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30th May 2003
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Page 12, 30th May 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: tOttni Finance Advisory Committee, Fast Track Service, Council of Priests, Archbishop's Council, South London Justice & Peace Commission, Standing Committee, Liverpool Hope, V Holy Angels RC Primary School, Civic Centre, Arthdincesen Centre for Evangelisation, Building Projects Committee, Liandudat Elshaw College Standing Committee, Ushaw College, Bishops' Council, Cardiff BiShon F. Regan tWreshant.E, WaterMs Sisti:Onin An:II-diocesan Assembly, Liverpool Archrliocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Civic Service for Opening, Catholic History Society, Council of Churches Together, Liverpool Archdioccsan Centre for Eviingo, Oam Archdlocesan Assembly, Good Shepherd School, Elam Standing Committee, Liverpool Arch:lineman Centre for Evangelisation, Liverpool Atchdiccesan Centre, St Macy Church, V Holy Fienily RC High School, Christian Education Centre, V Si Edmund's Catholic School, Patish Church, Diocesan Firuince Board, curb Pilgrima_ge committee, Ecumenical Service, Holland House, Clergy Retreat Sat Diocesan Pastond Council, Felixstowe Seafarer's Centre, Bishops' Conference Communications Committee, Bishops' Conference Higher Education Committee, Tbir Ushaw College Standing Committee, New School, Catholic Children's Society, Stonyhurst College, RC Primary School, Siolieleigh Court, Second Welsh Assembly, Itahan Embassy, Fri30am Archbishop's Council, New Vocations Centre, Catholic Education Service, School Chaplains ILI UntInW College, Governors Dighy Start College, College of Consultors, St Mary's Church


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Page 7 from 6th June 1947

Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

June 1 to June 6

(-ardirial C Nlarphy.0+Connor (Westminster): Sun:10:30am hi Parish of the Annum:Micas (Burnt Oak). Mon: I :34.hon Attends service to mark the Fiftieth Aradverstuy of the Coronation (Westminster Abbey). The: l I :30am Celebrates Private Mass with Westininster Jubilariant 4pnl: Meets wird! College or Consehots. Wed: 2ncion Speaks at a luncheon to mark the Malcolm Muggeridge Centenary (Onnick huh, London). Thu• Interviews & Engagements; pm: Attends The Dream of Gun:mew reception in the presence of the Duke of Nurfnlii. Sid: Attends Liturgy Workshops for At Your Wonl, Lord ArchbishopV Nichols irminghton): Sun 10:30aM M SCfholnits Becket, Marchington. Tue:12:13pm Chapter Mass; 7pm: C Our Lady & St Peter, Stoke. 'Wed: I lam COPFA mtg. London. Thu : I :30pin Attend Opening of St Thomas More Sehnol. WiPenhall 7pm: C Si Thomas More. Sheldcm. Fri30am Archbishop's Council 1015 Atetablishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun:limn V M I loly Angels. Kiiithy; 3pm: Deanery Mee for the Anointing of the Sick, Holy Angels, Kirkby, Tne:7:3(ipm Mass of Thanksgiving for the Diamond Jubilee of Rev 't homes Kennedy, English Martyrs, Haydock. Wod:9:30arrs V Holy Angels RC Primary School, Kirkby: 2:30pm Annual Mess with Retired and Older People. St Mary. I eylnnd Tbir Ushaw College Standing Committee mtg. Fri: lfkun Nugent Care Society Governors end Trustees ong, Liverpool: 7pire Mass of Thanksgiving for the Ruby Jubilee of Rev Victim Btidges, Holy Angels, Kirkby. Sim: I Oam Archdlocesan Assembly, Liverpool Atchdiccesan Centre tor Evangelisation Alvhhishop M Bowen (Sauthanrk)! Sun:11 am C South Bortiondscy.Tur:BishopsIStaff neg. ChrisCan Education Caine. Wed: Bishops)Staff mtg, St John's Seminery, Wonersh Thu: Mtgs, Archhivhop'r House; 7:30pro C Chem. Fri;7:30pni Centenary Celebrations, Westriereter Cathedral, Sas:10:30nm investiture of nos Knights and Drones of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre. Si George's Cathednit Bishop K Conry (Arundel le Brighton):Suic I 0:3(lain 'V Our Lady ot Lourdes. 'Thames Dinail; 4pm: Bestowal of Ministries for Permanent Diaconate. Woria-sh. Mon: Mir in Letnion Toe' I th I 5aro Derin's Sioningtnn: 7pm: Council of Priests, Storrington: 3:3(pm College of Consultors, Storrington: 7.30prn 75Gth Anniversary of St Richard, Ecumenical Celebration, Anindel Cathedral. Wed I I.:30urn Permanent Dinconatemcnadt 3gan Bishops' Staff mtg, Wortersh; 7: Eprom IJeanery Confirmations. Epsom. 1 u:7:30pm Epsom Deanery Cratfirmations, Epsom. Fri:arn Mtgs in London; 7:10prn C Redhill. Sal: I 1:3Gam C SI Lecthards. &shill; 3pm. C Si 1 isonants, St f crowd's Bishop P Parader (B'harn ausilyrue: 0:30ent Chapter nitg; 1715 Chapter Mom. Wed:1:45prn Trustees mtg, Holland House, Cropthornc. Thu:7:30pm Amends Mgt. Ryalt's Goldm Jubilee Mass, Newcastle, Pri3Wm Archbishop's Council Mg; Spm Blessmg of New Vocations Centre, Oscott College illikhopT McMahon ffincntwood): Sun:I l:30em NI for RC7A Newly Received. Cathedral Teetaln ECornenical Prayer Trug, Bishop's Home. Stock: 3pm: Mtg with Brentwood Catholic Children's Society. Brentwood; 7:30pm M for priest's Golden Jubilee. Rayleigh. Wed: V C Cuthbert, Burnham on Crouvh. Thu: Attends Centimary CorkoLL WattInInMa Cad-mai, Fri; adigisanlervIews, Cathedral Home; 5:30pm Fast Track Service, Cathedral House. SW:1 I:30am 0 of Priest, New Hall, Chelmsford 131,Shop D Lang (Clifton): Sun: V to St Mary's. Bath_ Mon:12:30put Attends Pontifical Mission Societies AGM, Mill Hill Tue4:30prn Attends British Methodist Romari Catholic Committee Lecture at John Wesley's Chapel, Broadmessi, Bristol. Wed:7:30pm C for Salisbury Deanery. Sailed Heart. Ttsbury. Fri:6.30poi Cat Downside School Sari tunic St Mey's School, Shaftesbury Bithop M Evans (East Anglia): lion M C St Mark's, Ipswich. Mon:I-Own-3pm Mor with Diocesan Children% Society Social Workers. Bishop's Hattie, Paingland. Wed:12nnno jubilee Maas. Chapel or Reconciliation. Welsingham: 7-30prn Suffolk Churches Together nag, Felixstowe Seafarer's Centre. 'Thn: 10:30am Diocesan Firuince Board mtg. Prainglend, Fri:9arn-2pm Primary School Headteschas, Crudaeocc, RiverSide Hotel, Isilldenhall, SiM1 I AID M of Dedication of new Patish Church, Puringland Mahon A Griffiths (liexham & Newcastle): Sun:9:15am MC English Martyrs, Sockton on TON. The: Attends Roman Catholic Methodist Caranimee mtg. Bristol Thu: I Ian Lishaw College Governor's Standing Committee mtg. Ushaw College, Durham. Fri: 1.0am Attends Opening and Blesses New School at Si Wafrid's, Gateshead; 7p1t, M Si Peter's. Otteibuin, Northurniertuntl for 50th Anniversary of Opening of Church. Snea:30nm M or School Chaplains ILI UntInW College. Durham; lain, Attend.s Elections for licsv Satenor at Craklm CA Invcnt of Mercy, Sunderland. BithoP P OTIortoghoe ancrwerY Sun-Sar V of DIlli,nles in Si Asigustioestkunery, Reston. (Resident ut: Our Lady & St Michael, Alston Lane. Longridgc, !tenon PR33BN, teL 01772 782244). Whop D Konstrutt (feeds). Mon: Mtg of North," n Bishops. Bishop's House, The: I :30pm Yorkshire Brethren Lunch, Marriott Hotel, York, Wed:opm M V Franciscan Convent. Bradford, Thu: Elam Standing Committee, Oshaw, Fri:10:30am Bishops' Council. Mosley Hall Bkihnp A Roche I coustemnr, Lectitb Slav I Darn r Si Joseph's. Tadcaster Mon: Mg of Northern Bishops Bishop's House. Toe, t,30prr, Yorkshire Brethren Lunch, Marriott Hotel. York. We:1.1030m Clem) Surgery Day, Siolieleigh Court. Thu: I lam M of Thanksgiving, Hospitaller Doter of Si John of God, Middlesbmugh Cathedra I:30pm C Si Joseph's, Brighouse. kri: t 0:30am Bishops' Council, Hinslcy Hall. Sattftpm M for thox received into the Church Cl Easter. TASC Bishop V Malone (L'ponl moth: Sun: V Si Teresa of Ardis, Southport. Mon:I tent Regional Sponsoring Body mug, Liverpool; 7:30pm C St Oswold, King & Martyr. Liverpool. TuelOarn Liverpool Hope University Coilege Sniffing Cornmirtet; 7;30prn Mass of Thanksgiving for the Diamond Jubilee of Rev 'Thomas Kennedy, English Martyrs. flaytbxk. Wed:2pm Bishops' Conference Higher Education Committee. Liverpool Archrliocesan Centre for Evangelisation: 7:30prts C Si Rotedie t, Warrington. Thu. I Own V St Teremi'n RC leant School. Southport lpm: V Holy Fienily RC High School, Southport: )pin: Governors nag, Beileri Ye ?CJ, Liverpool. Fri:7:30pm C St Edmund of Canierbuiy, WaterMs Sisti:Onin An:II-diocesan Assembly, Liverpool Archtlioccsan °entre for Evangelisation, Om: C our Lady & All Saints, Parhold Bishop T Williams 11...puol mail): Toe: tOttni

Finance Advisory Committee mtg. Live I Arthdincesen Centre for Evangelisation:

M otTluertagiving for die Diamond Jubilee of Rev Thomas Buckland. St Michael's, Kirkby. Wed: loom Building Projects Committee mtg, Liverpool Arch:lineman Centre for Evangelisation; Opto Annual Mass with the Onion of Catholic Mothers, Metropolitan Cathedral Of Christ the King. Liverpool. het /pin Mass of Thanksgiving for the Ruby Jubilw or Rev Victor Bridges, Holy Angels. Kirkby. Setkim li Archdiocese's Assem Angels. Kirkby. Setkim li Archdiocese's Assem bly, Liverpool Archdioccsan Centre for Eviingo. tisaLion

Bishop .1 Crossley

(Mldiltesbrougtph), Mon:103un MtgofBishops Lords.Tue:amm Attnds NOrthen

Bishop .1 Crossley

(Mldiltesbrougtph), Mon:103un MtgofBishops Lords.Tue:amm Attnds NOrthen VICIDInle Gay of Recollection, Cathedral, Wed:10:30am Bishop's Conneil, Hardtop's House. Thu:1 I am Attends John of God Golden Jubilee of Province Celebration Mast, Cathedral. Fri:11:3Garn Mtg of WW1 GrOCe )(curb Pilgrima_ge committee. BIShop's Hoonu Bishop K Mdknald(Nordiumpten): Sun: boon C Our Lady, Wellingberough. Mon:1030min idtgs, Bishop's House; 7:30pm M for Life, Olney. Word4pm Valuing Difference RitartsWw,. Good Shepherd School, Northampton; 7:30pin Candi. decy Mass for Pertnenent Deaconetc, Bishop's House. Thu:pm Mtgs, Bishop's House; 7:30pin C Hcily Name. (kindle Fri:716pm Mystagogin Mass, Cathedral Set: Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsinghem Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Suniarn Holy Cana, Huoknall; 4pEnTacurnenictd Cele. limbos, Oakwood. Derby. Mon-Fri: Dexesee Limb?' Retreat, Hinsley Leeds. Fr1:7pm C Si Mary s, Derby. Sat: Pisx Christ ADM Binning. ham: Oprn:C St Pales, Hinckley Bishop C Hollis (Portsmuuthl: SurclOrtm M Si Joseph's. Caputo: 4pm: Ecumenical Service, Chinches Together in Hampshire ant Isle Si John's Cathedral, Portsmouth. Tue:am V Si Edmund's Catholic School, Portsmouth; 7pm: C for Winchester Deanery. Si Peters, Winchester. Wed:1 I :3Rin M Pialso Sellouts, Si John's Cathedral; 3:30pm Bishops7Soth inig, SI johres seminary, Wonersh; 7:30501 C for Alton Deanery. Sacred Heart. Bordoo. mu: l0:30arti Council or Priests Day of Recolltction, Douai Abbey. Upper Woolhamptun, Reading: 7pm: C for the Vale White Horse Dennery. English Martyrs. D eka FrOan: Bishops' Conference Communications Committee mug: 7prn: C St Fronds. Ascot. Sat:I Bun C Ow Lady of Lourdes, Eastncy Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun:1 lam M V Holy Trinity, Brierfield; 3pm: C St Joseph's, Shaw. Tuel2pin Mtg of Diocesan Toasters; 7pm: C Sacrd• Herm. Rochdale. Wed:12:10pm angler nag and nuts, Si John's Cathedral, Salford: 3nm: Mtg of Catholic Welfare Societies, Gerald Road; 7pm r C Si Bernadette's. Whitefield Thu:7pm C Our Lady of Lourdes. Furnworth. Fri: Private Appointments. Wardlcy Set:14:30am C Si Columba's, Tonge Moor; Ipm: Stonyhurst College Bishop 13 Noble (Shrewsbury). Suit V Si Raphael's, Stelybridge. The: Education Service Gathering, Liandudat Elshaw College Standing Committee, Ushaw. Fri:2:30prnEuchruistic Working Puny. Laburnum Cottage:7:30mi' C Holy Angels. Hale Barns Bishop C Henderann (S'wark Tue;10:30sm Attends LnIg of DinOcAan Bishops with Staff of the Christian Education Centre, Tooting Dec; 7:30pm M C St Thomas Mom, Bost:ill Purls. Thu,7:30pro M C St Edmunds, Beckenham, Fri:7pm M C Sacred hewn. Camberwell. Sat2pro M C Our Lady at the Angels, En th Mahon J nine IS'werk Ausil); con:1 c Sr Paul's. Dover: 6pm: Attends Canon William ClemenK 50th Anniversary of the prie,sthood. B irthingtoti Mani 1.1.5am Mtg of the Deans. West Mailing. Tut: 1.0am Autnids Christtnn Edumtion Centre AGM, London. Wed:10:30nm Mtg of Diocesan Schools Exemnive Group. Archbishop's House. Suoil its's& 3ims. Mig of Wm umsli Trusters and Bishops' Sogrmtg.Thu: No Official Engagements. Fri: Want Mtg of AshfortJ Church Leaders, Civic Centre, Aontool: 7:.topm C Our Linty Star of the Sea, Broadstuilti. Sat No Oflielnl Engagements Bishop A Hopes (W'minster Auxib: Sun:pm Mtg. with married clergy und wives, Archbishop's House. Mon-Thu: Interviews & Engagerneras, Archbishop's Howe, Fri:urn Archbishop's Council mtg; 6:30pm C in the parish of Highhury, Sul:n:311pm C in the palish utivluswell Hill Bishop 8 Langley fWminster Audi: Stim3pm C Our Lady's, St John's Wood. Wed:Bpm C University naplainey. Gower Street Thu:1:30pm St Patrick's Soho Parish. Fri: lOam Archbrshop's Coma; Rpm: C Si Mnrearefs. TWickenham Sal:6:30pm C St Anthony's, Edgware Bishop .; O'Brien (W'minater. Hens area): Sun:1 lam C Si Bernadette's. Hillingdon; 6pm: C St Joseph's, Stevenage. Fri:10am Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House.7.30pn C Ss Poo& Paul, Niandlells. Sac MultiEuith Pilgrimage ht Wen London & aridity.; firmi:C St 13artholornew's, St Albans

Bishop(; Slack ( W•minster arrAl:Sun:apmC Ss

Michael & Hounslow. Mon.12:10pm Reception, Itahan Embassy; 3pm: Si Alary's RC Primary School. Kensington: 7:30pm Anniversary or Queen's 1.11I1c. Mass, Si Paul's, Wood Green. Tuc:apm 1 Icythrop College Governors Mtg. Wed:1 I :30ani Mig uf Permanent Diaconate truer-Diocesan Committee. Wonersh; 7:30pm Reception Lord Alton, 'lb u:7:30prn Westminster Cathedral. Dream of Geront i us' .-Fri:10am Archbishop's Council, 2pm: Diocesan Education Directors intg 7:31Ipni C Our lady of Fatima, White City Sat lOunt C siroim the Evangelist Brentford: 6:30pm C Our Ludy of Victories. Kensington Bishop Tripp (S.'warisAuxil.): Sun:10:30am M Our Lath QIIMI of Peace, ram Sheen. 5.30pm C Si Joseph's. New Malden. Islon:2pm Mtg of Governors Dighy Start College, liochamp. ton. Tue:1 I urn Bishops' nag al Catholic Education Service, Tooting Bee: 7pm: Chaim mtg of South London Justice & Peace Commission. Wed:2:15pm Blessing of extension .to Corpus (7-insti Sehool, Nesv Malden Thu:10am M St Boniface's Schou/ Tooting on the occasion of It's Centenary; 7:30pni: Mtg of Council of Churches Together, Set:1 I ens C Si Andrew's, Thornton Heath. bpoi. C Our Lady & Mount Carmel, Banersta Perk


Archbishop ?Smith !Cnrditf), Sun: lOarn Cane. nary Mass of Thanksgiving, Daughters of the 14.4 Spirit, Abergavenny Mon:17noon-3:30prn Mtg in Feels-stone Square; Una-in-1pm: Press Briefing-DAY FOR LIFE. at Ecclestone Square; 4:3i4on Mtg with Deputy Chairman of Of 'COM, LadonTue:10aor I I am Mtg wit]: John Gummier at Queen Anne's Gate; .12tioon.2:30pm Lunch with Chnirronn (It • in Londoril:ftlpin U tar parishes of Dios Powis end Penult in St Mary's Church, Dinas Powis. Wrii7pm Celebration ivlass for the holders rif Papal Awards in the Archdiocese si SiPCIre% Church. Cardiff Thu: 10:30am Civic Service for Opening of Second Welsh Assembly end Civic lunch in presence of Queen. FA:7:30pm M Daimon Forum for Women, St Macy Church, Bryon-rums. Sat I IWO Aichhishop Wards Golden Jubiler. 2pm: Wales and MarCIX5 Catholic History Society, Cardiff BiShon F. Regan tWreshant.E. sun: V Ruthn M St Anne's, Wrexham: ftont Clergy Retreat, Loreto. Llandudno. Tuc-Fri: Clergy Retreat Sat Diocesan Pastond Council mtg. Loreto Key: 11-1 Mass. C.Confirmetion, V.Visitruion, 0. Ordination. Mtg.-Meeting Sch-School. ESficumenical Scrvim

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