Page 10, 2nd October 1998

2nd October 1998
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Page 10, 2nd October 1998 — BISHOPS' DIARIES OCTOBER 4 TO 10

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Keywords: Religion / Belief

Cardinal K Ilume tIVestminsiter): Sour M. Allen Hall Se ni Mary, Noon. Presents Diplomas. Alien Hall Study Cenu-e, 3pm. Mon: M,OL Lottrel&s: RC Primary Sch. Stonebtidge 2pm. Investi

ture.. An:NT.% 530pin. Tut:: Launch of Appeal for Passage Ilse. Noon. Trustees Mtg. Archbp's Ilse. 2pm. W" ininsfer firb: My. Archbp's the, 4pm. Wed M & Pit:sent:aim ICCRS). Cathedral. 6.3(ipi is. 111u: M. Sling-Ai Centre, University of Middx.. 5p1n. Fri: M. Si Mary's Church. East Finchley, lpm. Sae ea0110. No010g lull. pin Archbishop M Couve de Mori ilk Ellinuirighanin Foe: Chapter St I I ain Chapter Mtg. 12.45pm.

Archbishop P Kelly I'Liserpoul 1: Sun: Art htliocesan J&P Assembly. St Joseph's. 1 Iplkilland.lUe: Clergy Mtg. Si Joseph s. pl illarid. 10.315ini. I nduction PP7 F lol y 1 ri nil y. Garial 7_30pm. Wed: Day 01 Recollection for (logy of the Southport Deanery, Archly's use, W.:10am. I 50th 'inn hi. 01., Immaculate Conception. Si Joseph. Precept.

7.30mn. 'Mir V Seh. Southport. 10..1 5ani. NW China Leaders' Mtg: Lcy land Meth, di .t Chinch. 2pni,

Archbishop M Bfiwel9 Oa' iuthisarke Son: C. Ilk: Sa,104 llean. Battersea West.

I fu,. :Ar113r" Ntr. ArLhhp's Else. 5 30pm. Nu: t', Slit, ham, 7pm.

Sat 50th Anniv M. len.slaii Cedar Cl. Kingston 1 lull, 3mii.

Bishop (' Murphy O'Connor (Arundel Si Brighton): Sun: Youth: !gutter. Llitrinhire Sch. Surrey, I I .30am.

Cranntoic 5,11, 4pin lue:Thu: Sch Heads Conference, Jersey.Thu/Fri: CMS Mtg. London, 4pm. Fri: Diocesan Deacons & Candidates annual 51 & meal. Henfeild, W Sussex. Sat: E Study Day. London, 10.301101.

Bishop P Porgeter (Whom ourdiP SOW K SC Mtg, Glasgow. Tuc: Chapter Mtg. I lam. Chapter Icl, 12.45pm. Annual M for Police. Cathedral. 7.30pm. Wed: COI Mtg. Wham. I lam. Thu: M. St Margaret Ward Sell, Tunstall. loam. Fri: M. &John Fisher &h. Neu eaStle.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sim: Retreat, Stock. Tue: College of Consultors, Cathedral Use, Brentwood, 3pm, Vied • M & C. Canvey Island. 7.311prii. Thu: V Mid-Essex Deanery. Sat: il low Trustees Meg, Bp's Hui. Noon. Bishop M Alexander (Clifton): Sun: V & C. Sacred limn. Chem. Magna Y Cathedral. 6pm. Fri: Abbatial Blessing. Ihiv. 'hide. Sat, I)iaconaee 0, Si Peter's Anglican Church. Portishead, I 1.30am. Bishop P Smith lFast Anglia): Thu: L'entenary SI. London. pm_ Fri: AGM Diocesan Social Welfare Comm. Ihetford. Norfolk. pm.

Bishop A !Griffiths alexhom & Newcastle): Sun: NISI loseph's,Billingham. 11 & 10am Si 6.30pm. Tan: Vicar Generals Mtg. I 0.31km.Consultors Mtg. Noon, Diocesan Finance Mtg. 4pni. Full 1Mance We. 5Firri. Wed: C'.. St Charles. Gosforth, 7pm. Thu: V. Holy Rosary. Bill inghan. hi: Opens Nursery. St Began Sch, Hartlepool, Mani. Sat: M. Holy Rosary Billingham

Bishop J Brewer (Lancaster): Sun:V & dedication Cathedral. Toe: Opening of Prayer Room, Si" Augustine;s Sch. Presnin 11 am ASIX: Mtg. Hob Family. Morecambe. lipm. Wed: Inauguration of Vice Chancellor. University of Central Lancs. 10.31Jarn. Thu: E Mtg, Leyland Methodist L'IL 2pm. Fri: Coll of Consulmo...Sat: Religious Mtg. Hyning Hall.

Bkhop D Kole:tont (1..eeds): Sun:V, St Joseph's. Gook. Mon: CMT Exec Mtg. Leeds. 1 Oarn. Wed: V. Halifax Catholic High Sch. C. Wharfdale Deanery. Horsforth, 7.30pm. Sat: 0. Cathedral. Noon. Yorkshire Baptist Amax: S. Raudon, 630pm.

Bishop V Malone a:pool auxil): Sun:51, St Joseph the Worker. Kirkby. Mon: Churches Anchorage Mtg. 10.30arn. C, St Stephen. Warrington. 7.30pm. Tim: V. Si loseples Sch. Kirkby. 9.30ant C. St Bede. ('horley. 7.30pin. Wed: C. Si Bernadette. She% ington. 730pm. Thu: NW Regional Develop. men' Mtg. Leyland. E Commission Mig, 7.45Firn. Fti: Induction PP. St Wilfrid, Askon-in-Makerlield, 7pm. Sat: National Board of Catholic Women. London.

Bishop L hleCartie (Northampton): Sun: C, Christ the King. Bedford. I lam. Signed M. St Joseph's, 13edtOrd, 4pm. Tue: Re-ordering hi with Papal Nuncio, Cathedral. 11,30am. Wed: AGM Clergy Fund. Cambridge, 2pm. 'Mu: C. Si Joseph's. Aylesbury. 7.30pin. Fri: M Si Thomas More Sch, Kettering, 10am. Jubilee M. Bifflesuade. 7pm. Sat: Silser Jubilee M. Kings Heath. Wham. Noon Bishop J McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: V/C. Si Patrick:s, Mansfield, 10.345rm. S of Sick. 3Firn. Toe: S of Sick. St Joseph's, Shirebrook. 4pm. V/C St )oseph:s. Shirebrook, 7pm. Fri: Bless extensions to schs. Si Marys & St Bede's. Boston. Dedication of new altar. Si Mary's, booth. 7pm. Sat: Annual M Travelling Community. St Mary's. Derby. Noon_ Bishop C Budd ( Plymouth): Sun:V, Enshury Park. 13ournernmth. Fri/Sat: V. Swanage.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun:CCE Mtg. Helsinki. Mon: OCCEB Mtg. Archhp's Hse. W'minster.1.30prn, Wed: Priest & People Mtg. London I lam, Thu: Bps' Mtg. London am. Si Thanksgiving 25th annis. St Margaret Clitherow. Bracknell. 7.30pm. Fri: Golden Jubilee M. Holy Cross Sch. E Cowes, 1.30pm. Catenian Assoc Clergy & Ladies Night, Seavieu. IOW. Sat: Permanent Deacons & Wives Mtg, Bps' Ilse. 10.30am.

Bishop T Brain !Salford): Sun:V. Sacred Heart. Darn en. M 11am. Annual M for Handicapped. OL. Langley. 3pm Mon: UC.M. Swanwick. Toe: Opening Emmaus, Mossley. Ashton-under-Lyne, I lam. Wed: Chapter M. Cathedral. Community St Brothers of Charily. 6.30pin Thu: Rescue Council AGM. I lam. Centenary M for Sch. St Mary's. Levenshulme. 7.30pm. Eh: Sacred Heart Primary Sch, Blackburn. I lam. S for Readers & E Ministers, St Anne's. Black: bum. 7 30pm. Sat: Catholic Family Carr 54, Cathedral. 2pm.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): SurrSuccoth Sets ice, W London Synagogue. tym. Mon: Churches Together, 10am. CARA) Millennium Recepeion, Greenwich. 2prn. SE Area J&P Mtg, Southwark, 7.30pm. Tun: V. St Joseph:, Sch. Greenwich am. Diocesan Bps' hitg, 5.30pm. Thu, CU Exec Mig 10.45am and CO Board. I 2.30pm.Unity Commission Mtg. Wimbledoo, 7.30pm. Fri: 70th Annie, Si Augustine's Sch. Beckenham Hill, Noon-4.30pm, Bishop John Jukes (S*wark Auxii): Sun/Mon: Reereat, Italy. hue: Wwark Bps' Mfg, 5.31)pni. Wed: V.& Edmund's Sch, Dover Thu: C. StJohn the Evangelist. Mongeham, 7.30pm. Fri: C. The Virgin Mother of (kW Counsel. Hythe. 7.30pm. Sal: Special Minster., Cathedral, 111.30am'4pm.

Bishop Howard Tripp (S.wark Auxin.: Sun. C. ST Thomas a Beckett. Wandsworth West, I lam. Mon: V. John Paul 11 Sch, 9.30am. Governors Mtg. John Paul 11 Sch. 7pm. Tue: Hospital Chaplaincy exec Mtg I Lam. Wed: Mtg, Vaughan Hse. to Pastoral Services for Deaf, I lam. Catholic Child Welfare Council Mtg. Osterley, 2pm. ThuChild Welfare Council Mtg. Osterley. Unity Commission Mtg, Marie Reparatriee. 7.30priL Fri: Commissions Special Ministers. John Fisher Sch. 12.30pm. Launch SEN Directory. 3pm. Induction PP, Worceaer Park, 7.30pm. Sat: Public Life Mtg. 10am

Bishop V Nichols, (W'minster, N area): Sun: V. St Edmund's. Edmonton. Toe: Deans' Mtg. I lain. Trustees Mtg. 2pm. Bps' My. 5prn. Wed: Reflection for N London Clan. Hendon, 2pm. Thu/Fri: Conference Financial Secs, Upholland. Sat: Silver Jubilee OL of (Jmee Infant Sch. Donis Hill. 3pm. Bishop J O'Brien (W'mhtster,Herts area): Suim:V.OL. London Colney. Moo: Heads 544, St Anne's the. 2pm Ton:

Trustees Mtg. 2prn, BpsMtg. 4_30prn. Archbp's HNC. Ministerial Formation

Eceleston Sq. Noon-4pm. Fri Mahon Hue mtg. I lam, Sat: V. St Thom, More, Knebworth.

Bishop P f)•Donoghtie (W'minster. W area ): Sun 11th Oet: Migrants Conference. Rome,

Bishop F Walmsley (Forces): Mon: Episcopal Council. Glenfall Flse, Cheltenham 22.30pm. 126-9th Oct. Chaplain's Annual Retreat, ()Fenian Hse.


Archbishop .1 Ward (Cordial: SureV. Belmont, Broadoak and Ewyas Harold. Herefordshire. 8.3(kim. 9.30am & 1 lam, Tue. AOM nI the Assoc of British Coniemplatives, Hassocks. W Susstix, Noon. C. St Joseph's, Penarth. 7.30pm. Thu: C. The Most 1101y Trinity, 7.30prn. Fri: M & V Llantarnam Abbey. Cwmbran. 6pm.

Bishop D Mullin.s (Menecia): Sun: C. St Michael's. St Das id's. 9.30un. C. ()I_ of Lourdes, Tow nhill, 7pm. Tun: Tiustecs Mtg., I lain.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): SurES VP Festival Mtg. 2.39pm. Toe: ("ace Meg, 1 I am. Trustees Mtg. Bp's Ilse, 2pm. 51 TeacheolGovemors. Cathe dral. M Teachers/Governors STioseph;s.Cotwyn Bay. 7pm. Oil: KSC Fun Day for ilimdicapped Childnm. Rh, I Sun Centre. Sat: Cy Ich Catholig, Aberystwyth

Key: M-Mass. C-Contirmati,

Visitation_ 0-Ordination. Mg Steen r Sch-School.ES-Fxumenical SO, Ice.

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