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30th November 2007
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Page 14, 30th November 2007 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Organisations: Pastoral Board, Archbishop's Council, Bishop's Council, Catholic Youth Service, Episcopal Council, Marriage and Family Life Committee, Bishops Douglas School, Church of the Immaculate Conception, Holy Cross Church, DiOteSan Centre, Live:TOM Arekhoiosan Centre for Evanemeati, Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter, Education Committee, Lady's School, Dicsesan Education Committee, Primary School, RC High School, Lithuanian Church, Education EXeCtlUve Committee, Fittalltt Committee, Bristol Court, Hinsley College, Northumbria University, Finance Board, Fit Eptsaand Council, Merseyside Region Management Committee, WYEC Christmas Party, Mom:Advent Carol Service, College of Con.sultars, St Idory's Church, Si Joseph's College, ArchhShOp's Council, Femme Committee, Gillis Centre, Bellerive KJ Catholic College, PreS11.13 Hospital, Liverpool Auldiorienn Center, DieceSan Education Committee, Ushaw College, Irish Consulate, Blessed Hugh Fadngdon School, Italian Embassy, Salford Cato1 Service, Bishop Choitoner Collegiate School, St Joseph's CatholiclAuglann High School, Catholic Childten's Society, St Joseph's Primary School, St Monica's School, Clingy Commission, Life Dedication Service, Diocesan Chapter, University of Nottingham, Memorial Service, CAFOD Advent Service, Asehbishop's Council, Union of Catholic Mothers, SAMM Memorial Service, St Albares College, Mom Council of Priests, Bishop Brown House


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Ecclesiastical And Other Information

Page 7 from 29th November 1946


December 2 to December 7

Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Moo: Anends Diener at the Italian Embassy far do Friends of Westminster Cathedral , Grosvenor Square, 730pm. Tue. Meets with College (If Consultors. Archbishop's House. 4pm. Wed: Attends Reception for Catholic MP's. Archbishop's House, 7.45pm. Fri: MeO15 with Archbishop's Council. Archbishop's House. 930am. Sat: Celehrates Mass, Church of the Immaculate Conception. Farm SP-Vvi Penile Mount Street, (Pm

Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool') Sue Retreat and Lectuies einitineed, St Albares

College. Won Churches Topahra-in the Merseyside Region Management Committee, Quakin Meeting House. Liverpool 3pm. ThEt Nugent Care Governing Body. Liverpool. 10ant BBC Radio Merseyside 'United in Song' Repaidmg, Livezpool Asehdiocesan COMM Oa Evolveleaden. 3prot Fri: Volts St Edmund Aerowsmith RC High School, Whistoo. 9 30ain; SAMIel

Memorial Sc Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool, 7.30pm. Sat. PM Group meeting, Liverpool Auldiorienn Center foe Evangelisation, 1030am; Permanent Diaconate Candidacy Mass. All Sainu.Anfield. Liverreal 3pm: visitation Mass. Se Leo. W1,isture630prn.

Archbishop McDonald (Southwark) Mon: Meeting at Deans,The Ilennitage,Weto Mulling. Toe: Eduestion Executive meeting.Arelibishop's House. pm; Dinner for Baroness Otmberlege and Members of Commission, Archbishop's House, Westminster. 7pm_ Wed. Asehbishop's Council, Archbishop's House. I0am Thu: Meeting of Permanent DiacoreateTeamduchbishap's House, lpm.

Archbeitop Nabobs (Bimiing,hant Son: 10th Anniversary Mies. Joseph's,Wolverhamptral, 1030am. Toe: Chapter Mass 12.15pm Confirmations.13rialey Hill, 7pin. Wed Confirmations, English Martyrs. Rugby. 7pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting. 930am: Mass, St °slang's, Coventry, form Sat Visitation Sr Micbael's, Wolverhampton Bishop Anteld (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sum Parish visitation, Preston Road, Wembley_ WEI Proseetalion evening. Cordite] Hinsley College, Willesden. 630pm. Sri: Archbishop's et:mined meeting. Archbishop's House, 930arri.

Bishop Brain (Salford) Sun: Union of Catholic lvfothers Executive Coomaitiee meetmg, Hanley Hall The: Nati Wen Region Leonel) of National Catholic Healthcare Documents, Preston Royal Thfiernia-y, Dam. Wed: Meeting of Chapter and celebration of Mess. Salford Cathedral 11 30aut; City of Salford Cato1 Service, Salford Cathedral, 730pm. Thu: Meeting of Dia-men R.5)113.1 C0011Cil. Didsbuty, 1030am: CAFOD Advent Service. Salford Cathedral, 7. Fri: Private appointments, Wardley Halt Bishop Budd (Plymouth) SlIn: V15I1311041, St Tat: Container. Plymouth. Wed Prison Chaplains meeting. Bishop's Home. 10 30am; RCIA Group Tak. Jeremiah Ceram, Plymouth. 730pm. Ilea: Bishop's Council, Bishop's House, 2.30pm. Fri: Fittalltt Committee and Trustees, Bishop's House. non_ Biahop BEMIS (FIN4 Firms) Sun; Confirmations Catterick Garrison. Tue. Visit Second Sea Loril. Portsmouth. Hum _

Bishop Coney (Arundel & Brighton) Sat: Rededication of St Idory's Church. North Stoke; Induction of Fr Teny Churchill as Parish Prieq of Our Lady of Sinews. Bognor Regis.

Bishop Doyle (Northampton) The: Clergy Day. of Readketion.Latanic Abbey. Wed: College of Con.sultars meeting, Bishop's House. 1030am. The: Finance Board, Bishop's House. 1030arn. Fri: Vigil M338 of the Immaculate Conception. Cathedral , 730pm. Sat: Diocesan Gathering , Coffee Hall Bishop Doon old Nr*C3.51.1e1Stm, Cenfarrnations, St Joseph's. Blackhall learn. Tee: Finance Committee meeting, Bishop's House. tipin. Wed: Mass. St Vilma S Minos for Matson Curia. 12noon: attending Lecture. Northumbria University, torn. Thu: St Cuthben's Care Breed riveting. St Cnthbert's bleme, i2e3fann. Fit Eptsaand Council and Trusties meeting. Bishop's House, 930-ant Teams of Our Lady Birthday Mass, Sr Joseph's, Gateehead, 7prn, Sat. Penitential Service. St Mary's Caittedrel. Newcastle, I2noon.

Bishop Evans (East Anglia) Sot' Pariah

Southwold. Men -11m: Methodist/Catholic Working Group meeting. Rome. Sat: Vocations Morning. Ditehingbarn.

Bishop Hem:irides (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sun: Confirmations, Carshalton. 4pm. More Diocesan meeting with Deans, West Mailing, 10.30am. Tile: Education Committee, Archbishop's House, 11am and 2pm. Wed: Archbishop's Council, Archbishop's House, 10ani, Sat Mass in Preparation for World Youth Day, St George's Cathedral, 3pm.

Bishop Hine (Auxiliary Bishop of Southwark) Star Celebrate Mass, St Simon of England, A.shford, 10am. Men: Meeting with the Arch. bishop. Auxiliary Bishops and Deans of the dioente, The Hennitage, West Mailing, 11-15 am. Toe: Attends DieceSan Education Committee meeting. Archbishops House. 1.0art: auend_s Education Executive Group mating.Southwark, 2pm .We Archbishop's Calmed meeting,Archhishop's House. Wane attends Marriage and Family Life Committee meeting, Eceleston Square,2pm-Aapm.Thit: Participles in Light w a Life Dedication Service, Hospice in the Weald. Pembina!, 630pra Sat Visitahon. Hendon parish.

Bishop Hollis (Baur:mod) Sin: Mass. Rated Hino,13ouroamemin1030aniTue: Ivens, Blessed Hugh Fraingdon,Faringdon, 7pm. Thu: Bishop's Coma meeting. St Joseph's, Mattlenhriad, lOarn. Fri: Bless New Chapel. Blessed Hugh Fadngdon School , Reading , 630pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) Mon: Engagemerits. Arehbishope Home. Tic: Engagements. Archbishop's House: Vespers in the Cathedral, 5pm. Engagements. Archbishop's Reuse, pm. The School visit to St Joseph's Primary School. Cadogan Street, aim Femme Committee meeting, Archbishop's House, 2pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council nacOng, are EngagemeasAnehltiehop's House. pm. Sat Meeting, Our Lady of Victories pre-sbytery. Kensington. 9.30am; presides and preaches at the Brompton Oratory, I 13111: COMnielices pastoral visitation of Our Lady or Lourdes. Uxbridge. 2pm.

Bishop Kenney (Birmingham) Sun: Visitation. Herdey-ota-Thames. ManThu. Pessimists Internarienal, New York. FM Archbishop's Council meeting.930an. Fri Sat: vieltation. Coversham 6prn.

Bishop Lang tCliftor)Tko; Celebrated for the Union of Catholic Mothers, Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, 730pai_ Fri. UM versity of Bristol Court, Bristol, 10.15am. Sat Visitation, St Mary's. Swindon.

Biehop Long* (Westrinnster) Snit Celebrates Catholic Childten's Society (Westminster) Benda:Mrs' Mass, St Etheldmda's, Ely Place, lpin. Tie: Pastoral Board meeting, Vaughan House. 10am; Churches Together in England Support Group meeting, 230pre Tavistock Square, WC1H. 230pm. Wed: Hackney Dammy Primary School Heads' meeting. Olt Lady iturl St Joseph's. Kingsland. 9.30am; Landon Catalyst Boand of Trustees. 12 Moorgate F.4ptn. Mass with tic Yams Cuy Catholim.St May adecefolds EC2, 7pm. Thu: M335 and visit to Bishop Choitoner Collegiate School (Boys), Harding. Sorter, 51.930-oat; Mass and visit, St Monica's School. Hoxton, 2pm: Deanery talk on 'Prayer of the Heart", The Parish Hall, Lithuanian Church, 7.45pmi Sat: Orrery:Aim to the Diaconate of ThevaKingoley Arulananthern Alen Hall 12noon.

Bishop Iaisch nem:limy En Southwark) Sun: Maas for the South-East London Gene Community, St Stephen's, Welling, 1130arn. Mon: Matting ef Mare, West Mailing, 103COrn. Tue: Dicsesan Education Committee. I I am: Education EXeCtlUve Committee. 2pm, Wed: Archbishop's Council Artienshop's Hazen lam 75th Anniversary tithe Attic-al of the Augustinian Recollects in England,St Anne's, Vauxhall TIne Meeting a Once for Refugee Policy, Feeleston Squam_ 10am. Fri: Visit to Moist Convent; Memorial Mao fer Fr lee MeGeady, one. St Caaers, South Norwood. 7pmeSar Mass for the Caribbean Community. Holy Cross. Cateird. 630pm.

Bishop McGough (Birmingham) Sun: CLASP Conch Leaders' meeting, 9am; Advau Reconeetion, °soul], Mon -Salt Vex ClaraRome.

Bishop McMahon Illnegwood) Sun: Celebrates Mass, Stock, 9am: Presides at Inauguration of Advent, Cathedral. 4pm. Toe' Tim: Meetingelinerviews. Cathedral Home. Ed: Attends Memorial Service, London, ran. Sat Attends Chanter:is' Averda.Chelmsked Cathedral, 5pm.

Bishop Malabo' (Nottingham) Sat V133113 University of Nottingham, I tarn. Mon Fri: Diocesan Clergy Retreat. Oblate Remo Caere, Crewe. Sat Celebrates Mass for the Filipino Community, St Mary's. Loughboniugh, 5pm.

Bishop Malone (Liverpool) Mon Bellerive FCI Catholic College Nee Giving, Liverpool, 7pm. Wed: Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter meeting and Maas Me:lrL,nCaI15uJ ofClarie tin King. Liverpool, 1130am. treads Sr Edward's College School Play. St Edward's Cone ge. Liverpool , 730pm.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sun Eucharist. Peer Clam Monastery, Elle.sniere. I lara Tee: Diocesan Trustees. Curial Offices. Sam. Wed: Spriniality Comma-teed the Bishops' Conk:men Lelsamom Conagt. 11.30am.

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) T131: Chapter meeting, I lain Chapter Mass. 12.15pm Wed: Volts Our Lady's School, Kitts Green, 21ore. Confirmations, Kitts Green, 7pm. Thu: Visits Sc Geoint's Scheol, Worcester. 2pm; °affirmations, St Gear's. Woniester. 7pm, Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, 930am. Sat Mass for Panonal Feasteet Chad's Cathedral; sisintion.St Arend's, Moor Store Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sure V1.514314011, St Benedict's. Garforth, Mom:Advent Carol Service, 1.43:435 Cathedral. 4pm. Wed WYEC Christmas Party. Bishop's House. 7pm. Thu: VGO meeting, Bishop's Rouen 10am. Fri: Bishop's Council meeting. Hineley Hall, 1030ant Sing Along for Peru, St Joseph's Primal). School. Dunslet.6pm. Sac Centenary Mass, Si Joseph's College. Bradford, 12noon: Late Maas. Leeds Cathedral limn.

Bishop Stack (Westminster) Sun: Presents Ilene Monate Papal Award to Mr John Reid, Holy Cross Church. Fulhom. Tue. Presetus BBC Daily Serene fez Radio 4. Wed: Celebrates Mass with Barnett Stalin Schools. Bishops Douglas School. Thu: Femme. Board meeting. 2pm_ Ed. ArchhShOp's Council meeting,930am; Confirmation, HolyFamily Welwyn Garden City. Sae Mass and Induction of Parish Priest, Fr Philip Miller in Hoddeadco, 630pm.

Bishop Williams (Liverpool; Sun: Mass an the 3005 aradveteor)' of the arrival of the feet Catholic priest to rake up residence in Liverpool since the Refommtion , St Francis Xavier. leverpool, 10_15att Advent Sequence, Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King. Liverpool, 5pm. Mon. Finance meeting, Ushaw College.DUMBM. T110! 4V0111)Woit Lotiorh or `Krv-pIng Faifil".R0y3.1 PreS11.13 Hospital. R.I.Vam:Confamahort.StMegy, Birehley, 730pm. Wed: Metropolitan Cathedral Chapter meeting and Mass Iviemoolitati Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool. 1130am; Churches Together in the Mer.eeyside Region M.11343311(111Comminie,QualoaMeetieg Hume, Liverpool. 3pne Confirmation, Sacred Heart, Wigan. 7pm. Thu Archdrogesan Finance Advisory CortrrOttec, Live:TOM Arekhoiosan Centre for Evanemeati et. 1030am; Confirmatiest St Patrick, Southport..730pm. Fri: Celtairate.s Mass,Bellerive KJ Catholic College, levernoul, 9ant iolehnees Mass. Ota Lady hnmaculate RC Primary School, Liverpool, 2pm; SAMM Memorial Service, Metropolitan Cabot-A of Christ the King,Littrpool, 730pm. Sal: Permanent Diaconate Candidacy Mass, All Saints, Anfield, Liverpool, 3pm.


Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) SeetConfarnaticas,

St Patrick's, Newport, team Tee: Sr David's atildren Society, Bishop Brown House, 2pm. Wed: Day for Retired Cleney.Llantairtain Abbey. 11 on: reception. Irish Consulate, Cardiff, 6pro. Thu: Diocesan Sweep. meeting. Cardiff, 230pm. Pd: Leech far Rod Knights arid Donms, I 230pra, Bishop labile (Menevia) Mon: Meetings, Curial Oltice. am. lire: Diocesan 'trustees meeting, ant Diocesan Chapter meeting, pro. Wed: Mass and Lameh of raise a Million Appea1.7pm. Fri: Clapter I 130am.

Biahop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Advent Ramat, Para:ism. M. Mon: Reconciliation seesions. St Joseph's CatholiclAuglann High School. WM%) ham . Tun Mass. Colman!. 12noon, In.qallation of three new Cartons. Wei: Ongoing Formation of Clingy Commission, Prenneyn, 7pm. Thu: NBRJA AGM. Fri.: Mass. Cathedral 7pm. 50 year Awed ID KSC ire:miser. Sat Maes.Welshpeol; visitation, Cathedral parish.


Cardioal O'Brien (St Andrew's & Edinburgh) Sen: Visa to Annandale M05111111. Edinburgh, 2pite Dedication of Nativity Scene, Princes Street Gardens. Edinburgh 4prre Amnia) Petah Mao, St Malys Cathedral Edinburgh. 730prn.Tue: Meeting af Episcopal Bishops with Bishops' Conference of Soignee Synod Offices, Edinburgh, 1030am: meeting of Anaidiocesan Justice and Peace Core Group, 6pm. Wed: Meeting of Episcopal Council. 011115 C3300, Edinburgh, Ilan, meeting of Trustees of Alehdinsee . Gillis Centre. Edinbagh 2pm. Thu: Meeting of Catholic Youth Service, Scotland, Gillis Centre. Pantie:Th. Ilion. Fri: Meeting with Mr Pate C.-limo. Chief Executive of SCIAF, Edinburgh. I lion; meeting of Consultancy Planning Team, St Mary's Cathedral, 5pm.

Bishop Impart (DualteldliSundeti Soo Mass,

St Andrew's Cathearal Dundee, 1130am. Mom Council of Priests, Executive meeting, Bishop's Hake, Dundee, 120000. Toes Priestly Formation moirilig. Skye. 3pm. Wed-Thu: Priestly Formation meeting. Skye. Fri: St Miary 's Management Caoraime, ftltaiMi. II ant Lunch with Staff rod Vicar Genera. DiOteSan Centre. Dundee. I pm

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