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30th May 1997
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Page 7, 30th May 1997 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES

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Cardinal B Hume (Westininster):Sun:M for A PF Mill Hill, 2.30pm. Mon: Bish's Standing Comm, Archb's H. Tue: Trustee's Mtg, Archb's House,2pm; Westminster Bish's Mtg, Archb. H, 5pm. Wed: Silver Jub, St Martin de P, Wood Green, 2pm. Thur: Westmin Jub M&Lunch, Archb's H, 12. Fri: Interviews&Engagements, Archb's H. Sat: M, Immac Heart of Mary, Botwell, Hayes, 12. Archbishop M Couve de Murville (B'ham): Sun: Cs, Old Palace, Oxf. Mon: Standing Comm, Westminster. Tue: Chapter Mtg, llam; Chapter M, 12.45am. Thur: M, Cardinal Newman Sch, Edgbaston, 1 I am; C, St Augustine's, Solihull, 19.30. Fri: Archb's Cncl Mtg, 10am. Sat:: 0, Sean Farrell, St Georges, Worcestor,12am.. Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark):Sun: C, Deal,Ilam. Mon: Bish Conf Standing Comm, 11.30. Tue: Laying up of Old Colours, Guards' Chapel,3pm. Wed: Perm. Diac Team Mtg, St John's Sem, Wonersh, 11.30am; Bish/Staff Mtg St John's Sem, Wonersh, 4pm. Thur: Cs, Cheam,7.30pm. Fri: Area Bish Mtg Archb's House, 10am. Sat: Knights of the Holy Sepulchre Invest. St Georges Cathedral.

Bishop C Murphy O'Connor (Arundel & Brighton): Sun: Gold Jub M, St Michael's, Lower Bourne, Surrey. Mon: Bish Standing CommÔÇ× Archbi's H,W'minster,l lam. Wed: Penn .Diac. Mtg, St John's Sem, Wonersh; Bish /Staff Mtg, St John's Sem, Wonersh, 3.30. Thur: Sch's Comm Mtg, DABCEC, Crawley, 9.30am.Fri: Planning Mtg St Aug Celeb, Worth Abb, I lam. Sat: Cs, Christ the Prince of Peace, Weybridge, Ilam; V, St Charles' Sch,Weybridge; M, C.4brist the Prince of Peace,Weybridge.

Bishop P Pargeter (Wham auxil): Tue: Chapter Mtg, 11 am; Chapter M, 12.45. Wed: In Service training, Oscott Coll, 10.30;V, Holy Cross Sch, Wahnley, 2pm;C, Walmley, 7.30. Thur: V, St Edw's Sch, Selly Park, 2pm;C, Walmley,7.30pm. Fri : Archb's Cncl Mtg, 10am Fri Sun:KSC Pilg,to Iona, 6pm.

Bishop Terence Brain(B'ham auxil): Tue: Chapter Mtg, I lam; Chapter M, 12.45. Wed: V, Abbey Hutton, 1,30; C, Abb Hutton, 7pm. Fri: Archb's end Mtg, 10am; Cs, Sacred Heart, Coventry, 7.30.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun:V/C, Goodmayes. Wed: V/C, Waltham Abb. Thur: Cncl of Priests, Cath H, 10.30am.

Bishop M Alexander (Clifton): Sun: V, OL Q of Apostles, Cheddar. Tue: V, St Francis Primary Sch,Nailsea; C, Christ the King, Filwood Broadway, Bristol. Wed: C, St Mary's, Swindon.Thur:C, Holy Rood,Swindon. Fri: M,Marriage encounter, Swanwick,5.30pm.

Bishop A Griffiths (Hexham & Newcastle): Sun: National Justice&Peace conf, Swanwick.Mon: Inaugur, Newcastle Coll,L.E.P. Tue: The Pilgrims Way Jarrow to Desmond; C, St Mary's, Whickham, 7pm. Wed: The Pilgrims way Pilgrimage to Holy Island.Thur: Ushaw Standing Comm Mtg, Ushaw Coll. Fri: V, Longhorsley; Newcastle Ch Rd grp; Mtg, Bish's H,. 6pm.Sat: Interviews 11 am.

Bishop J Brewer (Lancaster): Thur: Ushaw StandingComm.Fri: M for BishopFoley,Cath,Lancaster, 7.30pm. Sat:: Dioc. Educ W/end, Morecambe.

Bishop Kevin O'Brien (Middlesbrough): Sun: C, Crathome,9.30am; Nat. pilg service,6pm.Tue: V, St Mary's Prim Sch, Bridlington, a; C, Queen Mary's sch.Thirsk,6pm. Wed: Deans/Ccl Priest Mtg, Bishop's H, llam.Thur: V, St Bede's Sch, Marske, 10am.Fri: C,

Ingleby Barwick,7pm.

Bishop j McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: V/C St Patrick's, Leicester,10.30am; Sac.ofSick,St Patrick's, Leicester,3pm. Wed: Headteacher's Day, Dioc. Centre, Mackworth. Thur: Diamond Jub M, St Patrick's Prim Sch, Leicester,10.30m. Fri: 125th Ann M, St Norbert's, Crowle, 7.30pm. Sat: Gold Jub, Highfields Cony, 12 noon. Bishop Leo McCartie (Northampton: Sun:C, OL Hip of Christians,Olney, 7.30. Tue: C, StEdw,Kettering,7.30. Wed: B, New Sch chap, St Mary's Midd Sch, North'ton,9.30;AGM, MK Christ Cncl, 7.30.Fri: NORES Mtg, Bish H ; C, St Pat's, Duston, 7.30. Sat: Invest Cath, Southwark.

Bishop C Budd ( Plymouth): Sun:Exeter Univ Chaplaincy M; Standing Comm, Lond, CASC,pm. Tue: Jubilee Celeb, Plymouth Cath,noon.Wed: Bish/Staff Mtg, Wonersh. Thur: Chapter Mtg; Lit Comm. Fri: Chapter Mtg, am; Lit Comm,pm. Sat: M, Buckfast& Intercession for Priest; Fund Managers Mtg, Rosary House,pm. Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun:V, Sacred Heart, Lambourn. Mon: Bish Comm Mtg, I lam. Tue: St Teresa Prim Sch, Wokingham, 10.30am; C, St. Edward's Windsor, 7pm. Wed: Dear. Mtg, St John's Sem,Wonersh,11.30am; Bish/ staff Mtg, St John's, Won,pm. Thur: 125th Ann, St Mary's Prim Sch, Maidenhead, 11-3pm; C, OL & B. Dom, Reading, 7.30pm. Fri, V, Reading Prison, 10-3pm; Allen Hall,pm, Lond. Sat:: Mtg Diocesan youth, 7pm. Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun: 1000 Pilgs Serv, Chester Cath, 2.15pm. Tue: Dioc Trustees' Meg, Curial Off,9am; Pilg's Way, Shrewsb' Abb,12.30pm; 0, St Mary's Shifnal, 3.30pm. Wed: Dedic. Chap, Bened. Cony, Chester, 10am; Mtg,St Werburgh's Deanery, St Werb, Chester,11.30am; Dean. conf, OL's Stockport, 7.30pm. Thur M, St Wilfrid's Sch,Northwich,10.45am. Fri: Cent M, St Agnes , West Kirby, 7.30pm. Sat:: Educ Conf, Morecombe.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): Sun: M&C, Eltham, 3pm; . Mon: C, St Paul's,Th'mead, 7.30pm. Tue: Mtg, Priest Advisory grp, 11.30; M./C, Camberwell, 7.30. Wed: Bish/ Staff Mtg, Wonersh, 3.30. Thur:V, St William of York, Forest Hi11,10.30am. Fri: Dioc Bish Mtg, 10am; Educ Parish Sery Mtg, Allen H, 2.30; M&C, St Mary Cray, 7.30. Sat: Multifaith Peace pilg, Isle of Dogs -Woolwich, 9am-7pm; M&C, Lee, 6.30pm.

Bishop John Jukes (S'wark Auxin: Sun:Deac Mfg , West Malling,3pm. Mon: Dean's Mtg, West Mailing, 11.15am; Mtg, Sch Gov Mtg, West Mailing, 6pm. Tue: M, Parkwood, 1.45; C, Tun Wells, 7.30pm. Wed: Prim Sch, Swanley; SLIM AGM,London, 6pm; Kent Sch's Comm Mtg,2.30pm; C, St Paul's, Dover, 7pm; FRi: Bishops' Mtg, 10am.Fri-Sat: V, Swanley.

Bishop Howard Tripp (S'wark Auxin: Sun:V,St Jos, Colliers Wood;C, Stockwell, 4pm. Mon: Mtg, Chrch grp, 10am; Mtg, Digby St. College, 2.30pm. Tue: Justice & Peace Mtg, Archb's H, 7pm. Thor: Dioc. Lit Comm Mtg, Archb's H, 6pm. Fri: Award cere, Sac Heart prim Sch, New Malden, 2.30pm.;Holy Cross Prep Sch, Kingston upon Thames, 7pm. Sat: M, Aylesford, 12am. Bishop Victor Guazzelli (W'mioster East): Sun: V, Clerkenwell, am; C, 12.Tue:Trustee's Mtg, Archb's H, 2pm;Westmin Bish's Mtg, Archb's H, 5pm. Fri: C, Kilburn,7.30. Sat:: Interfaith pilg, Milwall,am; Bish Belo, 7.30.

Bishop Vincent Nichols(W'minster North):Sun: C, St M. Magd, Whetstone. Tue: Dean Mtg, 11;Trustees Mtg2;Bish's Mtg,5pm. Wed: Harrow hds Form, St Teresa's Sch,7pm.Thur:LondCh Id Exec gyp Mtg, Archb's H, 9.30. Fri: M, St jo's Jun Sch, Wembley,9.30. Op,Bish Hrvey Fam Centre,12; Area Lit comm, Hendon, 7.45. Sat:: RC Women's Lge M, Cockfosters, 11; C, St Peter in Chains, Stroud Green, 6.30.

Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue(Auxil W'mioster) Sun:C,St Ben. Abb, Ealing, 3pm. Mon: Theolog Sean, Isleworth, 10-2; C, OLof Gr, Chisw, 7pm. Tue: Dioc. Past brd, 10.30 ;Dioc. Trustees,2pm; Bish Mtg, 5pm. Wed: Mtg,Trustees St Aug Priory Sch,7pm. Thur: WestAr Fam Educ Mtg,9.30. Fri: Educ serv, Allen H, 2.30pm. Sat: C, St Edm, Whitton, 6.30pm.

Bishop Edwin Regan (Wrexham,): Tue: Bish's Cncl, Loreto, 11. Wed: Sch's Comm, Bish's House, 10.30am; Trustees, 2.30pm. Thur: Second Sch's Sports, Wrexham.. Fri: Cs, Newtown, 7.30pm. Sat:: RC Nurses Guild, Loreto.

Key: M-Mass. C-Confirmation. V-Visitation. 0-Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch-School. ES-Ecumenical Service.

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