Page 9, 30st October 1936

30st October 1936
Page 9
Page 9, 30st October 1936 — VATICAN AND GERMANY

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Locations: Cologne, Vienna, Rome


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Systematic Efforts To Weaken Church

The Osservatore Romano registers a protest against the systematic misinterpretation in Germany, of Mgr. Hudal's article on Communism. Mgr. Hudal is rector of the German College L'Anima in Rome. It takes this opportunity of protesting against censoring of the speeches of the Pope and of the German bishops.

We quote the Osservatore:— " This is only one incident in the systematic efforts to show that the Catholic Church is silent and powerless against the dangers which threaten our civilization. The Pope's speech to the Spanish refugees was treated in the same way."

The Osservatore shows that the National Socialist press alters the Pope's words to give an impression that he is indifferent to the fate of -Spain, whereas actually he is taking a firm stand against National Socialism. The Osservatore adds that these facts are common to communists and national socialists, and are designed to cheat the masses. Their methods show a lack of confidence in public opinion and a fear of the possible results of the truth.

Another issue of the Osservatore Romano publishes on the front page large extracts from a speech by Cardinal Schulte, Bishop of Cologne, complaining that everywhere the liberty of Catholics to publish the Pope's words is taken away.

DR. WINTER SUSPENDED Alleged Pro-Communism

From Our Austrian Correspondent.

A sensation has been caused in Vienna by the announcement of the suspension from office of the Vice-Burgomaster of Vienna, Dr. Winter, on a charge of proCommunist activity. The matter is at present under investigation.

Dr. Winter, a Catholic and Hapsburg supporter, is well-known as a bitter opponent of National Socialism and is one of the leaders of the struggle against Austrian Nazis. He was a close friend of Dr. Dollfus and was appointed Vice-Burgomaster of Vienna in order to build a bridge between the Catholic workers and trade unions and the embittered Socialist masses. A democratic Catholic by instinct, he is known to have been disappointed by the result of this endeavour. He has always laid great emphasis upon social justice.

He advocated the formation of a widespread front of Catholics, Socialists and others, as well as a monarchist restoration, as indispensable weapons in the fight against the Nazi menace to Austria. Although he had many opponents, particularly among the Heimwehr (Prince Starhemberg was always among his bitterest critics), the news of his suspension has created surprise throughout Austria.

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