Page 6, 31st July 1981

31st July 1981
Page 6
Page 6, 31st July 1981 — TV and Radio by Tom Castro

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Locations: Berlin


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TV and Radio by Tom Castro

SUNDAY The Light of Experience (BBC-1, 6.15 pm). Fr. Adrian Hastings explains why he has chosen to take a wife. Once he would have been nailed into a barrel and dropped in the Firth of' Forth. Out of mercy. the Church now allows him to live in domestic bliss, probably in a flat.

MONDAY Panorama (BBC-1, 8.10 pm). This too is a repeat, about the Chinese news and propaganda machine. Next week the Nine O'Clock News will be carried identically each day.

TUESDAY Tuesdays Documentary (BBC-1, 9.25 pm). The Berlin Wall celebrates its 20th birthday next week with 260 watch towers, 267 dog-runs and a total of 71 deaths of would-be escapers.

Medical Express (BBC-I, 6.45 pm). A snappy magazine set to worry viewers to death. Did you know the average banana contains more poison than 200,000 bee-stings.


Cosmos (BBC-I, 10,15 pm). Carl Sagan does not seem to be or say anything beautiful. Why was this programme bought?


Q9 (BBC-I. 11.25 pm). Spike Milligan comes over to BBC-I and does an impression of Dr Jonathan talking about bodies.


The World About Us (BBC-I, 6.50 pm). Good pictures of how giraffes spend their time. Since original sin, films of animals have been much preferable to looking at people.

On The Beach (BBC-2, 8.05). A film of Nevil Shute's book about Australians awaiting the consequence of nuclear war in the Northern Hemisphere.

Radio Three

Three Tagore Songs (Friday, 10.25 pm). Rabindranath Tagore died on August 7, 1941. Some of his music sung by his pupil, Rajeshwari Datta.

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