Page 2, 31st August 1956

31st August 1956
Page 2
Page 2, 31st August 1956 — PUNISHMENT IN SCHOOLS

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Organisations: Holy Church
Locations: Dublin


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Sir, Mr. Anthony Arthur's quotation from St. Anselm is useless, for the reason that the teacher rebuked by him did not hold views similar, but dissimilar, to mine. "We never cease cbastising them" is obviously very different from what I wrote in my first letter advocating corporal punishment in "extreme cases" only. This is the second time I have had to draw attention to a misrepresentation on the same point. It is largely a matter of common sense. One does sot think of normal military discipline in terms of C.B. detention, pack drill, or being shot at dawn. Or of ecclesiastical discipline, as normally consisting of interdicts, depositions, and excommunications.

In this, as in other matters, well instructed Catholics take their beliefs and practices from the teaching of Holy Church, and not from any saint, doctor, or Father. however renowned for sanctity or learning. And what has being "worried by the loss of esteem" got to do with it? How could such a consideration affect the objective truth or justification of the matter under discussion? This continual whining against pain and discomfort reveals tendencies, which, if not restrained must obscure the supernatural. The late Monsignor Benson noticed it even in his day. He wrote: "There is a real danger in this modern movement that ... the disciplining of the body, whether by human or Divine deliberation, may come to be regarded to be as much "foolishness" as was the Crucifix itself amongst the highly polished Greeks". ("Non Catholic Denominations", page 205).

Michael O'Halloran

5 Clifton Terrace,

Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

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