Page 7, 31st August 1962

31st August 1962
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Page 7, 31st August 1962 — Martyr a saint in two years?

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Martyr a saint in two years?

By Peter Tynan O'Mahany

'OUR hundred pilgrims, including Fr. Philip Caraman, S.J., Vice Postulator of the cause of the Forty Martyrs, went to Harvington Hall, near Kiddernster, on Sunday, to honour Blessed John Wall one of the last to die for the ith 287 years ago.

Elaborate plans for a procession and open-air Mass within the courtyard of this red-bricked Elizabethan manor were marred by a steady downpour.

Instead, Mass was said in the adjacent Church of S. Mary. But, because It seats only 166, more than 200 pilgrims had to remain outside in the rain. Some sheltered in a byre and under trees: and the remainder grouped around a loudspeaker van to hear the High Mass offered by Mgr. Hugh Montgomery, the Birmingham representativ e for the Martyr's Cause.

Fr. Caraman, hi a sermon, said it was not presumptuous to predict that before long. perhaps within two years, pilgrims to Harvington would sing a Mass of "Si. John Wall". Such a prediction was based on the pattern that had existed throughout the history of the Church: the pattern of glory after suffering.

"John Wall suffered martyrdom," said Fr, Caraman. "He was betrayed and was branded a traitor. And when he died at Worcester, all was apparently lost. For local Catholic recusants it was a time of gloom and despair: imprisonment for the priests and those who sheltered them, destruction of their houses.

"Then the pattern showed again. the resurrection 150 years later with the Establishment of the Hierarchy and the growth of the Church throughout the country." Now it was the Pentecost; the signs and wonders worked, the scores of miracles, and the numberless answers to prayers. There was a greet pouring out of grace.


The Hall. a red-hi icked Elizabethan manor surrounded by a moat, was a Catholic stronghold during the times of persecution and served as the headquarters for the Franciscan Martyr throughout the 22 years of his mission in Worcestershire and Warwickshire. Harvington's origins go back to the 14th century. It was unoccupied for almost 150 years until about 30 years ago when the first stage of restoration and repairs were carried out. The manor had been given to the Birmingham archdiocese some years earlier. It has a number of interesting and ingeniously -contrived hiding holes, including one beneath the main staircase and another behind the wall of a narrow library.


SEVEN hundred pilgrims stood in the rain on Sunday near the site of Blessed David Lewis's martyrdom at Usk, Monmouthshire, for the celebration in his honour, when Fr. James Walsh, S.1., a Vice-Postulator of the 40 Martyrs' Cause, preached, and Benediction was given by the Vicar General of the Cardiff Archdiocese, Mgr. Peter Gavin. Coachloads of pilgrims came from the parishe.s of Merthyr, Abertillery. Pontypool, Swansea, Risca, Newport, Dowlais, Cwmbran, Abergavenny, Cardiff, and Maesglas. With them were the Holy Ghost Sisters from Pontypool and Abergavenny. The outdoor altar was erected by the Catholic trainees of the Newport Borstal. Institution, of which Fr. Bernard McCleary, parish priest of Usk, is chaplain. Celebrations in honour of Blessed Swithun Wells are to be held at Eastleigh, Hants., on Sunday. September 9. at 4 p.m. There is to be an open air Mass, arid Bishop Holland, Auxiliary Bishop of Portsmouth, will preach. The parish priest, Fr. Power, is also arraneing for an exhibition of Catholic life.


Archlabhop King, Sishopor Portsmouth.

Sunday: Solemn Pontifical Mass in the Recreation Grounds. Easdeigh, in honour of EL Swilhun Weals, 4 ern.

Bishop Beck of Salford. Tomorrow (Saturday): Blesses and lays inundation stone ot SL Augustinc's school. 13illington, 3 pm.; Attends Reeepton at Whitworth Hall of the University an occasion of naming of the British Association, 8 p.m.

BishopRudderham of ClIffon.-Week beginning semember 2nd: In Lourdes. leading annual Diocesan Pilgrimage.

Bishop Dwyer of Leeds. Siiiurday (September 8): Blessea new church of Our Lady of Czestoch(,wa. Hudderafield, for the Palish community.

Bishop Foley or Lancaster. Sunday: Lays the Foundation Stone of the Al. Cuthbert Mayne Secondary Modern School, Preston, 3.30 p.m.; Attends and preaches at the Man for the TUC. delegates at the Sacred Heart, Blackpool. p.m. Tuesday: Attends the meeting of the Chapter.. 12 noon.


Weatmlnster.-Mass will be said on Sunday at the North M kn. 111S Memorial Hall, Welham Green, 9 arm; The Cabin, Cufflcy, 10.15 .111.; "Wood! ands," Witten End, 5 p.m.

Nottingham. Mass will be said on Stinday at Stickney. S ami.; Ruskington, II arn.: Waikeringharn at 6.30 p.m. During the week Fr. O'Sullivan, S.C.J., will visit Winteringham, Willoughton and Grainthorpe Southwark.-Mass will be said on Sunday at Unlace Coon, Woldingham, 9.15 a.m, Brentwond.-Mass clll be said on Sunday at the Bentley 5ioc5a1 Club, Pilgrim's Hatch, 8.30 a.m.; Dunton Park, LaIndon. 10.15 a.m.; the Villaste Ball, Newport, 9 am. ; St. Edmund's Chapel, Great Wakcring and Foulness Island, 6.30 p.m. Next Sunday the Mission will visit Tiptrec, Layer Breton, Burns and Boated.

Northampton. Mass will be said ort Sunday at the Parish Boerne. upeen, Norfolk, 9 a.m.; 3. Priory Terrace, West Walton, Norfolk, 11 a.m.; the Tea Room, Eye, Northants. 5 p.m. Neat week the Mission will visit the Iralawing areas; Newton, Norfolk and Barnack, Northants.

Meoevia.-This weekend Fr. Riordan. C.SS.R.. wilt visit Rostrowther and Castle. martin; Fr. Maram, C.S.S,R., will visit Portlyherein. Trinksatan and Newt:way.

Plamouth.--Fr. Sean Masun. M,S.F.S., will say Mass on Sunday at Beaminster

Citadel Hall), a.m.; Melbury Osmond (Greeniands), II Gussage All Saints

(Vi1lage Hall). 6.10 p.m. Fr. Mason's address is: 41. South Street, South Mahon, Devon.

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