, Test), Lab,

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