Page 10, 2nd September 1938

2nd September 1938
Page 10
Page 10, 2nd September 1938 — World Radio

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Organisations: Red militia, Marxist militia


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Page 10 from 11th March 1938

World Radio

In The Interests Of European Peace



By Ariel

HE thought uppermost in one's mind when listening to broadcasts in th'e various European languages and noticing the ignorance and prejudices prevailing in each country, concerning the inhabitants of other lands, is: How different would the state of Europe be today if Latin was still, as before the Reformation, the

medium of intercourse, the vehicle of humanism which made of Christians one common family!

How powerless would the most skilful propaganda become if the Christians of this land could listen to the voices of Moscow and Barcelona and Salamanca in turn, being able to judge for themselves who arc the defenders of justice and liberty and righteousness.

It is with a sense of shame that one hears the mighty bulletins from Salamanca, given in calm, dignified words with no attempt at propaganda, such as Moscow indulges in in her broadcasts. breathing hatred and vengeance. Yet how terrible the tales of sacrilege and destruction wrought in Estrcmadura by the Marxist militia!

Do we realise the heartbreak of the women and children evacuated by the Reds and now returning to their pillaged homes, their burnt or desecrated churches, while their menfolk, if not killed in battle, are in constant danger of assassination?

Let us not think that these Radio Verdad broadcasts are based on Nationalist reports. No. Radia Ass. Catalonia only a few days ago broadcast the news of the shooting without trial of 74 refugees from five different Embassies in Barcelona, just as a fortnight ago twelve prisoners were

shot who had actually been on the list of those to be exchanged. One would like to know which were the Embassies merciless enough to hand over these refugees.

With much justification does Salamanca speak of the political charlatanism of those who, with every available means for information at their disposal, regard as a legitimate government the Valencia politicians, and who listen with approval to the speeches of the Pasionaria, sent as a delegate to the recent Peace Meeting in France.

Yet it is only a year ago that one could hear this same Pasionaria declare : "It is better that 99 innoBetter That 99 cent persons should Innocent Perish perish than that one Than . . . guilty one .should Will CATHOLIC Hemel readers who have written to enquire about broadcasts in English from Spain note that Nationalist broadcasts are in Spanish only but Radio Verdad sends pamphlets gratis from Salamanca whose illustrations tell their own tale.

Moscow broadcasts and the British Press have used for anti-Nationalist propaganda the shooting of the French citizen whilst bathing in the Bidassoa last week. But Salamanca explains that he bathed from Nationalist territory and, when challenged by the sentry, made the mistake of striking out for the French side, so that he was erroneously taken for a deserter.

Moscow broadcast a few days ago that there was great rejoicing in Barcelona last week at the continued victorious advance of the Reds who had brought down 40 Nationalist aeroplanes! Yet Radio Verdad quotes the Diluvio and the Vanguardia as bewailing the inferiority of Government aviation.

It appears that to cross the Ebro, so Moscow relates, the Red militia used a number of indiarubber buoys which, after Nationalist bombardment, could be rapidly replaced.

Paris broadcasts on the forty hours' week. by speakers of the C.G.T. (the workers' syndicate) and of the Paris and the Patronat, giving their Forty Hours respective views, were of particular interest, and one could wish that we in England had such enlightening talks.

The Paris Children's Hour continues to be a delightful feature of great variety. On Sunday afternoon George Sands' La Petite Fadette was acted by children and actors from the Opera Comique, which fact will give an idea of the high standard prevailing.

The last of the broadcast series on Old Houses, directed by Georges Colin and dealing with the houses of Talleyrand and General Gouraud who accompanied Napoleon to St. Helena, ended on Sunday with a deeply moving scene between Napoleon and Gouraud, after Hudson Lowe's most insulting attack on the great man because of his excessive expenditure.

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