Page 9, 31st January 2003

31st January 2003
Page 9
Page 9, 31st January 2003 — Supposed apparitions

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People: John Keirney


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Supposed apparitions

From Mr Diarmuid Collins

Sir, John Keirney made some very laudable remarks about rediscovering Lourdes (Jan 24). Yet it does not address the question of the 295 reported "apparitions" since 1905 that the Herald mentioned. My understanding is that four per cent of these have been fully approved by the local bishop. About the same small percentage have been condemned

by the Church, as a fraud.

This then means that regarding 90 per cent of these "revelations" no final judgement has been made so far. These are not rejected but are still under investigation, by the Church. Is it because many these "visions" contain important prophecies for our time and are yet to be fulfilled? If so, it is right that the Church should act slowly and with prudence.

Let us not forget also, that it is the "message" from these apparitions that is the most important thing. Many of them reflect the message from Fatima, which is to "convert our lives, pray the rosary for peace, do penance, make reparation for sin, and have Eucharistic adoration". All of this is praiseworthy. Millions of devout Catholics worldwide, have good reasons to believe in these Messages from Our Lady, the Queen of Peace.

Yours faithfully, DIARMUID COLLINS London N13 4JN

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