Page 2, 30th November 1945

30th November 1945
Page 2
Page 2, 30th November 1945 — MR.

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Organisations: MR, Sword Office
Locations: Oxford


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SIR,-1 am eurprised that 14. Seueourt should object to nay use of the word "totalitarianism " in the case of Fascism. This ugly word " was actually created by the Fascists themselves to describe Mussotinas ideal of the State as the social

absolute to which all other social er so rights and ale relative. It was Mussolini himself who mid: " A party that governs a nation totalitaritioully. is ti new fact in history." Totalitarianiern is a new and ugly name for this new end ugly fact which represents a very real threat to the whole tradition of Western civilisation. Consequently, when Mr. Sencourt pleads that Fascism Supports the Church and the family. he is merely confusing the issue. A burglar may be a good fatties : a swindler may he a regular church-goer. But this does not prove that they are good citizens. And the funclameotal denial of social justice whioh is involved in the totalitarian principle cannot be compensated either by social efficiency or by attempting to bribe the Church by offers of concessions which are only intended lo serve the ineerests of the totalitarian State itself.



Sia,-1 suppose something ought to be said about Mr. Robert Sencourfs second letter on democracy and Christopher Dawson and the Sword of the Spirit. 1 imagine few of us thought it necessary to say anything abeut his first letter, since in the matter nt democracy the public reputation of Chtistopher Dawson has been unassailable, to reasonable people, tot such long years now. Moreover, the degree of vinegar in Mr. Sencourt's levet was sttong enough to prevent anyone, even the lease instructed in the arts of discrediting your victims from being deceived by it.

Nor is there any more meson to reply to his second letter, except that, unless somebody does, I hould not be surprised to find Mr. Sencourt waiting ii year and then claiming that the insinuations he now makes must have been right sifter all. since nobody wrote to contradict them.

There is one thing, then, which I think ;Mould be said. It concerns the following passage (we had better have his exact words): " Since the Sword of the Spirit was

founded, an attempt has been made to

link Allied Catholics with Communist Russia on the one side and financial America on the other ; and the distinction is not allayed when I see that lately in France Miss Barbara Ward branded English Catholics, or a number of them, as untrustworthy because Fas cists. When such a stemment comes from one so closely associated from the first with the movement Mr. Dawson sponsored, it makes one wonder I" While I think I understand what he means by " Communist Russia," and while I have on the other hand no idea at all what he intends to convey by " financial America," I have a hunch that the net impressioe is intended to be highly unpleasan . Nor do I know exactly what ills he is made to wonder. But that is .by t'he way.

The point is this If he can find anything in the publications of the Sword :written or verbal, during the five years of its life that substantiates anything that •eithci of those charges can conceivably mean. I challenge him to produce it. He can also have ac-cess to the minutes of every committee of the Movement, on payment of the usual search-fee o one shilling Ile could. of course. have had these opportunities to verify his faces before launching nut, at any time in the rraet. if only a query from hen to the Sword Office had ever reached us.

If he sees fit to make any renly to this challenge your readers will, of course, note whether he condescends at last to handle facts, or tries to drown us all in yet more vinegar


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