Page 6, 31st December 1943

31st December 1943
Page 6
Page 6, 31st December 1943 — Mexican News Letter

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Mexican News Letter

Keywords: Mexican People

Mexicans in U.S.A. resent the attitude of Americans



Racial discrimination against Mexicans is causing riots in the

south of the U.S.A.

After the deplorable events in Los Angeles when for two days Mexicans and Americans of Mexican origin were actually hunted in the streets, theatres and even inside their own homes and beaten by a wild crowd—the conditipns of inferiority in which the large Mexican population is living in the south of the United States have come to liglet.

Mgr. Robert Lucey, Archbishop of San Antonio, while visiting Mexico City, declared that Mexicans tn axas live in utter poverty. Making reference to the common belief in the United States that Mexicans arc lazy and wicked, the Archbishop of San Antonio said : " I'd like to know how good a worker would an Irishman be if he received a salary of only twenty cents per hour, which makes it impossible for any human being to feed his family, live decently and educate his children properly." Mgr. Lucey confirmed that Mexicans in Texas are not allowed to belong to labour unions that claim proper wages.

Ezequien Padilla, Foreign Minister of Meicieo, published a letter which he addressed to the Governor of Texas stating that in 'many cities Mexicans cannot enter theatres and other public places without exposing themselves to attack. Mr. Padilla added that not even the families of Mexican consuls and other officials in Texas are safe from incredible acts of persecution. For instance, Jorge Aguirre Caniocho, an official of the Mexican Consulate, was not allowed' to baptise his ton in a certain church because Mexicans " arc forbidden to enter that church." Miss Altagracia Duran was unable to bury her dead mother in the Catholic cemetery of Houston because she was of Mexican origin. (Minister Padilla omitted to mention that in some places Mexicans are buried in dumping grounds instead of cemeteries.) In most towns restaurants have signs which read : " Mexicans not allowed." (One known case: " Dogs and Mexicans keep out.") In Balforhea, Mexicans arc not served at the only existing restaurant of the town.

Great resentment has caused the incident which took place recently in Levelland, when hundreds of Mexicans called to work there by the United States Government nearly mutinied when they were refused food in restaurants.

In Mexico congressmen, senators and the press stress the incompatibility between the principles for which the United Nations are fighting and the racial persecution of which Mexicans are the victims in the south of the United States. It is also brought to the public's attention that Mexico is doing her share in this conflict, not only by sending workers to the United States to help in the war effort, but also by surrendering large quantities of raw materials and agricultural products, a fact which has very much increased the high cost of living in this conotry.

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