Page 4, 31st July 1981

31st July 1981
Page 4
Page 4, 31st July 1981 — `Constructive' Westminster project

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`Constructive' Westminster project

IT WOULD BE a pity if John Carey's articles, July 24. discouraged the many excellent people who work in the many voluntary agencies and religious orders in the diocese of Westminster.

I do not think that anywhere does the Social Welfare Development Project Report say that the Westminster Diocese "is in a mess" as far as social issues are concerned. Neither is it suggesting that "sweeping changes" will be imposed.

What is offered is constructive support for existing groups and other interested people. as well as encouraging new projects and development at local level.

The new programmes seeks to provide the means by which there can be co-ordination at all levels and it is particularly unhelpful to suggest that the dioceses will impose sweeping changes because it is judged that there is widespread inefficiency.

The existing services have grown up over a centuerand a half and have been the generous response of the Catholic community to many social problems. What is offered is help and encouragement.

Philip Harvey Bishop in North London I DO NOT imagrne that mom people in the Westminster Diocese will be too happy over the new social welfare scheme. First I noted that some of the areas to be covered included the overtly political. like racism and unemployment, but most importantly the whole exercise is merely the creation of an ecclesiastical quango.

The. old traditional idea that the Church is a spiritual organisation whereby men can save their souls is now translated into a society or community run on caring sharing co-op lines alining merely at the creation of a better world here on earth almost totally forgetful of the after life.

Rev. Michael Clifton PP London SWI9

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