Page 2, 2nd September 1955

2nd September 1955
Page 2
Page 2, 2nd September 1955 — LOOKING AND LISTENING

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Organisations: Asian Club


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Better and Better

TV• w"hTichherfeell se snow n snow This undoubtedly was the shot of the week-a chunk of snow dug up out of the Greenland Ice Cap, which we saw in " Venture to the Arctic." a_ film of the British North Greenland Expedition of 1952-54. 1 he snow does not melt (its age can he revealed by layers like the rings in a tree), which. as We wete told, is just as well, because if that Ice Cap melted the sea level everywhere would rise 20 ft., swamping quite a lot of us.

This film was yet another demonstration that television gets all its best programmes from the great outdoors, in spite of most earnest strivings at and on behalf of Radio Shows and the like.

Coming back after a year to holiday viewing in the absence of MB.. I feel an urge to give thanks to certain units and individual performers. Sportsview was always very good and, with lively imagination at the top and a team of specialist commentators becoming established experts particularly Brian Johnston and Raymond Baxter-it goes on getting better all the time.

Looking in all the evening. especially in the past few days. one has a little too much of show business; yet who can deny that, while we may get a little tired of some faces and vgices, we are constantly getting better value from quite a number? Vic Oliver, for instance, on last Monday night's showing at any rate, has not only a better programme, hut himself makes better contact with the viewer at home. Robb Wilton, again on Monday was better even than before. The tumblers are more astonishing and have a good deal more humour.

And then there is Asian Club, This was always well organised and the discussions are lively 8.5 well as serious, but the most attractive feature is the constant courtesy of all concerned. You want dignified race relations? Look in at the Asian Club. M.Q.

ADIO. It seemed appropriate, -11-tisornehow, that Woman's Hour (Light, every afternoon 2-3 p.m.) should return from its holiday on the first coolish day we have had for a long time. It made me realise that whispers of Christmas preparations will soon be coming over the air.

It also gave me some indications of the fight so soon to he fought between the B.B.C. and its new rival. This first " Woman's Hour" of the season was full of vigour and amusement. 1 was particularly struck by the reiterated advice not to tolerate unsatisfactory service from laundries, dry-cleaners, etc.

Stephen Potter and Joyce Grenfell need very little introduction. I think most of you must have heard them. apart or together, on many occasions. Their present series On " How To " is quite up to their usual standard of wit. It is particularly subtle wit and not easily understood by the young. Mine, for instance, have compared this series with Fric Barker's " Just Fancy." High praise, I think. though unintentional!

Joan Newton.

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