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30th April 1971
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Page 2, 30th April 1971 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Sacred Heart Secondary School, Consultative Committee, Cathedral Chapter, Council of Priests, Law Society, Seminaries Commission, S.C. Club, Oratory School, K.S.C. Club, Council of Clergy, Cranmore School, Ecumenical Commission, Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Corpus Christi College, Diocesan Pastoral Council, Youth Commission, Ushaw College, Borough of Hillingdon, Diocesan Schools Commission, Sacred Heart Primary School, Council of Administration, Catholic Nurses Guild, Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Pastoral Centre, Visits Legion, Primary School, Arts Theatre Club, Ecumenical Service, St. John's Church, A. G.M. Catholic Fund for Homeless and Destitute Men, Senate of Priests, Orthodox Catholic Church, Parish Council, Pastoral Council, Rescue Society, Bristol Theological Society, Sion College, Bungay Grammar School, Anne's School, St. Joseph's Church, Joint Service on World Poverty, Rescue Council, Shared Worship Centre, Senior School, Oneen Alexandra Hospital


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Cardinal Heenan al Westminster-Saturday: Blesses new Annex and gives benediction, St. Anne's Home, Stoke Newington. 3. A.G.M. Westminster Branrh of C W.L , Cathedral Hall. 5.30. Sunday: Ordinations. St. Mary and St Andrew, Dellis Hill. 3.30. Monday: Cath One Stage Guild Reception. Arts Theatre Club. Gt. Newport Street, 12. Mass and Confirmation. St. Philip's. Finchley, 6.30. Tuesday: Mass for children attending non-Catholic schools. Cathedral, 2.30. Thursday: ConcelebrateS Mass for official Opening of new church. English Martyrt, Kingsbury, 5.30.

Bishop Butler. Auelliary of Westminster-Friday: GueSt Of Honour, Plowden Legal Society Dinner. Law Society, 7.15. Saturday: Blesses and opens new schoOl. Bushey, 3. Monday: Pin Green meeting on Shared Worship Centre. 7.30. Tuesday: Seminaries Commission meeting, K.S.C. Club, 2.30. Wednesday: Administration meeting. Archbishop'S House, 11. Thursday: BCC/RC meeting, Eaten Gate. 10.30. Friday: Senate of Priests meeting, Carlisle Place, 11. Addresses Bristol Theological Society, 8.

Bishop Guaneill, Auxiliary of Westminster-Saturday: Interviews Students tor priesthood, Archbishop's House, 10, Sunday: Concelebrates Tricluum Mass In honour of English Martyrs. Our Lady of Sorrows. Isieworth, 6.30. Monday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Ignatius, Stamford Hill, 7. Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting, Archbishop's House, 10.30. Anniversary dinner, Sion College, 7. Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Dominic's Priory, Haverstock HIII. Thursday: Gives Sub•Diaronate, The Immaculate Conception. Farm Street, 6.15.

B ishop Mahon, AuxillarY of Westminster-Friday: Confirmation. Golders Green, 7. Saturday: Youth Commission meeting, 2.30. Speaks K.S.C. dinner. 6.45. Sunday: Confirmation, St. Margaret's, Twickenham, S. Monday: Parish Council meeting. St. Margaret's, Twickenham, 6 55. Tuesday: Ecumenical Commission meeting, 3. Wednesday: Council of Administration, 11. Lunch with members of Borough of Hillingdon, 1. A.G.M. Catholic Fund for Homeless and Destitute Men, 7. Friday: Senate of Priests.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Saturday: Mass and Confirmation. Oratory School, Woodcote, 3. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, St. Joseph's Church. Goldenhill. 11. Preaches. St. Chad's Cathedral. 6.30. Monday: Lectures Corpus Christi College. London, 4.30. Tuesday: Chapter meeting and Mass, St. Chad's Cathedral, 11.45. ConcelebrateS Mass for Catholic Nurses Guild, St. Chad's Cathedral. 7. Wednesday: Diocesan Ecumenical Commission. Archbishop's House, Birmingham, 2.30. Thursday: Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Archbishop's House. Birmingham, 4.

B ishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Tuesday: Chapter meeting and mass, St. Chad's Cathedral, 11.45. Friday: Confirmation, Erdington Abbey, Birmingham, 7,

Bishop Emery, Auxiliary of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. St. Joseph's Church, Aron Dassett, Warts, 4. Monday: Meeting, Sacred Heart Parish, Coventry. TueSday: Chapter meeting and Mass, St. Chad's Cathedral, 11.45. Wednesday: Visits Parish of Theme, Oxfordshire. Thursday: Consultative Committee meeting of Diocesan Schools Commission, Archbishop Beck of Liverpool Friday: Christians and Jews meeting, Greenbank Synagogue, Liverpool, 11. Saturday-Sunday: Pastoral Council meeting, Cenacle Convent. Sunday: Good Shepherd Collection, Cathedral. 3. Tuesday: Seminaries Commission meeting. London, 2.30. Wednesday-Thursday: Council of Clergy meeting. Loyola Hall.

Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of LiverpoolSunday: Diocesan Pastoral Council meeting, Cenacle Convent, Liverpool. Lays Foundation Stone of St. Aidan's Primary School. Wigan, 3.30. Monday: Council of Administration meeting. Curial Offices, 11. Tuesday: Chapter Mass, Cathedral. 11. Wednesday: Council of Clergy meeting, Loyola Hail. 10.15. Confirmation and Benediction, Sacred Hear t, Leigh, 7.30. Thursday: Council Of Clergy meeting, Loyola Hall, B ishop Warlock of Portsmouth Sunday: Addresses F.S.A. Conference. Spode House, 9.30. Monday: Addresses

M Training Days Session, Park Place Pastoral Centre, 4.30. Wednesday: Visits Oneen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham, 2.10, Thursday: Addresses London Newman Circle. 8. Friday: Blessing and opening of school wing. St. Anne's School, Southampton, 2.

Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark-. Sunday: Mass and Adult Confirmation, Cath6dral, 1.30. Monday-Wednesday: Visits Southwark Students for the Priesthood. Ireland.

B ishop Clark, Auxiliary of Northampton-Sunday: Official visit of Archbishop Rouen to Norwich. Concelebrated Mass, St. John's Church. 11. Ecumenical Service, Norwich Cathedral. 8. Tuesday: Talk to Senior School. Bungay Grammar School. Friday: Society Of St. John Chrysostom, London, Reception for members of Orthodox Church,

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham Saturday: Consecrates new church, St. Joseph the Worker, Worksop. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St. Joseph's, Leicester. Tuesday: Chapter meeting, Nottingham. Ecumenical meeting, Nottingham, 6.30. Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation. Hassop, 6.30. Thursday: Visits English Martyrs School, Leicester, 11. Visits Legion of Mary Spiritual Directors' Conference, West Bridgford, 3.30.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Saturday: U.C.M. A.G.M., Free Trade Hall. Manchester, 2.30. Sunday: Con firmation, Holy Family. Lirneside. Oldham. 3. Tuesday: Salford Headteachers' AssOciation A.G.M., Sacred Heart Secondary School, 7.30. Wednesday: Chapter Maas. 12. Blesses and opens Sacred Heart Primary School. Westhoughten, 7.30. Thursday: Rescue Council, 11.

Bishop Rudderham of Clifton Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St. Joseph's, Langport. Tuesday: Chapter

meet log, Pro-Cathedral. Wed nesd as: Finance Committee, Bishop's House, 4. Mass and Confirmation. Corpus Christi, Weston-super-Mare, 7 30. Thursday: Schools Commission. Friday: Confirmation. Charlton KingS, 7.30.

B ishop Restleaux of Plymouth Saturday: Ordination, Vescourt, 10. Sunday: Mass and visitation, 11. Confirmatinn, 3 Newquay, Monday: AdmIniStralion, St. Ives and Penzance. Tuesday: Mass for feast of St. Richard Reynolds and for 550 anniversary of foundation charter of Sven Monastery, Syon Abbey. 11.30. Thursday: A.G.M. of Guild of St. Boniface. Dorchester.

B ishop Casey of Brentwood-Friday: Concelebrates Mass at Vigil for Vocations, St. George's. Waltharnatow. Saturday: Attends K.S.C. dinner, Chelmsford. 7. Sunday: Mass and receives children's Lenten Alms. Cathedral. 3.30.

Bishop Cunningham of Hexham and Newcastle Sunday: Receives Good Shepherd Collection from children of the diocese, Newcastle Cathedral, 3.

Bishop Lindsay, Auxiliary of Hexhana and Newcastle--Saturday: Ordinations to Sub-Diaconate and Minor Orders. Ushaw College, Durham. 10. Attends Joint Service on World Poverty, Durham Cathedral. 2.30. Sunday: Mass, 11. Visit and Confirmation. 3.30 Peteriee. Tuesday: Preaches at annual service for Northern Region of Lloyds Bank, St. Thomas the Martyr, Newcastle, 6.

Bishop Wheeler of Leeds-Saturday: Receives purses for Rescue Society, Cathedral, 3. Sunday: Ordination of Deacons. Cathedral, 11. Monday: Concelebrated Mass for Nurses. Slisden. 6.30. Tuesday: Council of Priests. Wednesday: Chapter luncheon. Thursday: Official opening 01 school, Bilton. Friday: Confirmation, Batley Carr.

Bishop Foley of Lancaster-Saturday: Mass, St. Joseph's, Galgate, 7. Sunday: Visitation, 10. Confirmation. 2.30. St. Bernadette. Lancaster. Tuesday: Attends Seminaries Commission meeting, K S.C. Club. London, 2.30. Wednesday: Chapter Mass, Lancaster Cathedral, 11. Visitation. Mass and Confirmation. Our Lady of Lourdes. Carnferth, 7.

Bishop Grassi. of Shrewsbury-Saturday: C.W.L. A G.M. Chester. SundayMonday: Confirmation and visitation, St.' Theresa, Blacon, Chester.

B ishop Bowen of Arundel and Brighton -Sunday: Confirmation and Mass, Tadworth, Surrey, 11. Tuesday: Cathedral Chapter meeting, Arundel. 11. Thursday: Visits Cranmore School, West Horsley. 2.

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