Page 7, 30th October 1953

30th October 1953
Page 7
Page 7, 30th October 1953 — With a celebrated piece of stone

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With a celebrated piece of stone



By Daniel Counihan E band stopped playing. The couples in the packed Irish dance hall paused in mid-step and turned towards the platform.

They saw behind the microphone a priest. He held up in his hand a small bright stone and said: "Do you know what this is?"

There was a puzzled murmur in the hall.

"I'll tell you, then," said the priest. "It's something to remind you of the Faith of your Fathers . . . a bit of the Mass Rock of Tyrone."

This was how Fr. Leonard Shell, S.J., Superior of the Irish Jesuit missinners, took the message of the mission to the Shamrock Club near the Elephant and Castle, where hundreds of London's Irish gather at the week-end.

The Mass Rock of Armagh, be reminded them, stands above the city of Armagh. In penal times priests with a price on their heads said Mass there, while Catholics, in defiance of the law, knelt in the heather with rosaries in their hands.

"This bit of rock," said Fr. Sheil, "is part of the soil of Ireland-sacred soil, because on it were placed the chalice and the Sacred Hosts. Remember those forefathers of yours who were ready to die for the Faith. Be as ready as they to live in it and for it."

The Jesuit missioners will be at the Church of the English Martyrs. Rodney Street, Walworth, from Sunday for a fortnight.

The many Catholic workers at the Dagenham car works will have a chance to attend the mission from November 29; it will be in St. Mary's Church, Hornchurch Road, Romford, from then until December 13.

They are going there instead of to St. Mary's, Derby, where the mission has had to be cancelled because of the illness of the parish priest, Mgr. Hargreaves.

The official ending of the mission's visit to the Westminster diocese is to be the big rally in Westminster Cathedral next Thursday.

The preachers are to be Fr. Robert Nash, S.J., distinguished Irish writer, preacher and newspaper columnist, and Fr, Robert Stevenson, Si


'1\ if ()DERN psychology bears out ..1V 1 the law of love given to the Jews in Leviticus, according to Dr. F. B. Elkisch. lecturing on "The Old Testament and Modern Psychology" at the Convent of Our Lady of Sion, Chepstow Villas, London, W.11, last week.

Modem psychology, he continued, was founded by a Jew, Siegmund Freud, but it is not a new discovery. Psychology was already practised along similar lines in Greece about 2,500 years ago.

Dr. Elkisch illustrated his thesis by the tale of Jacob and Esau. This is not only the story of two distinct individuals and their relatives, but at the same time the story of the various conflicting elements in man's nature, chief of which are his earthbound Esau-nature and the ambitious "spiv-slickery" of Jacob.

The Bible relates how through the healing power of love, accepted in the angelic blessing and then expressed in the embrace of Esau, the hostile brothers are reconciled.

Similarly, in our day, men suffering from a neurosis can be brought to accept their Esau-nature and find healing, or integration, in that true love of self, which must precede all charity towards one's neighbour.

The remark, overheard at the end of the lecture, "We must reconsider our whole idea of charity," shows how fruitful the contact can be between modern psychology and religion, which, for us, is rooted and grounded in the Old Testament


Cardinal Griffin.-Today (Friday): Presides at annual meeting of the Catholic Evidence Guild, in the Cathedral Hall, 8 p.m. Tomorrow : Sings First Vespers of All Saints in the Cathedral, 3.15 p.m. Sunday : Sings Terce and Pontifical Mass in the Cathedral, 10 am.; sings Second Vespers of All Saints and First Vespers of All Souls. 3.15 p.m. Monday : Presides at CapituJar Mass and gives Absolution, in the Cathedral, 10.30 a.m. Tuesday : Holds reception for Society of St. Augustine, at Archbishop's House, 6-7.30 p.m. Wednesday : Assists at Solemn Mass at the Servite Church, Fulham, 12 noon; sings Vespers and gives Pontifical Benediction. at St. Mary of the Angels', Bayswater, 8 p.m. Friday, November 6: Offers Mass in the Cathedral for members, living and deceased, of the Society of St. Augustine, S a.m.; visits Hospital of St. John and St. Elizabeth, 3.45 p.m.

Mgr. Masterson, Archbishop of Binaingham.-Sunday : Visitation and Confirmation at St. Philip's, Smethwick, 3.30 p.m. Tuesday : Blesses banner for the Union of Catholic Mothers, Birmingham branch, in the Cathedral, 3 p.m.

Mgr. King, Bishop of Portsmouth.Sunday (Remembrance Day): Preaches in St. John's Cathedral. evening. The sermon will be broadcast in thc Wcst of England programme.

Mgr. Ellis, Bishop of Nottingham.Sunday : Visitation and Confirmation at St. Mary's, Brigg. Tuesday : Chapter Mass in the Cathedral. Wednesday : Attends meeting of the Tollerton fete Committee at Cathedral House. Friday, November 6: Blesses new portion of St. Joseph's School, Nottingham. Saturday, November 7 : Opens bazaar at Ilkeston for the Church of Our Lady and St. Thomas of Hereford.

Mgr. Parker, Bishop of Northampton. -Sunday: Visitation 10.30 a.m., Confirmation 3.30 p.m. at Rushden. Sunday, November 8: Presides at Requiem Mass for the War dead. Cathedral,

11 a.m.; erects Stations of the Cross at St. Patrick's, Duston, 6.30 p.m.

Mgr. Rudderham, Bishop of Clifton. -Sunday : Pontifical High Mass at the Pro-Cathedral, Clifton, 11 a.m. Addresses meeting of the Legion of Mary in the Pro-Cathedral hall, Clifton, 5 p.m. Tuesday : Annual conference of the Catholic Nurses' Guild. Gives Pontifical Benediction for delegates at St. John's. Bath, 5.49 p.m. Wednesday : Pontifical High Mass at St. John's, Bath, 10 a.m. Presides at luncheon in the Pump Room, 12.45 p.m. Presides at meeting of members. 2.30 p.m. Saturday : Offers annual Mass at thc cemetery of the Holy Souls; Arno's Vale, Bristol, 10 a.m.

Nigr. Petit, Bishop of Nienct ia.-Sunday : Visitation and Confirmation at

Penmaerunawr. Thursday : Attends Liverpool K.S.C. provincial dinner, Liverpool. Saturday, November 7: Attends K.S.C. board of directors' meeting in London.

Mgr. Cowderoy, Bishop of Southwark.-Sunday : Celebrates Mass iii the new church at St. Paul's Cray at 11 am., administers Confirmation to adults in the Pro-Cathedralat 3.3(1 p.m., gives Pontifical Benediction at conclusion of Mission at Vauxhall, 7.30 p.m. Monday; Assists at Solemn Requiem Mass in the Pro-Cathedral, 10 am.'ruesday : Assists at Solemn Requiem for deceased clergy in the ProCathedral, 11.15 a.m. Wednesday: Administers Confirmation at Ladycross, 3.30 p.m., visitation and Confirmation at Seaford, 6.30 p.m. Saturday, November 7: Lays foundation stone for new church at East Sheen.

Mgr. Beek, Bishop of Brentwood.Tomorrow (Saturday): Presides at opening of parish bazaar at Ilford, 3 p.m. Sunday : Blesses new church hall of The Blessed Sacrament and says First Mass at Chelmsford, Melbourne Estate.


Dominicans.---Fr, Ian Hislop, M.A., SIT.. of Oxford, has been appointed Prior of Holy Cross Priory. Leicester, in place of Fr. Cyril Hodsoll.

Brentwood. The following are appointments of parish priests: Canon J L. Whitfield. of Southend-on-Sea, to the Convent of Mercy, Frinton-on-Sea, as chaplain; Fr. Watson, of Stanfordle-Hope, to Southend-on-Sea: Fr. B. Manning, of Canvey Island, to Hamault L.C.C. Estate; Fr. P. Carthy, of Chadwell Heath, to Canvey Island ; It. F. Heenan, after absence on sick leave, to Chadwell Heath. The following are appointments of assistant priests: Fr. P. Whelan, of Becontree, to Colchester, to replace Fr. Fitzpatrick, recently recalled to his diocese; Fr. M. Rodgers, of Custom House, to St. Augustine's, Barkingsidc, to replace Fr. Minogue, who has been recalled to his diocese; Fr. .1. O'Driscoll, on temporary mission from Killaloe, to St. Vincent's, Becontree ; Fr. J. Crowley, on temporary mission from Armagh, to SS. Peter and Paul's, Ilford; Fr. W. Caffrey, of Melbourne, to the Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Tilbury ; Fr. J. Fennell. on temporary mission from Ireland, to St. Margaret's, Canning Town: Fr. R. Margry, on temporary mission from Amiens, to St. Edward's, Romford; I.r. M. Dufresne, on temporary mission from Belgium, to the Church of Our Lady of Grace and St. Teresa, Chingford ; Fr. E. Corin, on temporary mission from Belgium, to Wanstead ; Fr. Pacificus Gehlaing. C.M.M., on temporary missiors to 1.eigh-on-Sca ; Fr. John Harding, on temporary mission, to the Cathedral.

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