Page 6, 30th May 1980

30th May 1980
Page 6
Page 6, 30th May 1980 — SATURDAY

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Locations: London


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TVand Radio by Tom Castro

Public Office: Lord Hailsham (Granada Friday, Ilpm; Midlands Saturday 9.3 5am; London Sunday 11.30arn). The Lord Chancellor is such an interesting old boy that anyone would ask hint in to dinner, ITV appear not to know this and so push him on the television at bedtime or on Sunday morning. Like Patrick Moore his performance is ideally accommodated to television.

The Levin Interviews (BBC-2. 7.55pm). Our Bernard does tend to go in for old men. This week it's Professor Hayek, 81, the exponent of free market economy. That is the theory that ITV exemplifies; and the BBC' is the product of state nurse =Wing, But Hayek gets a slot on the Corporation while the advertisers would flee from him. Broadway Melody of 1940 (BBC-2, 11.45pm). Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell dance to Cole Porter songs.

The Quiet Man (B BCl , 1.55pm). John Wayne as a boxer returns to the Irish village of his birth. It's that 1952 John Ford film with the punch-up in it, remember'?


Cordnation Street (ITV, 7 30pm). "Is Gail Tilsley expecting a baby,is this week's nub. I can tell you she is, so you can pop out and fork over the marrow heap while there's still sonic light left, instead of goggling at this nonsense.

THURSDAY The World About Us (BBC-2, 8.00pm). The Royal Geographical Society is celebrating its 150th anniversary. This programme includes film of Shackleton's ship Endurance being crushed by Antarctic ice and men in tweed suits wandering around desert., jungles and Everest Question Time (BBC10.05pm). Who is Dr Patricia Hollis'? Find out in this zany, funpacked knockabout show where anything can happen. Also starring Lord Devlin, Lady Young and Lord Lever, with Robin Da) as the quizmaster.

Radio Three

Belshazzar (Saturday, 8pm). Handers oratorio from the Bath Festival. Mene Mere Tekel Upharsin.

Radio Four

Decent Exposure (Tuesday, 7.2(lpm). Looking at leaks, and the sort of people who leak d,slcuntents to people like me.

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