Page 8, 2nd October 1981

2nd October 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 2nd October 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements Cardinal Hume, Archbishop Of...

Page 8 from 27th February 1981

Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster Friday: Visits Erlenhall Hosprce, Hampstead, 2 Saturday. Mass and meets parishioners. Bedwell. Stevenage, 6 Monday-Satuniwy: In Rome tor Council of Synod Secretariat Meeting, Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Saturday: Concelebrates Mass opening Year of St Francis', 12.15 Sunday: One Faith" Christran Rally. Brighton. Civic Reception 12 45 Service 3 Monday: UCM Ratty Mass Cathedral 7.30. Turisdisy: Chapter. 12 noun.

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool SundayFriday: Attending Laity Council Rothe.

Meuse Alexander of COfton Fdday: Mass al Lit Renate School, Salisbury. 9.30. Attends fundraising Social tor Sr Peter's Hospice, Apostles Roam Clifton, 7 30. Saturday: Concelebrates Mass for 800th. Anniversary of Birth of St Francis of Assisi Clifton Cathedral_ 12 noon Attends 'St Francis Pageant' by St Joseph's School. Portishead Clifton Cathedral, 3. Sunday: Mass an occasion of centenary of St Prancis, Immaculate Conception -Church, Clevedon. 10.30. Concelebrates Mass, Silver Jubilee of Avon Scout and Guide Guild, Clifton Cathedral. 3. Monday-Tuasday: Catholic Child Welfare Council AGM, Damascus House, London Tuesday: Mass followed by Diocesan Childrens Society AGM Clifton Cathedral, 7. Werineedsy: Diocesan Finance COnlrrtirtee Meeting. St Ambrose. Leigh Woods. 4 Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shretresbury Friday: Mass al Poor Clare Convent, Ellesmere. Saturday: Addresses Cootie° ol YON. Spode House. Saturday-Monday: Visitation and Conte-Mutiny St James, Hartersley Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford ender Visits school and sick, Alkrington Saturday: Solemn Vespers and Transitus. St Frencis. Gorton 7 30. Sunday: Vis;tailon Si Thomas Mo, AikenStan. 11. Confirmation 3. Wednesday: Leapt,. Mass Salford Cathedral 12 nine, Thursday: PriesteRetreat. Harbome Hail_ B ishop Clark of East Anglia Sunday: Mass in celebration of Franciscan Year, Sr Mark $ Church "▪ p Cteam Auxiliary of Birmingham Monday: Erection ot Stations at Cross. Marist Brothers. eVolverharnpton. Wednesday: Chapter Meeting followed by Mass M tribute to Archblehop Dwyer s work as Aeethishop of Birmingham, 2 Thursday: Mass in Honour of Sr Wilfrid Cotton College 11 m, Mass and Cnnfirmatrons, St Gregory. 9earwcion 7 Bishop Foley of !answer Friday: Mass for Star of tee Sea CVVL Golden Jubilee. St Annes-onSea. 6 Saturday: Attends meeting for Congress Delegates Castleriss, Keswick, 11 Sunday: Mass for Anniversary of Dedication Cathedral. t 1. Attends AGM diocesan Covenant Scheme. Chaplaincy, Lancaster University, 2.30 Tuesday: Chapter Mass and Meeting, Cathedral, 11. Wednesday: Mass for Marriage Tribunal Officials, Blessed Sacrament, Pmston, 11.30 Central Council Meeting. Tulketh Road, Preston, 2 30 Thursday: Mass, St John Fisher High School Preston. 11

B iahop Grant of NorthamptonRidgy: KSC Suprerne CounCit, Monday: Installation of Father Michael Griffiths as School Chaplain to Our Lady Pt Pop? John School. Corby, 3 Study Conference r58th Orel reeile. Wednesday: Conseieatiai e` Deese Booker.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury Saturday: Presides at Transifus Franciscan Friary. Chester, 7 30 Sunday: Mass at UCM Rally. Florid Pavillion. New Brighton Tuesday: Inservice Training Course. us Marriage. St Joseph's. Maims, Wednesday: Diocesan Mass. St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham. Thursday: Catenial Dinner, Lord Hill Hotel. Shrewsbury

Bishop Guazzelli, Bishop in East London Friday: Laity Commission Meeting, 7.30_ Saturday: Prisoners' Sunday committee meeting. 11. Sunday: Mess Mile End 10 30 Mass. Centenary of FCJ in Ropier. 5 30. Mondey: Meeting with confirrnandi. Highgate. 7 30 Wednesday: Mass. Missionaries of Charlie 8 30. Thursday: Lunch. celebrating Sir Harold Weed's 21 years with Catholic Herald. 12.30 Mass for teachers. Christ the King School. 515

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrough Saturday: Education Me.. Cathedral, Middlesbrough. 10.30. Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady's Church. Driflieln. Mass, 10 30 Mass Sr Mark's. Stedmere. 9 art1 Tuesday: Meeting of Diocesan Liturgy Commission, Amplelorth ti 30 Thursday: Meets with General Secretary of British Council of Churches

Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark Friday: Follow an Meeting, Euchanstic Congress Committee. Blackheath. 4_30_ Saturday: Attends and preaches at Opening of new Ecumenical Chur. Roundshaw. Wallington. 3. Sunday: Celebrates Mass at new Church. Orpiegton. 11. Mass and Con tionalharl. Anerley. 3, Monday: Presides et Diocesan Finance Meeting. 11, attends Southwark Anglican Cathedral for Address on the Church Id Uganda 2 3() Tussdsy• Chnte, Mas$. rind owelog St '..torrioc Stl..1,.1.1,1, 1! MdtiS. Vratatmn and Confirmation, Hayes. 130. Thuroday: Area BeansMeeting. Blackheath, 10-12 30. Celebrates ehnual Mass for Metropolitan Catholic Teachers' d caviar, Service. Sr George's Cathedral, 5.30.

;Bishop Hitchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool Friday: Silver Jubilee Ball, Sr Kevies Comprehen• SIVe School. Kirkby, 7.30. Saturday: Solemn Celebration of Transitus of St Francis of Assisi. StAnthony of Padua_ Mosstey Hill Bishop Holland of Salford Saturday: Catholic Handicapped Children s Fellowship Mass $I Patrick's, Manchester, 4. Sunday: Visilat.on. II Confirmation. St George. Nelson, 3 Tuesday: Bless and open St Gilbert's Primary School, Winton, 7.30. Wednesday: Priregiving. Sr Joseph s High School. Melon's Park. 7.30 Thursday: Visits school and sic, Holy Saviour, Nelson.

Siallop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark Saturday: Attends Franciscan Retreat Liverpool. Sunday: Principal Concelebrant at Franciscan Maas. Liverpool Cathedral.

Bishop Konstard, Bishop in Central London Saturday: Attends Conference, Pope John Paul s visit to England. Cathedral Conference Centre 10.30. Monday:Talk, St Mary s College, Strawberry Hille7.30. Thursday: Talk, Maryvale Centre. Birm. ingham, 4.

Bishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday: Meeting of Church Leavers ,n Coventry. 7 Saturday: Mass and Meeting of Nauonal Pastoral Congress delegates St Chad s Cathedral. 2.30: Iiionet, Knights of Sr Columba, Coventry, 6.45, Sunday: Sr Francis of Assis. Centenary

-ticatioos Pridworth c'ontir

:Wens 6 Wednesdmi

Meeting followed by Mass in tribute to Atchtrishop Owyees work as Archbishop of Bernieglmre 2 Parish Council. Blackmer* Park, B. Thursday: Preeteeral Council Meeting, St Chad's Cathedral. 3 Bedworth Centenary. 7

Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham Saturday: Admission to Candidacy Readers. Cathedral. l Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Skegness. Monday: visitation and Confirmation, Meblethurpe, 7 Tuesday: Chapter Meeting and Mass, Cathedral. Mass to mark CMS Mission. Grantham, 7.30. Wednesday: Visit to Junior School (morning/ Visitation and Confirmation. 7 Gamesley Thursday: Deanery Meeting, Mount St Bernard Abbey. 11.

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood Fnday: Harvest Thanksgiving. Ingatestone. 7 30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. SS Mary and Edward Silverlown Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting Cathedral. 1 I Consecrates Church of St Basil Basildon. 7.30 Thursday: Mass for Foundation Day New Hall, Chelmsford. 11: KSC Provincial Officers Dinner. English Martyrs. Hornchurch, 7_30 Bishop Mahon, Bishop in Worst London Friday: National Mission Courted Steenno Committee. Youth Meeting. Whitehall Gardens, 5 Sunday: Mass. Si Anselm's er St Cecilia s. Kingsway 12 noon Monday: Presides el Uganda Service, Southwark Anglican Cathedral, 2.30 Tuesday: Hillingdon Deanery Conference Uxbridge.

10.30. Wednesday: to Pr,ests SlIpport

Group. 1 I . Mass, St Vire IT 5. Pin e°. Thursday: Meets Overseas Seel, Cher•e• Whitehall

Bishop Moyedery of HallamFriday: ' Desert • , and P Guide

MMoo'ndabar y °Do"' nWicasayoterr Catenians Charter Dinner, 7.30 Wedisesdsy: School Mass arid Parish Visitation. St Bede's Rotherham Opening of Feirthorn home, Sheffield. Thursday: Chesterfield _I and P Group, 7.30 Bishop O'Connor,. Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Visitation, Our Lady Star of the Sea. Searorth. Monday:: Visitation continued Wednesday: AGivt of Andhra Chaplaincy, Mount Pleasant 3 Confirmation. Sr Mary's. Leyland. 7 15 Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton Fdday: Attends meeting, Laity Cornmissicn, London. p m. Saturday: Visda Patcharn Parish a ne Attends_ -One Faithecumenical ceiebretions of St Wiled, Brighton Centre p.m Tuesday: Meeting at Diocesan Liturgy Commission. Horsham. p.m. Wadmmday: SpeaSs at Ecumenical Service of Dedication tor East Sussek leachers. Uckfield Thursday: Meeting of Diocesan Committee for Papal visit, Storrington p.m Balms. O'Brien, .Bishop In Hertfordshire Sunday: Visitation dna Conternalion. St Marlin de Perms. Cuffley, Monday: Parent's Association AGM. Holy Trimly School Welwyn Garden City. 8 Tuesday: Herts, Atea Clergy Day, All Saints Pastoral Centre Wednesday: Hefts Industrial Mission. 12 noon Meeting, Catholic Youth Leaders, Sr Anne;s, 8. Thursday: Meeting of Hens Catholic Secondary School Head Teachers, St Colemba s. 12 15 Mabel, Pearson, Bishop in Cumbria Saturday: Meeting with National Pesharal Cengress Delegates Castleripg Manor Sunday: Confirmation and Visitatirin. Christ thr King Etlacepool Tesailey:

Workington Deanery Pastoral Council meeting, Maryport. 7.30. Wednesday: Child Welfare Society meeting. Preston 2 30. Thursday: ViSISK Peneth School.

Bishop Remittent of Plymouth Sunday: Visitation and Mass, Our Lady uf Mount Cannel Church. Efford, Plymouth 10.35. Confirmation, 3. Monday: Concelebrated Mass for Catechetical CWL CaCammpo rnReeeutrvieingna. diE„dow.,rard7s45Chinurc.adah, Pyeve: ry7 Conference Meelalg Plymouth Choral society Dinner. Duke of Cornwall Hotel Plymouth, 7.30.

B ishop Tripp, Ausibary of Southwark Friday Sunday: Visitation, East Sheen. Sundey: Adult C,nfirrnOliOn, Sr George's Cathedral, 3.30. Monday: Visit to Canterbury PriS13,. CaterNin MSS% Epsom 8 Tuesday: Retirement Presentation of Mr W. McGregor Mortlake. B ThlatidNy: Instilutea candidates lot permanent Diaconate as Readers, St George s Cathedral, 7 B ishop Ward of Menevis Saturday: Cerebrates 8th Centenary of St Frances, Rhayader. pen. Sunday: Presides at 8th Centenary Cep.are,:esialphlons of St Francis, St Chad's Cathedral, Sirminghern. Monthly: Diocesan Priests' Conference, Bishop Wheeler of Lewis Saturday: Onlination to Priesttsood, Knaresborough. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Francis, Bradford. Monday: Attends Batley Procession of WM. Tuesday: Confirmation. St Ignatius. Osseo. Wedneaday: Curia, Finance Meeting, 11. Thursday: Mass, St WrIfrid's School, Featherstone.

Bishop Wrilsoseley of the Forces Friday: Attends Forces Chaplains' Retreat, Aylesford.

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