Page 13, 30th March 2007

30th March 2007
Page 13
Page 13, 30th March 2007 — Throwing away food

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Throwing away food

From Mr Christopher A Court SIR Mary Kenny (Comment, March 23) rightly expresses concerns about the amount of food thrown away. But in exhorting us to be thrifty, and in particular by warning us against the benefits of Buy One Get One Free offers (BOGOFs), I wonder if she has missed a significant point. Throwing food away is something that only affluent people do. The less fortunate eat it. whether it is out of date or not.

It is not the act of buying a BOGOF that causes waste, but the carelessness of wealth. It doesn't have to be like this. If anyone feels that they cannot marshal] the resources of their cupboards adequately, there is an alternative: give the BOGOFs away.

In our case, they are used either for the Bring and Buy table or raffle prizes at the monthly meetings of our local branch of the Parkinson's Disease Society, or they go towards stocking up the larder at our church in Hounslow. Middlesex, where a substantial numbers of visitors and a proportion of our congregation are refugees and asylum seekers.

Yours faithfully.

CHRISTOPHER COURT Ashford. Middlesex

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