Page 7, 30th June 1939

30th June 1939
Page 7
Page 7, 30th June 1939 — ITALY AND TIENTSIN Anti British Outburst in Press

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Page 6 from 30th June 1939

ITALY AND TIENTSIN Anti British Outburst in Press

From Our Own Correspondent ROME.

In a leading article on Tientsin ii Regime Fascista begins with the words " Long live Japan," and the writer sees in the blockade a " resolute and pugnacious attitude on the part of Japan towards the Plutodemoeracies which are lined up by the side of Chiang-Kai-Chek."

The Regime Fascista and the rest, of the Italian Press now declare that the difficulties facing England in the East are due to England's interference with Japanese interests

" Only Two Solutions"

" There are only two solutions," declares " II Regime Fascista" : " either an armed conflict or England's submission to Japan's will. And England will finish up by bending the knee once again and this time to the Japanese, thus inflicting on her dominant and imperial people a new humiliation.

" When the day comes for writing down the history of this period with equanimity of mind," the newspaper adds, " England will be forced to recognise the amount and value of the price she has paid for her anti-Fascist politics."

This outburst on the part of Regime Fascista is not an isolated one. The whole Italian Press has, in the last few weeks, been attacking England and sustaining the Japanese case.

It is said here in well-informed circles that this is only to be expected in view of the close relations between Italy and Japan.

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