Page 3, 2nd October 1964

2nd October 1964
Page 3
Page 3, 2nd October 1964 — Catholics in the Election

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Organisations: Joint Party
People: Angus South, James Gordon, Richard Afton, Bernard Bligh, Edwin Hodson, Alice Cullen (Gorbals), James Anthony Dunn, Fred M. J. Lee (Chertsey), Giles Fitzherbert, Jim Harold (Ormskirk), John Daly (Wimbledon), William Teeling, John Timmons (Bothwell), William Wells, Timothy Kitson, James Murphy (Shrewsbury), John Lawson Leatham (Loughborough), Shirley Williams (Hitchiri), Francis J. V. Brown, Joseph Symonds (Whitehaven), George Bridge (Southgate), R. Roberts, David Childs, Walter Edwards (Stepney), John M. Bowyer, Neil McBride, Richard Buchanan, Brian O'Malley (Rotherham), Anthony Fell (Yarmouth), Bernard Hayhoe, Vincent Burke, Bernard Black, Oliver Crosthwai, Sidney Doxley, Norman St. John-Stevas (Chelmsford), Joseph Cherryson, Anthony Sumption, Denis Walters (Westbury), Hugh Delargy (Thurrock), Brighton Kemptown, Stone, David James, Nicholas Scott, H. Simonds-Gooding, Basil Goldstone (Basingstoke), Martin Morton, Patrick Duffy, John Palmer, James Hamilton (Bothwell), John Edward, Robert Mellish (Bermondsey), Geoffrey Waterer, Bernard Kenai, Humphrey Berkeley (Lancaster), James Hanraban (Westhoughton), R. Gardner-Thorpe, David Jeffcock, Maurice Foley, J. Michael Barrass (Rotherham), Peter LydonCowan, Charles Curran (Uxbridge), Paul Hayden (Faversham), Peter Rawlinson, R. B. Anderson, James Dempsey, R. Grant-Ferris, John McKay (Wallsend), G. J. Tordoff, Paul Derrick, Gerald Fitzsimons, Patrick Wall (Haltemprice), Robert McEwen, Jeffery Tillett (Ilkeston), Christopher Scott, Robert W. Walsh (Epsom), John Biggs-Davison (Chigwell), Simon Mahon (Bootle), David Purnell, David Price, Edward MacDonald, Michael Fogarty (Devizes), A. G. Brown


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Catholics in the Election


Catholic Herald Reporter

AT least 84 Catholics are among the candidates contesting parliamentary seats in the forthcoming general election. Of these, 39 are Conservatives, 24 Labour, and 20 Liberal. And the List is not exhaustive.

Catholic candidates of all parties are agreed that the mere fact of their Catholicism does not give them any special claim to support by Catholic electors.

They point out, however. that, at a time when Catholics are often reproached for not taking their proper share in public life and service. it is a welcome sign of a developing sense of public responsibility that more than 80 candidates are seeking election to parliament.

Readers who know of Catholic candidates not included in the following list are invited to inform the Editor of the CATHOLIC HERALD with a view to a supplementary list next week.

Conservative candidates who sal as M.P.s in the last Parliament:

Humphrey Berkeley (Lancaster). John Biggs-Davison (Chigwell), A. G. Brown (Tottenham), Col. Sir Oliver Crosthwai te-Eyre (New Forest), Charles Curran (Uxbridge), Anthony Fell (Yarmouth), the Hon. Hugh Fraser (Stafford and Stone: Minister of Defence for the RAF). Wing-Commander R. Grant-Ferris (N antwic h. Cheshire):

David James (Brighton Kemptown), Timothy Kitson (Richmond Yorks; Joint Party-Private Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture); David Price (Eastleigh;

Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade): Sir Peter Rawlinson. Q.C. (Epsom; SolicitorGeneral);: Sir William Teeling (Brighton Pavilion); Major Patrick Wall (Haltemprice).

New Conservative candidates:

R. B. Anderson (Scotstoun), J. Michael Barrass (Rotherham). ClIr. Bernard Black, J.P. (Frith and Crayford), Bernard Bligh (Hearne Valley), Francis J. V. Brown (Enfield East). Vincent Burke (Liverpool Exchange), ClIr. Sidney Doxley (Merthyr Tydfil). Cllr, Gerald Fitzsimons (Manchester Openshaw);

James Hanraban (Westhoughton), Bernard Hayhoe (South Lewisham), Cllr. Edwin Hodson (Gorton, Manchester), David Jeffcock (Don Valley), John Lawson Leatham (Loughborough), John Edward MacDonald (Leeds, S.F.), Robert McEwen (Edinburgh East), Martin Morton (Hackney C.), Mighacl Ogden (West Walthamstow); ClIr. David Purnell (Rhondda East), Nicholas Scott, J.P. (S.W. Islington), Norman St. John-Stevas (Chelmsford), Anthony Sumption Middlesbrough W e s t), Jeffery Tillett (Ilkeston), Denis Walters (Westbury), Col. the Hon. John Warrender (Pontypridd), C11 r. Geoffrey Waterer (Barking).

Labour candidates who sat as M.P.s in tbe last Parliament: Alice Cullen (Gorbals). Hugh Delargy (Thurrock). James Dempsey (Coatbridge and Airdrie), Patrick Duffy (Colne Valley), Maurice Foley (West Bromwich), Robert Mellish (Bermondsey), Neil McBride (Swansea East), Simon Mahon (Bootle), Brian O'Malley (Rotherham), Alderman Joseph Symonds (Whitehaven), William Wells, Q.C. (Walsall). W. H. Aldritt (Liverpool Scotland).

Three Labour M.P.s of the last Parliament will not be standing again. They are Walter Edwards (Stepney), John McKay (Wallsend), and John Timmons (Bothwell).

New Labour candidates: • John M. Bowyer (Cirencester and Tewkesbury). Richard Buchanan (Glasgow Springburn). Dr. David Childs (Rugby), Dr. John Daly (Wimbledon). Paul Derrick (Sutton and Cheam). James Anthony Dunn (Liverpool, Kirkdale). James Gordon (East Renfrewshire), James Hamilton (Bothwell), Jim Harold (Ormskirk), James Murphy (Shrewsbury). John Palmer (Croydon N.W.), Mrs. Shirley Williams (Hitchiri).

Liberal candidates: Richard Afton (Bury St. Edmunds). F. M. Bennett (South Lewisham), George Bridge (Southgate). Joseph Cherryson (lichen, Southampton), W. E. Critchley (Heywood and Royton), Giles Fitzherbert (Fermanagh and S. Tyrone), Professor Michael Fogarty (Devizes). Col. R. Gardner-Thorpe (Derbyshire W.), Basil Goldstone (Basingstoke), Paul Hayden (Faversham), Bernard Kenai,ngs (Huddersfield East), P. Latnb (North Dorset), Fred M. J. Lee (Chertsey), Peter LydonCowan (Wandsworth Clapham), J. Mulholland (Stockton-on-Tees), R. Roberts (Feltham). Christopher Scott (Angus South), Major H. Simonds-Gooding (Down South). G. J. Tordoff (Northwich). Li.Cdr. Robert W. Walsh (Epsom). Scots Nationalist: A. I. C. Kerr (Roxburgh, Selkirk and Peebles).

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