Page 4, 2nd September 1983

2nd September 1983
Page 4
Page 4, 2nd September 1983 — Bishops Engagements

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M = Mass, V = Visitation, C = Confirmation, 0 = Ordination.

Page 8 from 13th November 1987

Bishops Engagements

C — Conihrmalion. St— Mass. 0 — Ordination. V — Visitation Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: — Sunday: National Pilgrimage to Walsinoham. Wednesday: National Conference Of Priests, Birmingham, ThursdayiSaturday: Council of Diocesan Af fairs, Hare Street.

Archbishop BOwen 01 Southwark: — Friday: Laity CommiSaiOn meeting, Archbishop's House, .7 30 Sunday: National Pilgrimage to Walsingham, Archbishop Wortock of Liverpool: — Sunday: Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of the Parish. St Gregory's. Lydiale. a in Monday: Archbishop's Council Meeting. Curial Otfice, 10 Monthly/Thursday: National Conference ol Priests, Newman College. Birmingham.

Bishop Alexander at Clifton: — Mondayfluesdar National ConterenCe of Priests. Wednesday: Meets Diocesan Seminarians, SI Ambrose, 12 noon.

Bishop Clark at East Angile; — Sunday. NatIOnal Pilgrimage to Walsinglmin Bisbee Emery of Portsmouth: — Thursday: Consecration ol Altar, St Marys, East Hendred, 7, Bishop Gray Of Shrewsbury: — Tuesday: Minding Of Church Students, Curial OfliceS. Birkenhead. Thursday: Installation of Bishop Divine, Motherwell Cathedral. 7, Bhihop Harris of Middlesbrough: — Friday: Opens Alex Lawrie House, Hull Tuesday, Meeting 01 Cleveland Council of Churches Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: — Sunder. National Pilgrimage to WalsInghtim Monday:

St Ignatius Upper School. Turkey Street, Enfield. 9.30 ern. Tuesday: National Annual Conference, Catholic Nurses' Guild. Wednesday: National Coriloronce Cl Priests; evening, Nalional Annual COnterence, Catholic Nurses' Guild Thursday: National Conference of Priests Bishops' meeting. Hareloop HeStreet,

mon, AuXillary Cl Southwark: — Friday: Returns from Diocesan Pilgrimage 10 Lourdes. Monday: Diocesan Bishops' Meeting. 11

1Tooe4 ny: BWBC.dSn Blending LCo.ndizilivetroluonni.Eryvansgee,1„,is,Me.

COUnC11. Churches Group Meeting, 10-12 neer.

Bishop Hilchen Auxiliary ol Liverpool: — Monday: Archblshop•I Council Meeting. Canal Offices, 10 TuesdayfFriclay: National Conference of PrIOSIS, Newman College, Birmingham.

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark} — FrIdayiSunday:Conference on Work in Beauvais Monday/Thursday: Attends National Centre for Christian COmmunities and Networks C.onierence, WoLidtpooke College, Birmingham.

Bishop Xonsteni, Bishop in Central London: — Monday/Wednesday: National Conference of Priest& New1111141 College. Bit relrighern, ThursdayfFriday: Meeting of Westminster Bishops, Hare Street.

P ickup McGuinness of Nottingham: — Friday: U. Lincoln Cathedral, 170000 Salurday: Catholic Men's Society Mass, Matlock, B ishop Murphy.O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: — Tuesday: returns from ARCIC meeting in Venrce. Pim

Bishop McMahon of Brentwood; — Sunday: V. Immaculate Conception, Epping Concelebrates Mass for 175th anniversary of Society of St Vincent dOeluc:1:03'hsloapnC;AFill'hi:nrCiaeelY,B0e3a' "rda,111.0730: Thlue°endadayY:. Meeting Of oo Council of Clergy. 10.30.

BIShOp O'Brien, Auxiliary of Middlesbrough: — Sunday: V. Rise COnvoill. Hull. Tuesday/Thursday: National Conference 01 Priests. Birmingham

CeBielsthaopn,P;acarson...nBalsryhomp ainssCusmi bcriaha:r—mosSaGtru;davt: over-Sands. 3. Sunday: Celebrant at Centenary Mann. S1 Herbert's. Windermere, 5 Bishop Rawsithorne, Auxiliary of Liverpool: — Monday; ArchbishopiA Council Meeting, Curial Offices. 10. Jy0mihn.dPinaiiii dilaTiruNst,,thratilncgo. Conference of APrCieRt NMeewelminagn, OCZIrieLgLy132.1 r Snit' nhigirgahrnolit Liverpool, Bishop a Bishop Tripp, Alryillary Cl Southwark: — Saturday: Returns trom Lourdes Piignmage Sunday: M tor Hand icapPed, St Michael's Convent, SlireesatIsham. 3. Monday/Friday: National Conference of pr Bishop Wheeler of Leads: — Sunday: M. Cross Fi,,le,It.s,g1t0a, . .45. Tuesday: National Council of Priests. s ArChbIshOp Ward at Cardiff: — Sunday: 10.45 urn.. CPaornisfehrefts:oettpStio. sMisarivn.BNemiwipnorahat. Tmuesday: National

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