Page 4, 30th October 1959

30th October 1959
Page 4
Page 4, 30th October 1959 — Liturgical Obiter dicta

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Liturgical Obiter dicta

Culled from 'Liturgy'

I do not know what circulation "Liturgy" has, but I bet it is not very big. "Liturgy" is the organ of the Society of St, Grego

and is edited by one of our most learned and human of priests—and

a close friend of this paper to boot---Fr. J Crichton of Pershore. Worcester. To judge by the Oct ober issue. which has just reached

me. it should have a very large circulation. not least among our

readers. I will prove it by just a few of the obiter dicta which struck me as I thumbed the pages.

" Although it is principally by the Sunday parish Mass that the people should be saved and sanctified yet in fact most of them do not know the Mass . Since they do not know the Mass they are not interested in it and therefore cannot love it. They become bored by it and one result, proved by personal experience derived from personal contact with people, is that boredom has led to lapsing."—(Rev. H. Backhouse). "How in practice are we to teach the people to take an active part in the Mass? Before all else the proper instruction is necessary. that is instruction on the Mystical Body, on the Mass as the act of the Mystical Body and on the people's share in the priest hood of Christ. It is best to teach small groups how to answer the Mass first and then use them in church as leaders of the rest. ... The celebrant should observe the proper tones of voice and can very easily by the way he speaks lead the people to make the responses. He must be conscious that he is praying and offering with them."—(Rev. J. B. O'Connell). "One wonders whether it has been noted that Pope John XXIII seems to derive from an earlier age and recalls the great figures of Leo the Great and Gregory the Great."—(Fr. J. D. Crichton). "England will soon be the only major country in the Church without a bi-lingual ritual"— (Fr. J. D. Crichton).

What really matters

A READER has sent me a " quotation from "The Cloud of Unknowing". that most popular Some readers may remember my writing about the gifted Knight family of Lewes, one of whose younger members burst into print in our columns with an excellent letter about nuclear disarmament. Before we got to know more about them,they emigrated to Canada where they have continued to produce their family newspaper "May Tree News", It has now become "Maple Tree News". and I feel I must reproduce the drawing of the painting of their house which is also the "Head Office of the Saint John of English mystical writings. He says it is too good to keep to himself. He is right. Here it is. "Not what thou art. nor what thou has been. doth God regard with His merciful eyes;—but what thou wouldst be."

In 'U-est' Tooting

MY view is that all journalists MY view is that all journalists should write with the consciousness of memento mori — I refer, of course, to the early death of their writing when the newspaper is thrown into the dustbin, burnt or otherwise disposed of. Critics, too, should remember this solemn truth, and not take everything too seriously. Imagine, then, my horror when at a brains-trust in Tooting, the delightful P. P. Canon Gilliard whips out an old cutting from this column and informs the audience that I said that Tooting was "non-U"! I think I said that Tooting had a "non-U" sound. Either way, I take it all back. If "U" means able to think for oneself and take a large and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament". The legend reads: "The cat is keeping the roof on. but is not usually there; Mrs. K. (left of c.) looking unreliable bearing gifts of tea and cocoa; Kevin (ca reliable paint work; Peter (right of c.) sitting above Simon; Simon sitting underneath Peter.

"Elizabeth (under ladder) displaying paint-brush with bravuara; and Christopher (top right) starryeyed, resisting gravity and the call of the cellar." Canada's gain is certainly England's loss.

interested view in vital problems of the day, then Tooting must be one of the "U-est" parishes in the country. for never have so many and such good questions been sent in, and never has a surprisingly large parochial audience (after a long evening service and a Whitehall farce on TV) been so attentive and so clearly interested.

A single subject is best y MAY say that more than once 1 I have suggested in this column (a suggestion that has quickly died the death in that no one has taken it up) that Brains Trusts would be more interesting and useful if a single subject were chosen for discussion. "U" Tooting C.E.A. did this, and chose education. For its panel it chose distinguished educationalists, led by Mgr. Tomlinson. Secretary of the Diocesan Schools Commission and, I understand, the only curate-monsignor in the world. and Bro. Leo, the headmaster of Beulah Hill. There is no space to report the findings, except hopeful views on mixed Catholic schools in the future, the desirability of a modicum of corporal punishment in all schools. and more religious training and instruction in the parish by trained laity. The point is that in two hours the audience learned more ore than could he possible with a lecture, and enjoyed themselves as well.

Shopping days to Christmas

ONE, of our contributors has sent me specimens of mats in pewter and copper which she designs and makes in her spare time. All profits will be devoted to the Bishop of Menevia's School Fund and to the School Fund of an English parish which has a school to build and needs help and encouragement with this work. The mats, which are round or square, sell at 216d. and 4/-, according to size. Sets of four small and one larger matching mats are designed for use under decanter and glasses and sets of larger plate and vegetable dish mats can be made to order. Enquiries should be addressed to: Miss Meredith. 20 Church Road. Harrington. Cumberland. I can recommend these mats to readers who may be looking for Christmas presents that are a bit out of the ordinary and who will be glad to kill two birds with one stone by helping to build the necessary schools for the Catholic children of Great Britain.

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