Page 14, 30st October 1936

30st October 1936
Page 14
Page 14, 30st October 1936 — " WATCH AND WARN"

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MGR. HINSLEY CALLS FOR CATHOLIC UNITY At the Westminster Catholic Federation's Annual Dinner

From Our Spedi al Representative More active Catholic action and more active Catholics are needed, said Mgr. Hinsley, the Archbishop of Westminster, last Monday night, at the annual dinner of the Westminster Catholic Federation.

" You will have to fight for your faith even more sternly than did your forefathers . . . Die rather than give way. We need the martyr spirit."

He outlined the great work of the Westminster Catholic Federation. How it safeguarded the Catholic interests and Catholic principles.

" Watch and Warn" Work Its policy was one of watching for any sign of an action that showed anti-Catholic tendencies, and warning Catholics against it. Especial reference he gave to the Federation's work regarding education. It guarded against any infringement in a school's curriculum of Catholic dogma, and it constantly watched and revisioned all school books.

Shame on Us

" The work of the Federation entails considerable sacrifice on the part of the workers, who are fighting to ensure the safety of the Faith, to combat the insidious penetration of pagan propaganda of euthanasia, birth-control, and other anti-Christian materialist expediences," said Mgr. Hinsley.

" These things shame our country of England."

Mgr. Hinsley made a vigorous "call to arms," to light this menace which every day, he said, grew stronger, and was our direct foe. He referred to his recent dinner with the veteran dock strikers, and told how the zeal of such Men as Tom Mann and Ben Tillett for their cause had impressed him.

Nation-wide Action

" The Catholic Federation is to be national. Its scope is nation-wide, although its activities are at present confined to Westminster.

" It aims at obtaining Catholic unifica

tion and co-ordination. What I call Catholic Unity. All Catholic organisations will be linked up in one Catholic effort, an undivided Catholic front."

Mgr. Hinsley then made a plea for funds. He apologised for his frequent " begging." He still needed. be said, £100,000.

Mr. C. L. Maslen responded to Mgr. Hinsley's speech and then Mr. J. R. Oldfield, proposing the toast of " The Guests," spoke.

The Guests

He said that among the distinguished guests which they were proud to have present, were the Austrian Minister, Baron Frankenstein, Lord Russell, J. J. Gibbons Knight Commander of the K.S.C., J. B Morton, Dr. G. Rewcastle and Dougla! Woodruff.

He briskly outlined a warning agains Marxist materialism and Communism which he defined as " only insignifican minorities," but venomous.

" We must be filled with the spirit oi goodwill," he said, " to be able to figh this battle," Mr. Douglas Woodruff, with his distin, guished drollery, replied to the speech, a! representative of the Catholic press.

. Thanks

Vice-Admiral R. A. Hornell, D.S.O. proposed the toast " The Chairman," tc whom he proffered the thanks which hc knew everyone felt.

The chairman, Dr. O'Donovan, answered and thanked all present, and closed on a note of hopefulness for the future work oi the Federation.

Among those present were the Earl and Countess of Denbigh, His Lordship the Bishop of Lamus, and the Marchese Maltei.

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