Page 4, 31st July 1992

31st July 1992
Page 4
Page 4, 31st July 1992 — Project not made in the USA

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Project not made in the USA

THANK you for your substantial and generally accurate coverage of the Parish Project (Catholic Herald, July 17).

May I, however, take issue with the third paragraph, which may leave readers with a false Impression? The Parish Project was not in any sense "pioneered in America".

Its layout and design have certainly been influenced by American workbooks of one description or another, as have some of the ideas in the Project, but the whole point of the Parish Project was to produce a useful resource that was developed here, in the Church of England and Wales.

The authors do indeed hope that the Project will be widely used and that it will help to build both community and mission in the parishes of this country.

The "litmus test" of its success will not, I think, he so much that Mass attendance will go up although this of course is desirable but that parishes will become more outward. Looking: more relevant to the needs of a needy and speedily changing world.

Vicky Cosstick Adult Formation,RCIA & Catechesis Archdiocese of Southwark

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