Page 4, 31st July 1981

31st July 1981
Page 4
Page 4, 31st July 1981 — Christianity and Islam

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Locations: Mecca


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Christianity and Islam

PATRICK O'Donovan, July 10, says "the triumphs of the Prophet Mohammed at Mecca in 630 was almost certainly the greatest disaster ever to strike Christianity". Studied flippancy often appears to be Patrick O'Donovan's stock in trade and is used for no more serious purpose than to provoke the attention of the reader. But I do feel most strongly on this occasion that Patrick O'Donovan is dealing with too sensitive a subject for hint to use such a tactic, The Muslim of the Middle East may hate the Christian of the West. but he has never hated Christ. nor has he ever been guilty of derogatory statements about him even in a flippant manner.

The fact that Patrick O'Donovan "still mourns the conquests of !Slam and finds its teaching a sadly inadequate substitute for the teaching of Christ" should. I feel, prompt him and us to ask the question how has it happened that "in so marvellous a part of Christendom" such an "inadequate substitute for the teaching of Christ" could have exercised such a powerful influence on the many millions who profess this faith with such undying fervours?

Shouldn't that be the most pertinent question for us as Christians in our relationship with Islam?

Rev S Raymond London SE I9

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