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30th June 2006
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Page 14, 30th June 2006 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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July 2 to July 8

Cardinal C Murphy•O'Comsor (Westminster); Sum Celebrates Mass to 75th anniversary of the ;aulsti of SS Peter aid Pad

3(kint, Notthfields. More Standing Committin Mtg ul the Bishop's Cu oferencv of England and Wales I Ourn ,Ambhishop's House, Tin, rustees meting 3 30pm ,Arehbishop's Kam. Wed: Mies loss and engagements. Thu, Inter.

views and et tiugernents. Meets with Archbishop's C.111.104.11930am,Archhishop's Mane C'elebratio Mass for 7th July victims 530pm. Westminster Cathedral. Sat Attends and . txklracsas Bright lights festied I I 30 rim , I s.sidon Caney; 'cletvraies Maas al NUN Hall sclaxal, Chei msfisrd 23(prn.

Archbishop V Nichols 1 Birmingham): Sun, 93(kim C:onfirmations, Corpus (luisti. Sloth. frxd; I 1...10nm Confirmations, Corpus Christi. Stethfool. Mon I (km Standing I'ommatee Mig, i notion: pm Diocesan Clergy Retrint, (on. Tue -Thu: Diocesan Clew retreat, Osatt. Sat 12pm Onlination to the priesthood. Fr Richunl Sharpies. Cathedral.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool ): Moo: 10am Bishops t'onferenec Standing Committee. Westin-ire:ter. Wed: 3pm Clem: interviews A nhbishop's House; 73l)pin -Thanksgiving Mass with teachers and school staff.] leaped A:Odium-sun Centre for Ft angeliguton. I hu: Visits Nugent Care establishments; Sprn 'Is:win Safe IUtheors' leaders' mtg. 7prn rweption for Meth vol itan Cathedral choimsen, Archbishop's House. Fri: Clergy interviews, ArchI n sIstp's Howse 93Own; ixdinath in to the priesthood of Fr Michael Her/amens. St Margaret Mary, lite:moo] 6pm: Mass of iluuthsgiving for the Gulden Jubilee of Canon John Shon, St Thomas More, I Istvan! Sprn, Archbishop K McDonald (liuthwark): Mon: Standing Committee llhan.Tue: Meetings Anthishop's Home am. Wed] Faineant tam meeting, Bishop's House, Streatham Sam; Meetings.A rchhi shop's House pm.The (hatluun Deaner) Feeehall Presentation. S1 Benediet's School, Walderslude pm; Confirmations Walderslusleiftc.thester Rpm.

Bishop K Canty (Arundel & Brighton); Sun: Italian ('elehrations, Woking,Oared Ecumenical Scn iev. Mom Sussex Church Leaders. Eastbourne; Chaplains Meeting. SLISSei iversi ty.Tuc:Ackut meet+ ng. 1 ondorif muleMates the Sitter Jubilee of Fr John Inglis, English Mart) N, Geeing. VVethAppoinimert of DABCFC: attests Royal Navy Roman Catholic Chaplains' Branch Dinner. I ha:Attends Barrow Hills Schiat Spas& Day, Wiley. Sat: I adywell Golden Juhilm. Bishop D Me-Gough (Wham aunt): Sun: I lam Catenian resident's Mies.liudon on Trent; dpm Songs of Praise. Stafford Castle 800th Mat: 2prn V Holy Trinity Primary Selvai. Hawn: 7pm ( 'ordinnutiuts. Briston. Inc 2pm V SIAN:pies Primary School , Rugeley Confi ni tattoos Ruwley. Wed: teoures at Marysale Institute. I ha: 2mn V St Mary's Primary School ; 7pm Confirmations, St Mar) 's„ Walsall. Fri: 2rum V St lleresa's primary Schrol. Wolverhampton Sat: I 1 tun Ordination to Priotlastd. Fr (image Grynowski, ch.-Atte.. Span Cc intimations, St len.-sn's, cthammon.

Bishop P Par geter 'ham ;nisi!): Sun: 9am Confirmations. Northfield: 113Ourn Conlinwt duns.Nurddield.2prn V St James's Sakai, Renal; 7pm Cunfirmations,Rednal. Tug: I (13Ourn Lingle Meeting: 12.15 pm Chapter Mass, 7pm 40th anni weary. St Paul's

Kings Norton. West 2pni V schast, Hales. omen; 7pm Confi moan 'Ins. I lalesotven. 1 hu: 7pm School I savers' Mts. Cannock Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: ['agora] Visit & Confirmation. Holy hamil).

1,agta1kun. Meeting/Interviews. Cathy drat House. Wed: Pntaste. at Golden Jubilee Celehtution Mass of priest Dunmew ..1 ha: Chairs Patrimony Meeting, Vaughan Hence, 12 'loon. Fri; Attends High Sheriff's din nev. SP.: Presides at Vigil Mass. Barkingside.630 pm. Bishop D Lang (Clifairri: Sun: Visitution,The Sacred Ileart.lisburs. Mon-Thu: With (Inc Haan Affirming Priesthcod • Clergy ConferMIX, (-het-TAM. Sat: 1130 ILM ORILLICIS Fr James Finn to the Priesthi Clifton Cathedfal, Bristol.

Bishop M Frans (East Anglia): Sun SVP pilgrimage of the sick to Wats' nelaun; mations at St I how's. Nonsich 53Upm. Man: Standing Committee of Bishops' Conference at Westminster I (Ian: Wm Merlins gathering at Hinicad 7pm, Tuc: Archbishop Rommo mpg in I linden I lam. Wed: L'onfirmations ariN.,FM,Clunbridge 7.30pm. lhu: lhoceian Jalnlwiws Muss at Wal singNun Noon. hi: North Norfolk 1)mtnery Conlimsation Maas at kIshani 730pm. Sat.: Commissioning Day for lay Minister. of HC' at l'Oringland 11.3pm; Ifinonal Ordination at St John's Cathedral.

Bishop J Ilawsthorne (liallarn): Sun Ten: Dincestin pilgrimage to I ourdcs. Wet 23 Ibqital Chaplaincy mtg. Pasant Cane; 77pm I:oft Sacird Heel Sheffield.'rhu: I lam Saco! pilgrimage hi Padley; 230prn (-Outwit for I iturgi _Bishop's House; 630pin CMht& ',due:lion Mass nal Tltankspjving, St Charles. Sheffield. Sat: 12roon Day for Life. St Peter in (hains, Donimiter.

nithop polkaueme/laneaster)r. Sun: Confirmation. Holy ISunily. Damns. Hunt: Finish Visitation, Barrow Denney: C. mil mia11,11. Sacred Kato, Harmw, 7pm.

Bishop A Roche I reds): Sun: 12..10pni Mass, Diocesan Prayer Weekend, Myddel ten Grange, Ilkley. Mon: CBCEWSteeringCotnmiuce Mtg.Amithishors House. Weslmi noel ue Sat Diocesan Pilgrimage to Landes.

B V Malone (12p.ul nux11): Sun: V

Heirt.Clasity. MOH: I i■crpoul Inl versify Ilegree Cen--rnony 1030tim, TUC am V Cheeky Hospital. Wish 730pm L'hund as Together in Lancashire Executive Committee Mtg, Ihu: 2pm Leaving Safe Harbours landers ?Mg, Widnes:5pnArdrruae Youth ministry management committee mtg. St Mary.I.OWC Fk must'. St Ham. Sat V MASS,

Ateph,Andeton 630pm.

Witham 011001 tied] x Moo 11.15am School Mass and V, St Edmund Arrowsrnith RC nigh Schrol,Ashion inMakertield I ne I pm C'orifewnso fin nos ly • qualified teachers. IACE, 6pm Atvhdieccon I C'cmmissltn mtg.I.ACt.: 730pm Confirmation: St Mu*. Bluckhmk, St Helens. Wed: I Qom British of Notre Mum mtg,1 ire Health Centre, Li v crpool [tar I 30pm Meets with Archdiecesan 1:11.11t19. St Oswald and St tdmund Amnssmith. Ashton in-Iektkerlield. Fri: Stun Mass and V, Our lady Sun of the Sea R(' Primary **NIL Seaforth; 6ptit Orchnation to the priesthood of Fr Michael Mini mores. St Margaret Mary, Liverpool .Sar, I 130am Concelebrates lina Mass of FT NE4.-hael Fitzsimons, St Austin, I Jserpool; 5pin V Mass: Our Lady Star of the Sea. Seafonh. Bishop) Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: Launch of I/too:sun custom! plan St Mary's Cathedral I Oarn; Poggate Rally and Man Igthorpc 3pm. Tor. Meeting re adult [mutton Bishops Home 11 30um: RevammisMontag of school inspeaurs Bishop's I louse 7pm. Wed: Bishop's CouncilBishop's House amIpm.Thu: Celebrates Cordinwatioa • St Ael reel's, York 7pm. Fri! Celebrates Maus ion new build opening . St Augustine's School, Scarborough 7pm. Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham); Sun: V Mel tourne and Castk DonIngain parishes. Mon: Bishops' Conference Standing f'ommu Ice. Archbishop 's House, Westminster I 0 34kun Wed' Guild of St Stephen.Annwil Dinner, Holy Trinity parish venue, Ilrook Green 7pm :Thu: Confirmation. St Anne's. Buxton 7pm. FrLSat KS(' Waal Mtg. tiles

C Hollis thansmeuthi Sun: St Mary's, Chapin Mass I 1.00 am.

Mon:landon • CHUM Standing (lmmitux Meeting I.0.11) a.m. Thu:W1 nehestetBishop's Council Mee ing IOW a.m.:St Peter, Winchester Confirmation 7D0 p.m. Fri: Our lady of Lounks, New helm • Confirmation for New Forest Deanery 7111p.m. Sat: Winchester Maas 12 roon.

Bbhop B Nnhte t Shrewsbury Nu engage

Bishop P Hendridcs (S'a ark Audi): Sun: Outdoor Miss Mitcham 3pnr, Coriimmtions, Touting 630pm. 'I:tic:Attending Study Day on NewMOM111.1112, Emmaus 1030am. Wed: Mtg With Anglican bislxtpn In Southwark, Streitharn 810atn; Mass for attiring headteacher, Margaret Roper school, Purley 7tun. hi: Confimuitions, Richmond Rpm. Sat Cenlinnatiores, New Addington 630pm. Bishop J Hltre (S'wark A will): 'Luc: Bishops' Conferenec representative at World Meeting Ill F,uni lies in Valencia until July S.

Bishop P Lynch (S'W3tii Ausil): Sun: Mass at the Irish Festival, Peckham Rye 11.313am: Enact of St Thomas theAratstle, Nurthead foe: Greamich Dimnery Annual Schools Mass Charlton 4.15pm. Wed: Meeting with Church of Englund Bishops 830am. Fatessel I Mass for Sr Calla:tire Quane, RSM • Christchurch, Htham 730pm.Thu: V to %Luke's Sixth Form College, Sidcup. Fri: Attends Mass for the 5(Sh and SOW) of the priesthood of Fr Tim Nolan, F.mmaus Codatnee Centre, West Wickham. Sat Meeting with lbarilian Chaplaincy.

Bishop J Arnold (W' mimic; Ausilk Sun: Praiches w Fiewung. Westminster Abbey 3pm.Tue: 10,10 am Attends opening meeting if the Cumherlege Commissitut Review of Nolan proindurai.lpin 'famous meeting, Archbishop s House Fri, 9.1ftun Archbishop's Council; 2pm Assembly and blosing at Blessed Dominic School Itinthame Ptria: 730pm Cuolinnation Our lady and St This-law col f'anterhury.1-111TRWT on the Hill. Sat: I lam ( 'intimation. Our Lady of Di Actors, I lentkn: 7rwri Confirmation. St Ignatius, Sturm ford Hill.

Bishop A Hopei (W' minster Aunt): Sun: 3110 pm Confirmation. St Lawrence. Felthum; 6.00 pm. Conti nntaion, Our Lady and St Joseph, I lanwell. Mon: Engagements Archbishop's House. Tue. Engwnents Archbishop's House; 330 pm, 'SMCIY l'Inestens' tweeting, An111-4Shp's Hawse; 7.00 pm. Coal Maim, Our lady of Stumm% and St Bridget of Sweden, Isleworth.Thu: lingaFntents A rI,:11hiillors 1 louse:801 gm. Crtei rmation, St VI nvent tie Iaad, Diode). Fri: Am Amhhishop's Council mating; 1 AU pm Mass fur Anthony 17m:1)1-Williams, Cathedral; pm Engagement. Archbishops lionise; 7,pm ('cmfimmtitrt, St Etnund of Canterismy, Whitton. Sat I I MO tun Cordi naafi un • St Ansel m's Southall; 230 rill Confi rmanon, he Mediae.'. Ashford.

Bishop B Langley (W'minster Audi): Sun: 12noon Mass of lhmksgiving fa (Tenn Phillips' Thailand Jubilee, Swiss Cottage; 130pm C•omfirctntori at SS Sebastian and l'atteras.Kingshurt. Mon: nun Bishops' Cisierence, Standing Committee Mtg, A rah bishop's I louse 2pm ( hailing of Providence Row's Del low Centre, g2 WtTITWOrth slitTL9 F. I Wool: 1pm Walk a Mile in their Shoes, Catholic Children's Society Higrimage Match. WIMMIIIIALT Cathedral; 2pm London Catalyst Kurd aunt AfiM TN:Royal College of Nutsi ng, 20 Cavendish Se. W I . Thu: I Ow Cele. hmtes Mass in St Mary Cadopan Sired for St 'I'lson ua More Language College: 7pm Vespers and Licnodlciton. Vile-tams Evening, St John the Iduptist, Hackney, Fri: 93fkim Arsithishott's Couneil,Amhhishup's Hotse; 12.30pm Service at St Pancras ['hutch Commemorating July 7 attacks; Spit Silver Jubilee Celebration for It Gerald Faxin at St 'Mamas a [lecke, Wandsworth. Sat: .lOpm ut St Wry Magdalen. Willesden

Gann; 6pin Confirmations at St Anne's. Underwood R.I.

Bishop (1 Stark (W mi lister array Sure 12pm Confirmation. St Mary Magdalene, Whetstone; 5_10prn Confirmation. Wearnireger Cathedral. Tuc: 930.en Presents Dail) Ss' Ts ice for 1111(' Radio 4; 730pni Confirmation, Holy 'Intlity and St Augustine of Canterbury_ Wed: 2pm Celebrates at Bishop Chilkiner's school laving Mass at St Mary and St Michael's dumb: 71511 Confi minion, St John Fustier, shepperton. Thu: 7.30prn Confinnation, St John the Et an. gel Isl. Null Hal. Fri: 930um Anthhislvp's ['outwit. Sat: 630pin Cecil motion St Thomas of Canterbury and English Manyrs.

Bishop T Burns (Forces); Sun: Service of

11ranksgi 15(1 yrs of Anglican Misdnn to seafarers. St %Lbw Cathedral *wpm Wcd: Royal Nat) Chaplains Conference and I inner Amport 1 ham Amp xi Thu: Royal Navy Chaplains Conforms: Sen ice Dugs Mediu lg.. Atnpori House Amron, pm Remain Commander in Chief HQ land C. ummand. I -n Meeting NCLA Representative 1200 pm Isles and Bishoptie Medal l'resentation.2,10pm Ilnited Service: Csahollc AR:Walton Arifd WAIFS Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff,. Sun; Annual 1. Mon of Catholic Mothers pilgrimage to Cardigan 2ptn.Mun-Sat Annual clergy fell:II rn Menille. AWgr E Regal (Wrefehamd: Sun: nen. duals Foriimuilog. Mon: tic I u Salle 150yrs inlebration. I j soloed . Teel Illprn Conti mailions I Jandudno. Wed 11 30 um Cathealral, Primary Schools' 1 ewers' MOM , Fri:7,110pin Cathedral. Ordination of Pe note' [banyan. Sat: All-Wales SVP Mass.:1,00pin I Jundrinikal


Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmation. V-Visitatim 0-Ordination. Meg-Meeting. Sch-Schoal Ecumenia Sas kr,

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