Page 5, 2nd October 1970

2nd October 1970
Page 5
Page 5, 2nd October 1970 — FIGHTER FOR Bishops must be

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FIGHTER FOR Bishops must be

Keywords: G, Palestinian People

I REFER to the case of Jose

Elosegui, the Basque nationalist who threw himself from a balcony in the presence of General Franco at a sports meeting in San Sebastian (Times, September 19) shouting "Long live the Basque nationr According to Spanish governmental propaganda this man was mentally ill and drunk at the time of the incident. When spoke to Josi Elosegui in Biarritz last summer I found him to be the same sensible man. the same Christian, the same idealist, the same brave man as he has always been. As we are both members of one of the oldest families in the Basque province of Guipuzcoa I know his background almost as well as the back of my hand. He fought for the Basque Republic during the Spanish Civil War. Later he worked for the French Resistance, leading a group which smuggled Allied pilots away from captivity over the Spanish border. As a loyal reader of your newspaper I am anxious to defend the good name of my family, as well as vindicate the reputation of man fighting for his life in hospital and who is accordingly unable to defend himself.

Alberto Elosegui London, N.W.7.


YOUR leading article (Sept. 25) shows real compassion for the Palestinians whose grievances have been swept under a series of carpets for 23 years.

You suggest that they should be repatriated in Egyptian territory seized by Israel in the 1967 war; i.e. the Gaza strip or the Sinai desert. Or, "if Israel remains intractable" in the "less populated area of Jordan." But the less populated area of Jordan is less populated simply because it, too, is desert. You are therefore echoing Mrs. Meir who says the exiles must not be settled at Israel's expense. Why not? The exiles have been created by Israel's expansion and intransigence. Israel must now hold about seven times the amount of territory allotted to her by the United Nations. A hint of magnanimity from Mrs. Meir could change the whole situation.

(Miss) NI. Lyle Newcastle upon Tyne.

No 'trespass'

MANY of your readers will endorse A. Scott's plea (September 11) that the phrase "Lead us not into temptation" be amended. I suggest the best translation from the Greek appears in Dr. George Campbell's version of 1848 and reads: "Abandon us not to temptation but preserve us from evil." While amending this clause, why not abandon the word "trespass" as well? The word is archaic and in modern usage merely indicates straying on forbidden ground or straining the patience of someone by a lot of platitudes and idle verbiage. The new English Testament gives the phrase as "Forgive us the wrong we have done as we have forgiven those who have wronged us."

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