Page 8, 30th April 1937

30th April 1937
Page 8
Page 8, 30th April 1937 — A Moral Lead on the Danube

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People: Schuschnigg


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A Moral Lead on the Danube

If this conception—of a Danubian federation with a Catholic core—is really in Dr. Schuschnigg's mind and plans, it is something to be set side by side with Mussolini's dream of a Mediterranean Empire, the

Franco-Czechoslovak ian-Soviet left-wing military zone, and Germany's urge to selfassertion eastward, as one of the formative forces in Europe today, and perhaps the

most constructive of them all. Certainly the Nazi Government will find that if it presumes on Mussolini's back being deliberately turned to try its rough-house methods in Austria again, it will be putting its foot into a whole network of diplomatic interest recently awakened. And, speaking for ourselves, we have no hesitation in saying that the preservation of Austria as a land of predominantly Catholic culture and politics and her restoration in this capacity to the moral leadership of the Danubian States is a primary interest of European civilisation. Her Nazification by the antiCatholic Government at Berlin would be a major disaster, and if Mussolini is really prepared to permit it, he will be guilty of a monstrous betrayal.

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