Page 6, 30th May 1947

30th May 1947
Page 6
Page 6, 30th May 1947 — Catholic Information From Abroad

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Page 6 from 11th January 1946

Catholic Information From Abroad

VATICAN CITY PRIVATE AUDIENCES. Among private audiences granted by the Holy Father recently were those to Cardinals Marmaggi, Mcrcati and Sapieha ; Senor Nabnco, Brazilian Ambassador; Archbishop Panico, Apostolic Delegate in Australia, Bishop Jelmini, Apostolic Administrator of Lugano ; Bishop Troisellier, Vicar Apostolic of Mackenzie (Canada); Bishop Griffin, Vicar Apostolic of Yaounde (Cameroons); Bishop Jordan, Vicar Apostolic of Prince Rupert Island ; Mgr. Fernandes, 'Bishop of Mangalore; Archbishop Benjamin°, Coadjutor of Columbo; Bishop Gotthardt, Vicar Apostolic of Windhoek; Mgr. McDaid, Rector of the Irish College; Admiral Ralph Jennings, Commander of " Leyte," the U.S. aircraft carrier, his staff and officers.

SPECIAL AUDIENCES. Among those granted special audiences by the Pope were the Superiors General of the Sisters of Charity of the Holy Cross, the Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary of the Angels (Angers); Col. Wilson and Major Gifford, of the International Boy Scouts Organisation ; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Woodruff; the recently elected Superiors General, including the Salvatorian and African Missions Superiors; two delegations of over 200 officers and men of the aircraft earner " Leyte "; nine members of the National Central Emergency Fund. a United States organisation attached to U.N.R.R.A., headed by Mrs. Martha Elliott.

THE SERVITE, Chapter General, at present meeting in Rome, has re-elected Fr. Alphonso Maria Veneni, Prior General of the Order. Fr. Venctti, who is an Italian by birth, has done notable work for the Order which he restored in Spain.

AUSTRIA CARDINAL INNITZER, Archbishop of Vienna, on Sunday, May 18, solemnly renewed the vow of the Austrian Emperor Ferdinand III, consecrating Austria to Our Lady. The Chancellor. Dr. Fig!, many members of the Government and the Allied authorities were present at the ceremonies, which took place in the Am Hof church, where thousands of men and women were assembled. CANADA NEARLY 50.000 persons assembled in the Botanical Gardens in Montreal to assist at a Midnight Mass at an open-air altar where a replica of the miraculous statue of Our Lady of the Rosary had been installed. The statue, which is being borne in solemn procession from the famous shrine of Cap de Is Madeleine, Quebec, to Ottawa, for the Marian Congress there from June 18 to 22, has been the centre of many manifestations of religious devotion in various towns and cities en route to the Canadian capital. Mgr. Chaumont, Auxiliary of Montreal, officiated at the Mass.

CARDINAL GERLIER, Archbishop of Lyons, and one of the founders of the Young Christian Workers in France, has announced that he will be present at the International Study Week of the Young Christian Workers in Montreal, June 23-28.

CZECHOSLOVAKIA THE BODY of Dr. Joseph Tiso, priest-President of Slovakia, was buried secretly with Catholic rites in the main cemetery of Bratislava, according to the latest information received from Slovakia.

FRANCE CARDINAL LIENART, Bishop of Lille, will inaugurate the now completed grand nave of the cathedral of Notre Dame dc la Treille, on Sunday next, June 1, in the presence of Archbishop Roncalli, Papal Nuncio in France. The cathedral, which was begun in 1854, is now complete in choir, transept and nave. The ceremonies, which open on Saturday, May 31, will continue until June 8 and include a pageant of the history of devotion to Our Lady of Lille specially written by a noted local dramatist, to be performed by theatrical companies and choirs of Lille and district.

TWO CARDINALS. Cardinal Rogues and Cardinal Guiles, numerous bishops, French, Belgian and Luxembourg Ministers of State, as well as lawyers from France, Belgium, Holland, Great Britain, Ireland and the U.S.A., took part in the celebration of the sixth cen

tenary of the canonisation of St. Yves at Trequier last week. St. Yves, patron of judges, lawyers and sailors, was canonised on May 19, 1347, in the Dominican church at Avignon by Clement VI only 44 years after his death on May 19, 1303.

The 20th ANNIVERSARY of the founding of the French J.O.C. was celebrated in Paris over Whitsun. Over 600 delegates from all over France met at a grand rally at the Winter Sports Atena where a pageant, " The Springtime of the World," was presented by some 500 members of the J.O.C. The previous week-end more than 100 rallies took place in the various cities of France.

ITALY THE SIXTH COUNCIL of Catholic Young Women will be held in Rome, reports the Osservatore Romano. on September 8 to 11. The subject of the Council will be " In face of the modern world "; it will also elect a new international president. The president and vice-president are at the moment M. Hemptinne (Belgium) and M. Castoldi (Italy).


GENERAL MACARTHUR'S headquartets announced last week a freer, broader policy regarding the entry of missionaries into Japan. The revised policy will greatly speed up the flow of missionaries within three years.

MGR. JOHN P. BOLAND, Buffalo priest-labour mediator, • spoke to crowds of 3,000 workers at Nagoya, Kyoto and Nara in the first of a series of labour relations education conferences scheduled for him by the Military Government. The programme for each town consisted of an address by Mr. R. E. Deverall, Detroit, former director of the Detroit Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, on " The Aims and Purposes of Trade Unions," an address by Mr. J. R. Harold, New York City A.C.T.U. official, and a talk by Mgr. Boland.


MGR. R. JALBRZYKOWSKI, Archbishop of Wino, has recently toured Pomerania, whore many of his former diocesans are living. They are now under the jurisdiction of an Apostolic Administrator. Mgr. Jalbrzykowski can now visit only a small part of his own diocese, west of the Curzon Line, where he has a temporary residence at Bialystok.

PILGRIM CROWDS at the famous Jasna Gora monastery in Czestochowa, constitute a major headache for the local authorities. At a recent conference, in which the clergy participated, it was stated that a town of 115,000 cannot find accommodation for enormous crowds, which sometimes near the million mark. Therefore it was decided to organise same hostels and sleeping facilities in the neighbourhood of Czestochowa. Thus the pilgrims will have still tomarch several miles before entering the town, but they will not be forced to camp in the open air.

AN IMPORTANT book about St. Thomas More was recently published in Poland. The author, Mrs. H. Morawska, gives a vivid picture of the epoch in which the Saint lived and, besides describing his martyrdom, analyses carefully his social ideas contained in Utopia. The book is another example of the increased interest in English history and culture on the part of the Polish Catholics.

SUNDAY, MAY 11, was the collection day for the Catholic University in Lublin, thanks to the success of which in the last two years the buildings of the university have been restored and over 2,000 . students accommodated. The Catholic University has now a Government sponsored rival, for which the authorities have requisitioned several buildings, among them the great Jesuit College, Bobolanum.

SOUTH AFRICA "THE BISHOPS of South Africa, confident that the youth of this country is no less generous than the youth of other lands, are taking steps to found both a Major and a Minor Seminary, so that future generations of South Africans may be ministered to spiritually by priests born, bred and educated in our country," states a joint pastoral letter recently issued by Archbishop Martin Lucas, Apostolic Delegate and the Bishops and Ordinaries of South Africa, after their Plenary Conference held at Marianhill.

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