Page 8, 30th March 1979

30th March 1979
Page 8
Page 8, 30th March 1979 — Cardinel Hum•, Archbishop of Westminster Sunday: Addresses Conference of Catholic

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Organisations: Salford Diocesan Religious Education Centre, Society of Jesus, Corpus Christi Church, CAFOO, Salvation Army, Diocesan Liturgical Commission, St AugustIne's Church, Youth Commission, St Thomas More School, Diocesan Council of Priests, pm. Wednesday:Attends Finance Committee, National Board, St Boniface College, St Catharines Church, Metropolitan Chapter, Diocesan Board of Administration, Catholic Teachers' Federation, Session Divinity Lecturers Association, Plymouth Chapter, Lady and St Bede's School, Hertfordshire Area Advisory Council, Finance Board, South-East London Ecumenical Sub-Commission, Catholic Commission for Racial Justice, Catholic Teachers' Association of Cleveland District, Diuby Stuart College, Old Hulmeians Lacrosse Club, Bishops' Conference Education Commission, St Rede's College, St Mary's School, Department of Catechetics, St Patrick's College, Catholic Women's League, Catholic Church, Diocesan CatechetIcal Centre, Ushaw College, Salford University Court, St John's Cornprehensive School, Chapter of Salford Cathedral, Hierarchy Education Commission, Lenten Station Mass St Mary's Church, St Peters Church, St Joseph's Primary School, Christ's College, Of Guild of Catholic Doctors, Catholic Workers' College, Catenian Association, British Army, Digby Stuart College, Education Commission, Catholic Committee for Recite Justice, Beda College


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Cardinel Hum•, Archbishop of Westminster Sunday: Addresses Conference of Catholic

Colleges, Ampleforth. Wednesday: Meeting of Hackney' Deanery, Archbishop's House Thursday: Meeting of Area Bishops, Archbishop's House. 10 am Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Friday: Mass aria celebrates retirement Mgr James MeConnon, Wonersh Seminary, 11.30 am. Monday, Meeting of Education Commission. 11.15 am; meets Members of CAFOO, 3.30 pin. Tuesday: Attends AGM. National Board of RE A1lsara. Digby Stuart College, 2.30 pm. Thursday: Attends Session Divinity Lecturers Association meeting, Diuby Stuart College.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmation, Our I arty of the Rosary, Seeley, 3 pm; Mass and Confirmation, Our Lady of the Assumption, Maryvale, 6.30 pro. Tuesday: Chapter Mass, St Chad's Cathedral. 12.45 pm.

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Sunday! Civic Mass, Metropolitan Cathedral, 11 am; Convent Scheme Mass. Metropolitan Cathedral Crypt, 2.30 pm: AGM of Convent Scheme in Catholic Chaplaincy. Tuesday: Meeting of Financial Secretaries, Arc• hbishop's House. Westminster, 11.30 am_ Wednesday! Lenten Sermon, St Lawrence Jewry, London. 1.15 pm: Wilderspool Churches' Outreach Campaign. Ashton Hall. Buttermarket Street, Warrington, 8 pm.

B ishop Alexander of Clifton Friday: Lenten Station Mass, Corpus Christi Church. Weston Super-Mere, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Attends RC-Methodist Day at Salisbury.. Sunday: Mass for Catenian Association. Corpus Christi Church, Weston-super-Mare, 4 pro. Tuesday: Wells Deanery Lenten Station Mass, St Catharines Church, Frorne. 7.30 pm: Gloucester Deanery Lenten Mass, St Peters Church, Gloucester, 7_30 pm. Thursday: Bath Deanery Lenten Station Mass St Mary's Church. Bath, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Friday: Mass in honour of Sr John PlessingtOn, Rock Ferry; Youth Commission. Sunday Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Raphael's. Millbrook. Wednesday: Diocesan Council of Priests.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Friday: Visits St Ambrose, West Didsbury. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Ambrose. West Didsbury. Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass, St Patrick, Collyhurst, 8 pm. Thursday: Rescue Council, Didsbury. 11 am.

Bishop Cssey of Brentwood Friday: Mass, St John's Seminary, Wonersh, 11 am; meeting of Heads of Diocesan Organisations, 8 pin. Saturday: AGM of Diocesan Convent Scheme, Ursullne Convent. Brentwood, 3.30 pm, Tuesday: Deanery Station Mass, St Thomas of Canterbury, Grays, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Meeting of Finance Board, 10.30 am: Deanery Station Mass, Blessed Sacrament, Chelmsford, 7.30 pro. Thursday: Gives Talk on the Priesthood. Colchester, 8 pm.

B ishop Cleary, Auxill•ry of BirminghamFriday: Attends reception for Salvation Army Centenary, Wolverhampton Town Hall. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting and Mass, St Chad's Cathedral, 11.45 am. Thursday: Attends reception in Mayor's Parlour, Wolverhampton. 4.30 pm.

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth Friday: Mass for Mgr McConnon's Farewell, St John's Seminary. Wonersh. 11.30 am. Satur day: Ordination to the Priesthood. St Michael's Abbey, Farnborough, 11 am. Monday: Bishops' Conference Education Commission meeting, London, 11_15 am. Tuesday: Deanery Lenten Mass, St Edmund's, Southampton, 7.30 pm. Thursday' Education Conference, England-IrelandScotland, Christ's College, Liverpool.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster Friday: Meeting of Priest-Chairmen of diocesan CMAC groups, Bishop's House, 2.30 pm: Mass for Diocesan Catholic Teachers' Federation. Cathedral, 7 pm. Saturday: Mass and blesses New Chapel of St Francis of Assisi, Hembleton. 3 pm. SundayVisitation English Martyrs, Hardhorn. 11.30 am: Confir

mation, 3 pro. Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting. Cathedral, 11 am. Wednesday: Visits English Martyrs. Hardhorm Lenten

Station Mass, St Walburge's, Preston. 7.30 pm Thursday: Lenten Station Mess St Aireestine's, Preston, 7.30 pm.

B ishop Fox of Menet*. Friday: Station Mass, Llandrindod Wells Deanery.

Saturday: Day of Renewal, Llanelli. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Pembroke Dock. Wednesday: Ordination of Deacons for the Society of Jesus, St Beuno's.

B ishop Grant of Northampton Monday-Tuesday: Visits Diocesan Students in Ireland.

Bishop Grasse of Shrewsbury Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Wer burgh's. Chaster. Mooday. Station Mass, St Saviour's, Ellesmere Port, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Diocesan Council of Priests. Thursday: Station Mass, St John's, New Ferry. 8 ern, Bishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Mass, St Patrick's, Clinckham Weed, St Helens, 10.30 am; Confirmation, 4.30 pm. Tuesday: Chapter Mass and attends meeting of Metropolitan Chapter. Cathedral, 11 am.

B ishop 0 Ili, Bishop In East London Friday, Somers Town, 2.30 pm:

Lenten Deanery Mass, Kentish Town. 13 pm.

Saturday: Allington Castle, 8.15 am: Meeting of Sisters of the Area, Le Sainte Union Convent, 3.30 pm. Sunday: Kilburn, 6 pm. Monday: Mass. Eden Grove, 7.30 pm. Tuesday: Hackney Deanery meeting. 10.30: Beckenham, 8.30 pm. Thursday: CDA meeting, Archbishop's Neese.

B ishop Hands of Middlesbrough Friday: Meets Catholic Teachers' Association of Cleveland District. Saturday: Handicapped Fellowship, York. Sunday: Conference of Catholic Colleges, 5 pm Tuesday: Formal opening of St Mary's School, 13ridlington. Bishop Harvey, Bishop in North London Saturday-Sunday: Pastoral Visit. Barnet. Tuesday: Deans' meeting. 1 pm; Chapter, 5.30 pm. Thursday: CDA, 10 am.

Bishop Henderson. Auxiliary of Southwark Friday: Mass, St John's Seminary. Wonersh, 11.30 em. Saturday. Catholic Commission for Racial Justice Meeting, SS Pater and Paul. Clerkenwell, 11 am. Sunday: Justice and Peace Day Seminar. Diocesan CatechetIcal Centre, Tooting Beck, 11 am; adult Confirmation, St George's Cathedral, Southwark. 3.30 pm. Monday: Presides at Diocesan Finance Meeting. 11 am; Meeting of South-East London Ecumenical Sub-Commission, Amigo Hall, St George's Cathedral, Southwark, 6 pm.

Bishop Holland of Safford Friday: Mass for Centenary of parish, St Joseph, Halawell. 7.30 pm_ Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Bernard. Burnage. Tuesday: Salford University Court, 11.30 am; Lenten Station Mass, St Mary. Burnley, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Rescue Council, Didsbury; Lenten Station Mass Holy Name, Manchester, B pm.

Bishop KonstaM, Bishop in Central London Friday-Sunday: Visitation, St Augustine's. Hammersmith. Monday: Hierarchy Education Commission. 11 am. Tuesday: Meeting, CRAC (BBC), 11 am; Sixth Form Conference, Oxford. 8 pm. Wednesday: Meeting of CRAC (IBA), 10 am; AGM of Religinue Inspectors and Advisors, Digby Stuart College, 5.30 pm. Thursday: CDA meeting, Archbishop's House. 10 are: Confirmation, St Thomas More School, Chelsea 8.30 pm.

Bishop Lindsey of Hexham and Newcastle Friday: Deanery Lenten Station Mass. St Charles, Gosforth. 7_30 pm. Monday, Lenten Mass, St Anthony's Deanery, St Domenic's, Newcastle. 7.30 pm. Tuesday Meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commission, Fenham, 6 pm. Wednesday:Attends Finance Committee meeting. Bishop's House. '2.30 pot. Thursday: Deanery Lenten Mass, Our Lady and St Edmund, Backworth. 7.30 pm BishopMcCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham Saturday: Catholic Committee for Recite Justice, London. 11 am. Sunday: Mass at Blackfriers, Oxford, 815 pm Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting. St Chad's Cathedral, 11.46 am. Wednesday: Annual General Meeting, Ladies of Charity, St Chad's Cathedral, 3 pm.

Bishop Mahon, Bishop In West London Friday: Mass, VMM, 12 noon. Monday-Thursday: Attends BCC Conference, Belfast.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton Saturday: Attends gather ing of Sesser, branch Of Guild of Catholic Doctors; Visitation, Lewes Monday. Departs to Rome for plenary meeting of Congregation for Catholic Education.

Bishop O'Brien, Bishop In Hertfordshire Friday: Closing Mass of VMM Course. 12 noon; Confirmation, ST Bartholomew's, St Albans, 8 pm. SaturdaySunday: Visitations. St Mary's, London Colney. Tuesday! Hertfordshire Area Advisory Council. All Saints. 8 pm. Thursday. CDA, Westminster, 10 am.

B ishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria Sunder?: Mass for Deaf, Carlisle. 4 pm. Tuesday: Visits Sick, Cleator Moor, Wednesday: Visits Wainey, Barrow in Furness. Thursday: Christ the King, Carlisle, Lenten Deanery Mass, 7.30 pm

B ishop Restie•ux of Plymouth Friday: Mass, St Joseph's Primary School. Poole, 10 am. Sunday: Visitation and Mass. St AugustIne's Church, Weymouth, Dorset, 10.30 am; Mass and Confirmation, 3 pm. Tuesday: Gives Day of Recollection to Catholic Women's League at St Augustine's. Church, Weymouth; Concert at Stoodley Knowle Convent, Torquay, 8 pm. Thursday: St Boniface College, Speech Day at Guildhall, Plymouth, 7 pm.

B ishop Swindlehurst, Auelliary of Hesitant and Newcastle Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Holy Family, Darlington. Tuesday: Mass, St John's Cornprehensive School, Bishop Auckland, 12.05 pm; Confirmation, SS Peter and Paul, Stockton, 7 pro. Wednesday: Finance Committee Meeting, Bishop's House, 2.30 pm. Thursday: Mass for School-leavers, Our Lady and St Bede's School, Stockton. 11 am; Deanery Lenten Mass, Our Lady of the Rosary, Petertee, 7.30 pin.

MAK, Wheeler of Leeds Saturday: Rome. Sunday, Confers Ministries, Beda College. Monday Thursday: Valladolid.


Fr WIlliem Byrne, of the Salford Diocesan Religious Education Centre, has been appointed as a member of the Department of Catechetics in place of Fr Leo Pyle, who has resigned on taking up an appointment as parish priest of St Cuthbert's, Noah Shields.

The following appointments in the diocese of Plymouth are announced.

Canon Mithael Welsh, parish priest of St Mary's. Falmouth, Cornwall, has been elected Dean of Cornwall.

Canon Francis GeNagher, parish priest of St Joseph's. Parkstone, Poole. and Canon Secretary of the Plymouth Chapter, has become Dean of Dorset


Canon John Joseph O'Mehony, parish priest of St Teresa. Firswond, Stratford, Manchester. age 84. He was burn in Tralee, Co Kerry. and studied for the priesthood at St Patrick's College, Carlow, where he wan ordained in 1519.

Ha served as curate at St Boniface, Lower Broughton, Salford (1919-26); at St Mary, Bolton (1926-27; and at St John the Baptist. Burnley 11927-361. in 1936 he was appointed parish priest of Our Lady of Lourdes Farnworth, moving to St Teresa's, Stretford In 1953, where he remained until his death. He became an honorary Canon of the Safford diocese lei the occasion of his Golden Jubilee in 1969.

MGR Canon Gerard Larkin, in Victoria' Hospital, Blackpool, assistant priest at St John the Evangelist, Bromley Cross, Bolton, since 1973, and formerly parish priest of St Mary's. Mulberry Street, Manchester, aged 68,

He was born in Stretford, Manchester, and educated at St Rede's College, Manchester, and Ushaw College. Durham, where he was ordained priest In 1934.

Temporary appointments at St Teresa. Irlarn, and St Mary, Oldham, were followed by curacies at Si James. Pendleton £193542 and again 1946-52). St Joseph. Rainsbottom 11946) and St Wilfrid, Hulme 0952-561. From 1942-46 he was chaplain Ito HM Forces and served in England and Burma with the Grenadier Guards.

He was appointed parish priest of St Mary, Mulberry Street, in 1956 and elected to the Chapter of Salford Cathedral in 1966.

health forced him to retire from St Mary's in 1973, when he went as assistant priest to one of his former curates at Bromley Cross. He was appointed a Prelate of Honour by Pope Paul VI In December, 1977.

One of the best known priests in the Salford diocese, Mgr Larkin was secretary 10 the Diocesan Board of Administration for 30 years (1547-77) and was closely connected

with many diocesan organisations. _ Fr Thomas P. Lenitive, IC (Flosminien), at St Joseph's Nursing Home. Malpas. Cheshire. aped 76. He joined the Institute of Charity in 1927, after studies at the Catholic Workers' College, Oxford, and was ordained priest at Novara. Italy, in 1934.

He was In Rome during the last war. assisted in the escape of several Allied soldiers, and subsequently became a chaplain to the British Army. From 1947 onwards, he was parish priest at SI Patrick's and St Mary's, Newport.

Latest wills

Miss Norah Tryphena Bartlett, of Cary Park, Torquay, Devon, who' died in October, left £106,570 gross, £105398 net. She left £1,000 and the income for life from a further £10,000 to a personal friend; £500 to the RNLI; £100 to the Catholic parish of St Marychurch, and the residue to the Plymouth Catholic Diocesan Trustees.

Mrs Leah Winifred Hunt, of Lois Drive, Shepperton, Surrey, who died in August last, left £39,464 gross, £39,006 net. She left £500 to St John Fisher Catholic Church, Shepperton, and £250 to the Old Hulmeians Lacrosse Club, Manchester.

Nellie Reed, of Kings Road. Wanstead, London, El I, who died in June, left £28,317 gross, £27,888 net. She left £500 to Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, Wanstead.

Mr Gerard Antoine Harvey Bourlay, to Belle Vue Road, Shrewsbury, who died in November, 1977, left £22,342 gross, £21,979 net. He left £1,000 to the upkeep of the fabric of the Catholic Church of St Peter of Alcantara and Our Lady Help of Christians, Shrewsbury.

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