Page 3, 2nd September 1955

2nd September 1955
Page 3
Page 3, 2nd September 1955 — CHILDREN'S CORNER

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Locations: Manchester, Durham


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By Clare Simon.

AFEW weeks ago I suggested you might send me any drawings you'd done and that we might put them in our corner. Well, quite a lot have been coming in, and very good they are too. Most of them are much better than any of us-I mean my brothers and I--could do when we were the ages of the people who sent them in.

I've chosen a very thrilling picture of Captain Hook to show you this week. Don't you think he has a very ferocious expression 7 It was drawn by Thomas More McGrath, aged 9, who lives in Manchester. I had to draw over your pencil drawing in ink, Thomas More. so if it doesn't look quite as it ought, that's my fault.

Address, please

NOW, something more serious. I have had a letter from the father and mother of a little girl called Bernadette. Bernadette would very much like to write to Jackqueline whose poem we published in Children's Corner about a month ago. I can't give Bernadette Jackqueline's address as she didn't tell it to me. All we know is that Jackqueline lives in County Durham and that she lost her mother not long ago. If Jackqueline herself, or one of her friends, would like to write to me giving her full name and address I will send it on to Bernadette and perhaps they will become friends.

Odd ending Odd ending

IT always puzzles me how writers know how to get to the end of their books. Do they go on until they've got no more paper to write on, or what ? If I am telling a story, or writing this column, I never want to stop at the bottom of the page. Anyway, I've just been reading a book by a new children's author who ends like this :

"There was a sound of a cork

being drawn, the barrel-shaped door ope::ed, and

THE END "That was sudden, wasn't it ? It gave we quite a start."

Of course, he goes on to explain he doesn't really know how to end a book and at last he falls asleep, which really does bring it to an end. But it's a new idea, isn't it, and doesn't give you that disappointed feeling that the people in the book have gone away for good. And these people are worth keeping. Captain Hornpipe, with his one eye. Manendhoy, who is captured by pirates, and the three children to whom all the exciting adventures happen.

The book is called " Far and Away the Best," which is the name of the island on which everything happens. It is by Gerald Hyde, and it is published by Bles at 9s. 6d. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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