Page 5, 2nd October 1970

2nd October 1970
Page 5
Page 5, 2nd October 1970 — PROTEST BY Blind and frantic T HE ink on Humanae Vitae

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PROTEST BY Blind and frantic T HE ink on Humanae Vitae

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was barely dry. and certainly it had not officially been translated, before some of our leading clerical and lay Catholic apologists and publicists were leaping to their desks to write their denunciations, or accepting invitations to appear on television or speak on the wireless and explain to the millions why they thought Pope Paul was wrong and why the encyclical should be devalued. The same people appear to be only too ready to criticise the Church whenever opportunities occur, but rarely do they seem to show a similar eagerness when the Church, the Faith or the honour and glory of God are attacked, mocked or insulted. An appallingly tasteless and blasphemous play has been running at the Criterion Theatre in London. None of our leading Catholic spokesmen or writers has opened his or her mouth or penned a word of protest at the mockery of God. the Virgin Mary, religion, the Church and all we Catholics revere and respect. Incidentally, the poster advertising this play. "Council of Love", uses the Cross, the symbol of ChriStianity, to promote the sexiness of the play. woman slightly depicts a nakeddwomanslightly covered by a snake stretched out on a cross. Had the Star of David or the Crescent of Islam been insulted in a similar manner am certain that there would have been serious protests from leading Jews or Moslems. One of the so-called quality weeklies one read by intellectuals of all parties and of all and no faiths—runs a famous competition. The entries nowadays rarely fail to be pornographic andfor blasphemous. The atrocious insult to Our Lady in a recent issue is revolting. I wonderwhether any of our well-known Catholic figures will be interested enough to make even a mild complaint? Since this might not result in much publicity, let alone a fee. it may be left to me. a Catholic nobody, to make sure that at least one strongly-worded protest is sent to the editor whose parliamentary experience should have taught him 'that one should respect people's religious beliefs.

Basil Rooke-Ley London. N.W.5.

Is it a sin?

AN Anglican friend of mine has expressed a desire to attend Midnight Mass this year and also receive Holy Cornmunion. The usual reasons for an Anglican not receiving communion have been given. I find myself unconvinced in the light of the final question one asks, i.e.. If an Anglican who is sincerely sorry for his sins, with a desire to receive Holy Communion at a Catholic Mass, did so, would this be a sin against Almighty God?

W. B. Chaloner Poulton-Le-1ylde, Lancs.

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