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30th May 2008
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Page 14, 30th May 2008 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Oversees Mission Committee, Cambridge University, Council of Priests, Mil t° St Joseph's School, CTS Committee, Archbishop's Council, Diocesan Centre, St Bartholomew's Primary School, St Columba's School, Bishop's Council, Holy Spirit Church, Council of Prints, St Philip's School, Diocesan Audit Committee, St David's Children Society, Archhishop's Council, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Imperial College, Diocesan Senate of Nom, St Paul Primary School, Congress, Toe Chapter, St Soho and St Elizabeth's Hospital, St Joseph's Primary School, Permanent Diaconate Commission, Holy Rosary and St Anne's School, Geed Shepherd School, LidaullIlial Church, St Thomas Aquinas School, RC Primary School, Scotland Office, Liverpool Hope University, Gillis Centre, Council of Pokes, House of Commons, Bishop Brown House, Kings College, College of Consultors


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June 1 to June 6

Cardinal Kemp hy-0 'Cosmos) {Wrap:unreal Tue. addresses preoetimment meeting of clergy, Vaughan House. Westrairister. 030am: Churche s Together in England and Wales president's meeting, Salve. Om Army HQ, Newington Causeway, 12 noon Wed: an end s and addresses the Glohai Youth Congress. Liverpool Hope University. 3pm mu: intemeos prospective candidates foe the permanent diaconate programme. Fro meets with the archbishop's council, erchbish op's 'rouse. 9_30sm

AinithutiollKelly iLiverpoon Sent Volution Mass, St Brendan's Shrine, Old Swan, Liverpool. Sam. Visitation Mass. St Oswald. Old Swan. Lim) pool, 10am. Leads 'Wol king in Faith' Welk from SI Paul. Wee! Derby to Christ the King Childwell, 2pm. Moo, trustees meeting LI thaw College. Durham I Farn.Tues: Nugent Cu, governing body meeting, Liverpool, Loam Wed opening of 'The Big Hope' Metropokor Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, 210pm. Thurs. Breakfast Meetins with representatives from Bethlehem Cram. city, Archbishop's House. 7_30am, Fn,, Seminar on do Sanctity of Heinen Life, Liverpool Hope University, 10.30am. Sae Metropolitan Cathedral Chat= =sated Cycle-Rine, Liverpool, Warn.

Nichols (Birmingham) Tue. Birmiugnam Chinches Together trekkers I 0-30em; Catechesis for Teachers, St Thomas Aquinas School. Kings Nona), 7pm. Wed: COPCA Rosen show. 6pm. Thu: Confumations. St Michael's.

Wolverthimporn, Fen Archbishop's °emit meeting. Archbishop's House. 930am. Sat: Mass for Pertnimeru Deacons, noon.

Bbhop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Winmilithar) Sun: Mass. Cambridge University Chaplaincy with Continuation 9.30ami and 1.1.15rant Diocesan Audit Committee meeting. Archbishop's Hauer. 1pm 4pm. Wert Bishop's Confererke Dept meeting. Ecoleston Sq, neon 3pm. Thu: 'Confirmation, Edmonton, 7.30pm. Fri: Mara. Cathedral, 7arro Archbishop's Council with Deans. Archbishop's House, 9.30arer, Confirmation, bernontoe, 7.30pm. Sat Solemn Profession. Ware Carmel. 11120am, Confirmation. Willesden Green, 2 : Interfaith Peace Pilgrimage, 4pm.

Bishop Brain (Sallortit Sun Celebration of Mass M honour of Flirobeth Prom, St Anne and Blessed Dominic. Sutton. St Helens. l lam Mon, Meeting of Ushaw College Trustees, Durham, I lam. Tor: Meeting of Bishop's Comnell,VOodley Hall, 11.30am: meeting of Diocesan Trustees, Wariley Hall. 2p.m.: UCM Rally, Butte Hill Para. 7.30prn. Wed: Mooring and Chapter Mass. Salford Cathedral, 11.10am Fen Private appounmeres, Wardley Hall. Sat: Celebration of MISS for Religious, St Sebastian's. Solana. 2pm.

Bishop Campbell (Coadjutor Lancaster) Toe: Gallica Jubilee of Religious Profession, thaelsenk Hall, Grange, tun: Diocesan Trustees meeting, pm. Wed: Diocesan Senate of Nom, am. Thu: Confirmation. Our Lady of Lourdes. Camforth. pm. Fri, Vicars General meeting. am: Diamond Jubilee of Priesthood, St Patrick's, Heysham, pm.

Bishop Coney (Arundel & Brighton) Sun, Guildford Deanery Confirmetions, Worth Abbey, 3prn Mon Thu'Visit to Krakov, Poland. Fri: Volts South of En land Show as Honourry Chaplain to HIS Grace the Duke of Norfolk, ArdIngly, Mayfield Deanery Confirmations. Uckfield, 730pm. Sac Ordination to the Permanent Diaconate of 1.1 Wells, The Holy Spirit Church, Fetehani. 6Pm Bishop Doyle (Northampton) Sun: visitation continues. St Martin de Pones. Luton, Toes, bishop's house staff meeting. 9.15am. vocations teem meeting, bishop's house. 1 tom. Confirmations. BeaconsfieldSt Pursue's, 7.30pm. Wed. Cortyimtirions St Mary Magdalene, Milton Keynes, 7.30pm. Thu: Mass and eelebrazory luncheon, Allen Hall. Fri: Stream Three meeting. Coffee Hall. .4.30aro-3prie Confirmations. Sacred Heart. Stopaley, Luton, 7 30pm. Sat, Diocesan Pastoral Cour, cil ,St Edwards. Milton Keynes, ern.

Bishop Drainey (Middlesbrough) Sun-Fa official visit to Valladolid Sat: Mass for Catenian centenary. Si Mary's Cothedral, I I 3flam Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Se13, Pne.11 ViSltwine', St Mark's, Ipswich. Mon: Interfaith Ihscusion, Lambeth Paluon. Tue -Wed: Bishop's Ordination Year Reunion_ Thu' Council of Pokes. Poringlend, I1 am. Fri: Notre Dame Pyramid Schools Pilgrimage to 'A'alsingham. 10.45am: Confirmations, bury St Edmunds. 7.30pm. Sat: Lay Ministers Commissioning Day. St Mary's. Ipswich_

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Churches Together in England Conference, Swanwick, Mon: Ruby Jubilee Mass of Emest Beecher, SI Peter's.Vamhail, I lam; Dishy Stunt. Govemors meeting, Roehampion, ]pm; CTS Committee. London .5pm. The: Archbishop's Council. West Malting Spin.

Bishop Hine (A miliery Bishop of Southwark) Sun: Confirmation, St Viocent, Dartford. 11 Uri. Mon: Meeting of the Kent Deane, West Malin, 11 .15am. Tue: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House. 5 pm. Wed: Visit to St Bartholomew's Primary School, S wonky. 1 2 30pm_ Fri: Blesses New Entrances, St Joseph's Primary School, Aylesham. IG.30arn. Sat: Arteads Marriage Enochment evem.Aylesford Priory, 3pm.

Bishop Hollis (Portsmouth) Sun: Parish Viso Ireton 40th Anniversary celebrations, Mass, St Edmund Hornelean. 1. lam. Tye Confirmation for Bournemouth Pastoral Area, Sacred Heart, Bournemouth. 7pm. Wed: Good Shepherd Math. Si John's Cathedral. Portsmouth. 11 aro Pastoral Arm meeting, English Martyrs, Didcoc, 7.30pm. Thu_ Oversees Mission Committee meeting, London, 11 ISM Fri: Confirmation far South Berks Pastoral Area. Wellington College Chapel, 7pen.Sat Day foe New Catholics. Cathedral Discovery Centre Poasmouth. 10.30am 3pm.

BLehop Hopes (Westminster) Sun: Celebrates Confirmation Mass, St Margaret's-On-Themes, Twickenham, 1030ano presides at 110th Anniversary Mass of Filipino Independence, Our Lady of Victories, Kensington, 3pm: Celebrates Confirmation Mess, St Mary, Cadogari Street, Chelsea, 6.30pin. Mon Meets with Deans of the Westem Area, Our Lady of Victories. Kensington; Engegemeats, Kensington. 3pm 5pm. celebrates Mess, St Casimir. LidaullIlial Church. 7pm. lie: Presides at Requiem Moan for Barbara Hunt.111P, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St George, Hailed, 1230pro attends Pre-Retirement meeting. Vaughan House, pm: engagements, Archbishop's House. 3pm; celebrates Confirmation Mass, Kings College. S trend , WC1.530peefollovoel by Reception. Thu: Attends Parish Support Team meeting. Vaughaa House, lOatia: engagements. Anihtaishop's House, Item; engageme nos, Archbishop'S House .pm. Fri: Archhishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 9.30en; engagements,Arobbishop's House, 2pm: celebrates Confirmation Mass, St Mary of the Angels, Bayswater. 7pm. Sat, Presides at Diaconate Ordination of Gordon Kann, Feting Malay, noon; Celebrates Confirmation Mass, The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Hayes. 530pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sim: Confirmations, Ss Edmund and nrideswide, Oxford. limn: Corpus Christi Procession, Ortfonl, 3pm. Mon: COMECE Plenary meeting. Brussels, I I am. Toe: Chapter. meeting, I lam; Chapter Mass. 12.15pne Mass fur Si Charles, Mount Argun Dublin, 7.30pm. 'Thu: Gothenburg Process , Stockholm. Sem. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's House. 9_30am. meeting of Di001.11:1 Schools C0111.1%.11, Colesli0, 3pm. Sat Cant'smotions. Christ the King.Coventry.9arn and loran.

Bishop Lang (Chem) Mon-Tue.. Seekmg the Face of Christ steering group meeting, Stroud. Wed: Trustees meeting , Bristol, /0.15am; Confirmanon, Our Lady St Mary of Glastonbury. Giestonbury.6.30pm. Thu. Saints and Sustakability a Seund of Many Waters ovenh.Cli000 Cathedral, Bristol, 7.30pm. Fri: Confirmation, Downside Abbey, Stranon-on-the-Fosse, 6pm. Sat: Visitation. Si Teresa of Lisieux. Manton.

Bishnp Langley (Westminster) Son Cantle

motion, Our Lady and Si Joseph's. Kiegslaad, 12.15poo. The: Pastoral Von m Women's Outreach. Kings Cross, 1030am: Chapter Dinner, Imperial College. 7.30pm. Wed Travellers Issues Working Group. Ecoleston Sq. 11 30am; Catholic Oulthen's Society OlVersomestert, Geed Shepherd Mess, Westminster Cathedral. 2pm, Six Deans Meeting. St

Janes, Spanish PlOre. 7.34n n. Thu Parish Support Team Meenagntaugnan House. lOaraz Good Comset Network Mass and Pastoral Von, Meek -Crone, Marykbotie. 3pm. Frit Archbishop's Cramol, Archbishop's House, 9_30aror Mil t° St Joseph's School. Maida Vale. 2.30pm. Sal: Confirmation. Our Lady of Hid. Camden Town. noon: Confirmation. The Most Sacred 14.111 of Se.15, Holloway, 6pm.

Bishop Lynch (Auxiliary in Southwark) SOX Confirmations, St BarEholumess's.Sorbury. 5pm. Tor Mass. Geed Shepherd School, Downharn, gam. Wed: Meeting of %nom for Religious, Carlisle Place, Lion, TEPS Trustees Meeting, (EC Tooting Bee, 330pm. Thu: Overseas Mission Committee, Eccleston Square. I lime Confirmations. Charlton, 7.30pmEri: Mast, St Columba's School, Bexleyheath, I lam: Confirmations, Our Immaculate Lady of Victories, Clapham, 7.30pm. Sat, Confirmation Ppara la Communidad Latina, St George's CatUrdrai, I030aerc Confamoiveis fordo Portuguese Community. Union Grove, Stockwell, . Bishop McGaagb (Birmingham) The: Chapter meeting, Dem: Chapter Mass, 1.2.15pm. Fri. Archbishop's Counted meeting, 9 neam visits Lichfield Primary Schools. 2pm. Sat: Ordination to Priesthood. Cecil Rogerson. Our Lady and All Sauna, Stourbridge. noon.

Bishop McMahen (ffientworad) Sun Pastoral Visitation and Confirmation. Tilbury. The: Meetingsnntervicos, Cathedral Menu. Wed: Pantos] Visitation and Confirmation. Aveley. Thu: Council of Priests. Cathedral Route, 11 am: College of Consultors. Cathedral House. 2pm.

Bishop McMahon (Nottingham) Sue: Neophyte Mass, St Harnabas cathedral, 3pm. Mon: Cmfirmanans.Our Lady of the Angels, EauLeake, 7prn. Wed, Grimsby Catenians 50th anniversary Mass. St Pius H. Grireshy, 6.50pm. Thirst Fidel Donurn anniversary Mass, St Georges, Derby, Boon. Confirmanoas Corpus Christi. Clifton, 7pm. Fri Bishop's Council, bishop's boost, lOam. Lincoln circle Catenian Mau. St Hugh's, Lincoln, 7pm. Sat: KSC memorial Mass, Lim-pool Cadre drai.

Bist Mal.De (Liverpool) Sung 'Walking in W from St Paul, West Derby to Christ the King, (Indwell, 2pm. The: Confirmation, St Aldan, Winstanley. Wigan. 7.30pm. Wed: ilectuag of 'The Big Hope' Metropolitan Catha.lo of Christ the Knit, Liverpool, .1.30pm_ Fri: theuctim of Chaplain Hugh Baird College Bootle, 10am.

Bishop Noble {Shrewsbury) Mon: Ushaw Trustees. Ushaw. 1. lam. Wed: Confirmation. St John's, New Ferry with St Anne!, Rack Ferry. 7pm. Thin Confirmation Our Lady's, Stoelmon with St Ambrom, Adswood /pm. Sat .Diocesan celebratioe of Catrinan Centmary.Euchnist, Cabedral. noon.

B Lehop WM0001. (Lancaster) Mon: Ulloov Trustees, Darn ?pm. Tue: Diocesan Pilgrimage Trust meeting, 10am; Diocesan Trustees' meeting, 6pm. Wed: Council of Prints, 10.45amt C_anfirmonk • St Toile South...stork Cleveleys, 7pmFri' Bishop's Council meeting, I030am; Diamond Jubilee, Fr Leo Kelly. St Patrick, Morecambe, 7pm. Sao Catenian Mass. Middlesbrough Cathedral. II 30am.

Biihap Pargeler (Birmingham) Sun 75th Anniversary Mass, Aston, 10.30am ToeChapter meeting. I lam; Chapter Mass, St Chad's Cathedral. 12.15pm. Wed Visits St Philip's School. Smethwick. 2pro Confirmations. Smethoick. 7pm. Thu: Visi15 Our Lady', School, Olton 2pm: Confirmations. Olson, 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. Archbishop's House, 930arn. Sat: Confirmations. Kingstateting, 630pm.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Corpus Christi Procession, Mount Si Joseph's, Leeds, 2.30pm.

Toe: N1SA Conference Hal1,2p.m; Confirmation, St Anne's. Keighley, 7pm. Wed: Visitelion. Holy Rosary and St Anne's School. Leeds.

Confirmation. St Walburga's, Shipley, 7pm. Thu: VGs' meeting, Bishop's House, burnt Coen:. minion, St Mimi 's Horsforth. 6.311pm: Confirmation. Leads Trinity and All Saints', Leeds , Opm. Ste, Attends Verdi s' Requiem. Yorkshire Voices.Leeds Town Hell, 7pm.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Conformdon, St Joseph. Cerpenders Poo, 10.30®; Coenmeant'. Transfiguration, Stevenage Old Town. 3pm. Mm:FournenWal Conarothsion,Archbishop's House, noon; Board meeting. St Soho and St Elizabeth's Hospital, 6 30pni. Tue. Presents BBC Daily Service for Radio 4. 930em. The: Maas in memory of Bishop lames O'Brien, St Albans and St Stephens. 1.30pm, Fat Confirmation, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and St Joseph. 7.30pm. Sat: Celebrates Kt4S Investiture Mass. The bennaeulate Conception, Farm Street, I lam: Confirmation. Boxmcor. 6.30pm.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool) Sec Visitation, Holy Rosary, Amtree Village. Tue: Nugent Care Go ve rrung Body meeting, Liverpool, 1.0em. Wed: Op.eiting of 'The Big Hope', Metropolitan Cathedra/ of Christ the King, Liverpool, 2.30pm; reception for President Mary lvicAleese, St George's Hall, Liverpool, 6.30pm. Thu: Vino St Gregory's RC Primary School. Lydiate, 9.30am, visits St John Sown RC Primary School. Maghull, 130pm. Fa: Visits St Attire's RC Pe1.1111? Scheid, °mask*, 9.30am; Colloquium on Youth, The Athenaeum, Liverpool. 6pm.

WALES Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: Confimunons, St Franco, Eiy 10.30am. Mon: Confirmations, St Cadoc's.Canliff.730pm.Tues. St David's Children Society, Bishop Brown House. 230pm. West. meeting at archbishop's house. Ilam. Thorn: Confirmations. St Joseph's, Penarth, 7 3Opm.

Bishop Jabal (Menevia) Sun: Confirmations. St Joseph's Perish, Pod robot 1.0ant. Moo Corfumations, St Mary's Parish, Carmarthen, 7pm.

Bilbao Regan (Wrexham) Mon Fri: Diocesan Clergy Retreat Loreto, Llandudno. Sot Cylch Citholig smelting.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sue: centenary of church of the Immaculate Conception. Elathgate and 150th anniversary of parish. 3pm. Mon: meeting of trustees. finance committee and auditors of archdiocese, Gillis Come, Edinburgh. I lam, meeting of trustees of the archdiocese, Gillis Centre. 2pm. Toes: depart for visit to Westminster parliament: 930am, green as dinner in rmicterice of apostolic nuncio, London, 7pm. Wed: meetings at House of Commons, London. 10am, Mass in Crypt of House of Commons. 5pm, hosting reception at Scotland Office. Landon. 7pm. Thum meetings at Home of Common& Mum depart for Edinburgh 530pm. Fri: official opening of St Margaret's primary school,, Loattheact, 10am. Sat:pre of oetti5Wes at chaplains MM., G. .s ()entre . Edinburgh, ELM.

Bishop Logan (Dunkeldarandee) Sun Mass to mark Centenary, and 150th Anniversary of the parish of St Mary 's. Bathgate, 3pm. followed by Reception. Tue: Mass, St Peter and St Paul Primary School, 2pm. Wed: Mass in Celebration of 50 years of St Joseph the Worker, Callender. 7pm_ Thu: Child Protection meeting. 4pm: Annual EducamcIp Mass, St Andrew 's Cathedral, 7pm. FriPermanent Diaconate Commission, Diocesan Centre. Dundee. 5pm. Sat: Cathedral Outing.

This listime was compiled by Gabriel Conienuni. canons Led and also appears in the L'raYerse and Catholic Tunes

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