Page 12, 30th September 1994

30th September 1994
Page 12
Page 12, 30th September 1994 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES 2ND To 81H OCTOBER Cardinal Basil Hume (Westminster):

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BISHOPS ' DIARIES 2ND To 81H OCTOBER Cardinal Basil Hume (Westminster):

Synod of Bishops, Rome,until 30 October Archbishop Maurica Couve de Moronic (Birmingham): Tue: Chapter M. Chapter M, St Chad's Cathedral, 12.45przi. Bicentenary Concert, Oscon College, 8pm. Wed: Bicentenary M with Bishops of England and Wales, Oscon College, 11.10am. Thu: Centenary M Si Francis Church, Haruisworth, 7pm. En: Twenty Fifth Anruversary M. St Francis of Assisi Secondary Sch, Aldridge, 7.30pm Archbishop John Ward (Cardiff): All week Synod of Bishops , Rome.

Archbishop Derek Worlock (Liverpool): Mon: Cathohc Media Trust Mtg, &NMI'S 'lawn, London, 2pm. Wed: Bi-centenary, Oscott College, Sutton Coldfield, I I.30arn. Thu: Re-dedication M, St Vincent's, Derbyshire, Sc Helens, 7.30pm Fri: Ceremony of Freedom of City for MT John Moores, Sr George's Hall, Liverpool, 2pm. Sat Archdiocesan PC ' S Arch 110 pt Joseph's, 11-71:loweaPh°Liand(South' 11321n.

wark): Son Adult C, Cathedral, 3pm. Tue -Wed:

Bi-Centenary Celebradon, Oscott. Sat: Diaconate In-Service Training Day , Cathedral. Bishop Corrnac Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton): Sun: M for Permanent Deacons, Pound 'Hill, 4ptn. Tue-Wed: Centenary Celebrations, Oscott Cane, Midlands, pm. Thu: Agencies Mtg, DABCEC, Crawley, am. Fri. Trustees Mig, Bishop% vHorluse,,, tiv1r. Re-dedication of St Francis and St Anthony's Church, Grawky, pm Sat Bishop Terence Brain (Birmingham awdliary): Sun. Centenary Celebration M, Baddesley Clinton, 10.30am. Covenanting S, Solihull, 6.30pm. Mon: Judges M, \Warminster Cathedral, !Cram Parmership Youth Office Management Mg, 430pm. TI.jc: "%centenary Concert, Oscon College 8pm. Sac National Conk-mac ASDC., Olson Friary. Bishop Philip Pargener (Birmingham auxiliary): Mon: Bamford Court, 7pm. Tue: Chapter Mtg, I 0,302m. Chapter M, 12.45pm. Oscan C.elebration Dinner, Archbishop's House, 6.30pm. Bicentenary Concert, Oscort College, 8prn. Wed: Bicentenary M with ilishaps of England and Wales, OSCOtt College, 1 I .3Darn. Fri Rosary Crusade for Peace, Sheldon. Sat: M and Covenant Scheme AGM, St Patrick's, Wolverhampton, 2pm.

Bishop Thomas McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: INC, Saffron Walden. Sat: Hospice Concert, Cathedral, 7 .30prn. Sun: J&P Service, Cathedral, I 1.30am.

Bishop Mervyn Alexander (Clifton): Sun: V. St Aldhelm's, Chilcompton M , Cathedral, 3pm. Wed: Bicentenary M, Oscott College, I 1.30arn. Fri: 25th Anniversary m, Holy Family, Swindon 7.30pm. Sat. V, lioly Family, Swindon.

Bishop Alan Chu* (}It Anglia): 'Iiio'Wed: Bicentenary Celebrations, ()ACOrt College. Fri: AGM, Diocesan Social Welfare Commission, Thetford, 7pm.

Bishop Gerald Moveriey (Flalharn) Sum V, St Gerard's, Thrybergh. Mon: Rehgtous Studies Presentation, Pastoral Centre, flallam, 7.50pm. Tue-Wed. Biirnmiary Celetranons, Oscott College, Birmingham.

Bishop David Konstara (Leech): Sun: V, Sacred Hear*, Uppernull. Wed: Bicentenary Ockixations, °scot, 11,30am. CFS Forum One Mrg, I landialno until Fri: an Fri: Centenary M, St Joseph's, Huddersfiekl, 7.30pm. Sat: Silver Jubilee Celebrations, St Joseph's Sch, Orley, 6.30pm Sum V, St Joseph's, Brighouse Bishop Vincent Makee, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun: V, St James, Bootle. Mon: V, Si Wtnefricle's Sch,I3oode. AGM, St Mary's High Sell, 7.30pm Tue. Broenterin-y odebrations, Oscon College. Wed: CES Schools' Commission Conference, Llandudno Sat: Archdiocesan PC Mig, St Joseph's, Upholland.

Bishop John Rawsthorne, (Liverpool auxiliary): Sun V. St Austin, Grassendale. St with Disabled Peopk, Cathearal, 3pm. Mon. V contd. St Austin, Gnmendale. Tue: OSODn Bronntenary, Birmingham, 6pm. Wed: Bi-Centenary M, Oscott, Birmingham, 11.30arn St Aelred's High Sett, Newton-k-Willows, 7pm. Fri: Nugent Care Society, AGM, Noon C, St Cuthbert, Wigan, 7.30prn., Sat: VIM, St Hugh, Liverpool, 7pm.

Bishop Daniel Mullin* (Menevia): SunFestival Service, Swansea, 6.30pm Tue. Bicen unary Celebrations, Oscon College, 8pm. Wed: Bicentenary M, Oscon College, I 1.30arn Sat: ad and Day of Recollection for the Religious of the Diocese, Si Mary's, Carmarthen.12.30pm. 75th Anniversary Dinner ICSC, Cardiff, 7pm.

Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: V/M, St Patrick's, Thorriaby,10am and 6.30pm. Mon: M, All Saints Sch, York, 7pm. Day of Recoikction, Crossheck Convent, I I-4pm. Wed: 200th Anniversary M, 09xat College, 11.30am Fri: Silver Jubilee lat, St Clare's Scb, Acklam, I Darn. M, CAFOD Revue, The Barbican, York, 7.30prn. Sat Education M, Cathedral, 10.30am. Weekend V, Staithes and Ugthorpe Parishes. 1KcvLia O'Brien, (Middlesbrough auxiliary): Sun: HUCCA General Nue, 7.45pm. Bishop James McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: WC, Mickleover. Mon. V, St Josei Derby. Toe: Diaconate Interviews, Lincoln. Wed: Centenary Celebration, °won. Thu. S and V St Peter and Paul Lincoln, Diaconate Interviews, Nottingham. Fri: Celebrations of the Year of St Clare Coalville, 7.30pm. Sat J and P. Annual Assembly. Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Sun: V, Broadstone. Mon: CCRS, Dorchester. Tue: EC. Wed. Ri-Cemenary, Oscott College. Thu/Fri: Bio Ethics Committee, Ushaw Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun: Installation , Bishop of Killaloe, Co Clam, 3pm. Tue-Wed: Bicentenary Celebrations, °aeon College. The: Deans" Mtg, Curial Offices, 1 lam C, St Mary's, Crewe, 7.30pm. Fri: 150th Anniversary M, St Bernadette's, Brinnington, 7.30pm. Sat: Diocesan Family life Day, M, Our Lady's, Stockport, 3pm. Bishop Charles Header:um, (SoutInssrit smicillary): Mon Catholic Media Trust Mtg, Euston, 2pm. Reception, Council of avistian and Jews Reception, Downing St, 6pm. ToeWed: 200 year celebrations, Oscon College. Thu: Deans' Mtg, 10.30am. Catholic/Jewish Committee Mtg with CAFOD, 3.30pm, Southwark Represents Cardinal in St Paul's, Tyndale Cekbrations 5pm. FM SE Area Christian Unity Commission Mtg, Eidum, 6.30pm. Sat: I ay Ministers DM, of Recollection, Streatham. V, Dulwich Wood Park, pm. Bishop John Jukes, (Southwark auxiliary): 'rue: M, St Clare's, Manchester. Wed: M, Mat-vale, Birmingham, 11_309m. Fri-Sun: V, Parkwood and Wigmore.

Bishop Howard Tripp, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: V/C, Caishaltnn Beeches, 5.30pm. Tue: 900th Mrg Sutton Circle of the Catenian Association. Fri: Hospital Chaplaincies Officers' Mtg, 11.30am. Sac AGM, Racial Justice Mcg, Cardiff. Bishop Victor Guar.elli (Westminster, east area): Sun: V, Commercial Road, am, C, 3pm. Tut: Islington Deanery Mu, 24.30pm. C.onfirmandi Mtg, Kilburn, 7,30pm,. Wed. Ministry Day, German Centre, 10.30-4pm. Thu; City Temple, 2.30pm. Sat: ',-eley Chapel, City Raad, 2.310pm. V. Limehouse, pm.

:want Nichols, (Yiimminster, north London area): All week Sync:4 of Bah. Amsecrated I ift in the Church Rome.

James O'Brien (Wesuninater, Hertfordshire area): Mon: Seminaries Mu, Anribishop's House, 4pm. The-Wed. Ri C.emenary, St Mary's College, Oscom Thu: Area Mtg, Gale House, 4pm. Area Catechist M, All Saints Pastoral Centre. FM Chaplaincy Mtg, St Peter, Hatfield, 3pm,. Fri C, Our Lady's, Welwyn Ciarden City, 7.30pm. Sat/Sun: V, St Thomas More, Knebworth.

Bishop Patrick O'Dotioghuir (99esmiinner, west area): Sun: Pilgrimage, Wakingham. The/Wed: 200th Anniversary Celebrations, Oscott College. Thu: V, Our Lady of the Rosary Sch, Staincs, 10m. Fri: M and opening of 54..h Extension,St John's, Brentfonl, 9.30arn, Induction of P1 Smincs, 8pm. Sat: Annual Youth Workers' Conference, Vaughan House,9.30am. Ghanaian Catholics' Asscaiation, Spin,

Biahop Francis Walmaley (Forces): Sun-Fri: V, RAF, Germany.

M Mats. C Cottfirmarain. Vistituion. Meg Meal* Sch SchooL

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