Page 8, 30th October 1981

30th October 1981
Page 8
Page 8, 30th October 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster — Freer: London University Academic Mass, amnch Church, 1 pm Monday Thursday: Presides al Hierarchy Conference. Archbishop's House Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: —Friday: Ovens Southwerk Catholic Chileren's Handicapped Fellowship Office. Purley Sunday: Mass. unveiling ceremony Commemorative Plague for the late Mgr F. Callanan. Cemberwelt, ern MondayThursday: Hierarchy meetiree. 5 ern Bishop Worlock of Liverpool: — Sunday: Mass for Solemn re-opening of Church. St Edmund's. Waterloo_ 11.30 am Merelley-Thursdey: Arterela Bishops Conference. Archbishop's House Westminster Bisbee Alexander of Clifton: — Satiardsre: variation, St Brendan's Parish_ Avonmouth. 4 tarn. Sunday: ?thee zed confirmation. St Brendan's Avonmouth. Mondey -Thursday: Meeting of Conference of Bishops of Enceand and Wales.

Bishop Brewer. Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: — Serturday: Course or Special Ministers of the Eucherist. Melees ahrturday Sunday: Visitation. Our Lady of Lourdes. Partington Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Sallard:— Friday: Visitstion, Kearsley Seturdey: Brotherhood Week, Seed, ManchesterSynagogue. 10 am Sunday: Visitation 11 aro Conermatran 3 am, St JOhn Maher KaarsLev. Monday Thursday: Bishops' Conference. Westminster lihrhop Ctark of East Anglia: — Saturday: Mass and celebration of the Foundress of Sisters of Jesus and Mary. Ipswich. Sunday: Commissioning_ Fisher House, Carnbrdge. ern Attends Dedication of Ecumenical Chapei, Robinson College Cambs. pm. Monday Thuniel•yi. 1.1,ererally meeting_ Westminster Bishop Cleary. Auxiliary of Birmingham: — Sunday: Mass. Oscott College. 11 urn. Consecrates Church at Our Lady of the Assumphon. Meryvale, pee Monday Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. London B ishop Emery et Portsmouth: —Friday: Visit Le Piston Convent Centenary celebration Mass or the sisters Haspitallars. St Joseph's. Guernsee. 7 30 Pm Sunday: Confirmation. The Immaculate Conception, Stubbington. 10 ace. Monday -Thursday: Bishops' Conference, Westminster B ishop Foley of Lancaster — Friday: Attends meeting of Deans. Brettargh Holt Convent. 2.30 per Saturday: Mass end Baptism of Bells. St Betnerds, Knott End. 12 noon Presides at Massfor Handicapped, Blessed Sacrament. Preston. 3 11111. Sundry: Visitation and confirmation. St Andrew's. Cotton, 10 am Presides at mass for the Deaf. Blessed Secrament. Preston. 6 pm Monday Thursday: Hierarchy Meeting, Westminster.

Bishop Grant of Noohamptan: — Friday: Solomon Profession of Dorn Eric Phillips Sunday: Confirmation Wendover and Great Missenden Monday: Catoci Committee. 12 nom, Monday Thursday: Hierarchy meeting_ Weenninstei Thursday: Lourdes Haspitalitree. London,

Bishop Grey of Shrewsbury: — Sunday: Presides and preaches. Civic Mass. St John's Bridgnorth

B isbee Gum:zeal, Bishop In East London: — FrIeley: Davis' Meeting, Popo John Honse 10.30 arn Saturday: Laity Commission 11 30 ern B ishop Harris of Middlesbrough: — Saturday: Attends inaugurai meeting of York Pestarre Council Sunday: Prearties at Hun Uelversie. Ecumeneal Service in Holy Trinity Church.

10_30 arc Monday Thursday: Hierarchy meeting Landon B ishop Herv•y, Bishop in North London: — Friday Sunday: Area Pastel-el Council. London Colnee, Monday: Dunes Meeting. 10.30 am Tuesday Thursday: Bishops' Cenference Bishop Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark; — Friday: Kern Ecumenic& Commission Canter bury. 7 45 pm. Saturday: Meetina with the Adult and Youth Delegates to the Eucheristit Congress. Name Dame School, Southwark. 7 pm, Sunday: Mass and confirmation, Deptford 3 torn Mass and opening of the new Youtn Centre. Brocklor. 6 30 pm. Mondey: Presides at Diocesan Finance meetiea am. Area Bishops meeting, 3.30 Pm Monday Thurwiay: Meeting et the Hierarchy of Enteand and Wales.

Bishop Mohan, Auxiliary of Liverpool: — Sunday: Visitation. S7 Raphael's. Widnes Monday Thursday: Bishops' Conference. Weser:snag: Bishop Holland of Salford: — Monday Thursday: Bishops' Conference. Westminster B iahop Jukes, Auxiliary ol Southwark: — Friday: Holds meeting for senior curates at West Mailing Amends Ecumenical Commission at Camel. here 7 45 tel Saturday: Artends te-Se Dinner at Aiincrrin i.-eneei Sunday: Visit to 113inCtinglOo F. •,:e Monday Thuredirer Bishops Meeting.

Bishop Monstene. Bishops in Central London:Fñdey-Sun Monday Re y: _Ttra Cac heur.d.eyn:mle rd .eCeti,r1;en of ihrhepe Conference Westminster Bishop Monstene. Bishops in Central London:Fñdey-Sun Monday Re y: _Ttra Cac heur.d.eyn:mle rd .eCeti,r1;en of ihrhepe Conference Westminster

B ishop Undeay of Hasehem and Ninsecastle:

— Friday: Meeting of Lourdes Chaplains. Mane Rena,. attire Newcastle. 12 noon Saturday: hirv.tincr of Dieceean Church Music Association. trehow Coiled., 2 30 non SLI11411re: Visitation and eenfitinetino St Free, and Paul Soerh Sherlas. 3-30 pre Meeting of Cleveland Newman Circle. U pm. Monday Thureday: Rishrips Conference, Weetnrineter.

Bishop McCartle, Ausdliary of BirwrIngharn:

— Sundny. "eirseetati-er..01 Pnnal Award St Teresa, Maroday-Thurodayt Hierarcey

B ishop McGuinness of Nottingham: — Sntorday. eennei.risionine of Speciaf Ministers.

. Sunday: Visite/inn and Con.

• Monday Thursday: Bishop, Bishop McMahon,. of Brentwood: — Friday: VialtatiOn and cranfimlelion. St James the Less and St Helen, Colchester. Saturday, Anomie Diocese. Education Dey, Lit-sullen Convent. Brentwood. Mass. Hatfield Broad Oak, 6.30 ens. Sunday: Visitation and Coneimation. Our Lady and St Anne Line, Dunatow Monday Thursday: Attends meeting of Rishups' Conference, Westminster. Thureday: Papal Mass Music Committee meeting, Westminster. 2 me. Glees Liturgy talk to Southwark Liturgy CommisRion, Notre Dame School. Leedom B ern Bishop Mahon, Bishop in Wert London: — Saturday: Aren Pastoral Council meeting at Ealing.

2 Monday Thursday: Conference of p••. England and Wales, Westminster

Thursday. GfOrrP, Youth meeting 7 pm.

Blehop Moverlay of Kellam: — Sunday: Cre ' • -en at Sacred Heart Sheffield, 11 urn Ceocuean Leoes festive' mass al Holy Rood. Barnsley 6 1$ pm Mendey-Thuraday: Hierarchy meeting VVestm/nsler.

B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: —

Sunday:Val:aeon, Gateacre. Monday

Thursday: Bisimps' WeStTinsler

B ishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and Brighten: — Friday: Mess Arundel Cathedral Sunday: Mass for Catenians Deceased marnhers 'ee-erremster Cathedral. 10.30. Confirmation. St Are Farnham 3.3D pm. MondayThursday: Attend-5 wererchv meetingfond., Bishop O'Brian, Bishop in H•rtfordshire Friday: Harts Arne Liturgy Cammiesion meeting. St Peter s, Hatfield. 2.30 pin Confirmation. Sacred Hearn Chureh Berkhemeted. 730 on Saiurelay: idy Dee at Bonifield Luton, Cenfirmation, Waitham Cross Monday: Calod meeting. 12,45 tee Monday Thursday: Hierarchy meeting.

Bishop Peerson, Bishop us Cumbria: — Friday: Deans meeting. Brenagh Holt. 2 30 pro Monday Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. Bia hop RelniMMI. of Plymouth:— Monday Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. ArentriShOlYS House. Weerrninster Bishop Swirsillehoret, Auxiliary of Plexlvien and Newcastle: — Friday: Mention of Lourdes Chaplains_ Merle ReparalrEe. Newcastle. 12 noon. Sunday: aed Cunfirmation. St Thomas More, Hartlepool Monday Thursday: Bishops Conference, Westrrcrn,•,-.

B ishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: — Friday: Attends Opening ol Cethoirc Handicapped lnformation Service, Porlev, 12 noon. Friday Sunday: Visitation, Thornton Heath e ishop Ward•of Menevia: — Friday: Mess ane nonfirmation. Bangor University Chaplaincy Sunday: Ordination of Mr Cameron to permanent diaconate. Wrexham 1 1 are Monday -Thursday:

Hierarchy meeting

B ishop Wheeler of Leeds: — Friday: Posen Crusade, Sr George's Halt, Bradford Saturday: SVP Mass. Cathedral 12 noon Sunday: Vsitatico and confirmation. Selby_ Monday Thursday: Hierarchy meeting. Westminster

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