Page 16, 31st March 1939

31st March 1939
Page 16
Page 16, 31st March 1939 — FOREIGN RADIO FOR YOU

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BRUSSELS (2): 9 a.m., Excerpts from Verdi Requiem U1IIan Scala Retords). 11 am., Organ and Motet Recital. 6.45 p.m., Fr. Van Geste!, O.P. : " God and I."

BUCHAREST: 7 p.m., " Christne am Oeiberge ''-Oratorlo (Beethoven).

BUDAPEST (1): 10 a.m., Nigh Mass. CRACOW: 1.65 p.m., Lenten Traditional Songs.

LuxEM_BOURG : 11.30 a.m. Address by the Rev. Fr. Bouillet: Eat and Drink of Justice. LYONS (Radio Lyons): 7.45 a.m., Muss for the Sick from the Church of St. Jeanne d'A.rc. 12 noon. Address by Abbe Sage: Christ, the King of Gentlenees,

MILAN, NAPLES AND ROME GROTTPS: 7.50 a.m. (Runic Group), Organ Recital from the Carmelite Church, Naples. 10 Missa Cantata from the Basilica of the Annunciation, Florence. 11 am., Address. 2 p.m., (Naples Group), " The Marriage of Figaro " (Mozart). 4 p.m. (Milan Graupl. Svmpbony Concert; guest conduetor, Pierre Coppola; solo piano, Alfred Cortot.

MONTE CENERT ; 10.30 a.m., Benedigiun (Trfozart). 10.40 a.m.. The Rev. Dr. Alberti. 8 p.m., Milan Madrigal Choir (Lottl, Palestrine, (roce, etc.); Recitations (Jaeoponts da Toth. St. Francis, Alighlern.

NICE-COTE D'AZUR: 4.30 p.m., St. John Passion (Bach).

CSLO: 7 p.m., Stabat Mater (Morn). PARTS (Radin-Parki): 11 a.m., Resents; Sacred

Music. 11,60 Address by the Rev, Fr. Soleselot. 12.10 mm., Organ Peelle! by Maurice Duruite. 5 p.m., Lenten Sermon by Canon Chevret Rona Notre Dame: The Ltfe of Modern Man-The Sword and the Cross, Highest Summits of Life. 1.311 Symphony Concert, Part I: Haydn. Handel; Part IT: " Golgotha." Oratorio (Georges Brun, words by Abbe Bretoeq).

RADIO EIREANN: 5.30 p.m., Organ Edited from Sligo Cathedral, 6.16 p.m., Esperanto Talk by Lorean O'hUiginn. I P.m., Teachers or Christendser•-gt. Ambrose. by the Rev. It. Farrell, C.SS.P.

RIGA: 4 p.m., St. Matthew Passion (Barb).

SCHENECTADY : 11 p.m., Catholic Hour; Address by Mgr. Fulton J. Sheen: Personal Preedom

SOTTENS: 4 p.m., St. John PaP.'100 (Baeh). 7.15 p.m., Part II of the St. Matthew Passion 11?.ach).

TOULOUSE (Radio-Toulouse): 8 a.m., Mime Cantata. 1.1.45 A.M. , Address by Abbe Sorel; I Relieve in Eternal Life.

WARSAW (I): 8.15 a.m. (for all Polish

stations), High Mass from Holy Cross Church. WARSAW (21: 9 p.m., Records of the Sistine

Chapel and Dijon Cathedral Choirs.


BEROMUNSTER : 8.45 p.m. (for all Swiss Stations), " Die Mutter den Gestas "-Paulen Play (Rudolf Schwan).

CRACOW 8.45 p.m., French Sacred Music; ,. Gallia. "-Cantata (Gounod); 0 Salutaris (Rousseau): ' The Seven Words from the Cross " -Oratorio (Dubois).

PARIS (PTT.): 11.40 a.m., Talk : The History of the Order of the Holy Ghost. 5.35 p.m., Organ Recital from the Echols. Cantorurn, p.m.. Lenten Concert.

P.AT)IO EIREANN: 8 p.m., " The Light of Life "-Oratorio (Eiger).

STRASBOURG: 8.15 p.m., Coneert from St. Maxlmin's Church. 9 p.m., Two Sacred Plays: a, " Martha " (Ripert); b, " Images Saintes " (Valmy-Baysse).

WARSAW (1) : 5.30 p.m., " La Media" (Blessing of the Bread)-Oratorio (Oddone). 8.30 p.m., Abbe Zieja.

ZAGREB: 7 p.m., '• The Last Supper Cantata (Matz).


BUDAPEST (1): 6 p.m., Holy Week Chants, luevEnsust co: 11.10 a.m.. Fr, Pile, O.P. 7.55 p.m., Lenten Service from St. Anthony of

Padua's, Kortenhoef-'0-Grave1and,

MONTE CENTERI: 7.15 p.m., Talk by Fr. Agostino Cyemeill, O.F.M.: catholic Scholars and the Times.

PARIS (Eiffel Tower): 5.30 p.m., Concert:

is loyal acceptance of his guidance and direction. As has been well said, men's prime need is loving obedience. in return for faithful guidance.

We have good reason to rely on such guidance from Pius XII. his whole career will give us confidence. lIis first words give us confidence. But there is much more than these to buttress our faith, for the strength of Christ's promise to Peter is with Peter's latest successor. " have prayed for thee and thou being once confirmed confirm thy brethren." Being Mee confirmed : he is already tried and shown not to have been wanting.

One of the Cardinals, who has been the new Pope's intimate friend for thirty-five years, described him to me as a man of exceptional ability, of profound learning, of wide, almost world-wide experience. But withal he has the simplicity of a child mid is, according in the prophecy of St. Malaelty, " The Angelic Pastor." Piety is his chief characteristic; his sole aim is the


ad711. 1icement of God's kingdom on


And I can testify from personal contact that his heart is as big as the whole world, and warm with love for every man. But all this " confirmation," all this proof, if proof were needed, is nothing compared with the confirmation of the Holy Ghost, the assistanee promised to His Vicar by Christ Himself. It. is that, above all, which gives 1.IS COHiidenee in the man who has now aseended the throne of Peter. And with ilk Very first words under ibis divine guidanee he has insisted that the world can be rescued from the tyranny of materialism, but only by the triumph Of truth, justice, and love in the lives of individual Christians.

Our next and constant duty is prayer for him in his lofty but arduous post. We must be insistent in prayer for our 'Holy liThIher, amid the dangers and anxieties lie has to face in these dark days of t riot. Let us pray for our Pope. God keep him and quicken him and make him blessed on the earth and deliver him not into the power of his enemies.

T conclude with Pius XH's special message to myself and to all the Catholies of England. He wrote lose words in English with his.own hand : " To our beloved Son, Arch. bishop of Westminster, and to ail the Catholics of England, from a heart filled with paternal affection, we impart our spacial Apostolic Bles.sing."

Stabat Mater (Haydn); Missa Mamas In D (Liszt).

PARIS (Radio-Paris): 11.55 a.m., Talk by Pierre Chi:Maine: The Centenary of the Death of Fr. Peter Damien, Apostle of the Lepers.

RADIO ErREANN: 8.50 a.m., " Traitor's Arms "-Holy Week Play (Sidney Carroll). RENNES-BRETAGNE: 12.10 p.m., Talk: Cathodic Literature.

ROME GROUP: 8 p.m., " Nfargherita da

Cartona " (Reece) from the Royal Opera. WARSAW (I); :Lae p.m., " At. the Foot of Um Cress "-Concert. 11 p.m., Abbe Zicias


ALPES-GRENOBLE: 4.25 p.m., Organ Recital from St. Andrew's.

BEROMUNSTER: 4 p.m., " The Seven Words from the Cross "-Oratorio (Haydn). BUCHAREST : 6 p.m., Talk : A Pilgrimage to

Assisi. 7 p.m., Missa Solemnis (Beethoven), BUDAPEST (1): 6.30 p.m., " Christus "

Oratorio (Liszt.) from the Royal Opera. CRACOW: 9.5 p.m., Sacred Chamber Music. MONTPELLIER: 2.35 p.m. , Talk with illustra tions: The Sacred Musie of Couperin Le Grand.

NICE-UOTE D'AZITR: 5.35 p.m., Concert : Psalms, Mass of St. Stephen (13tIsser).

PARTS (Radio Paris): 3.10 p.m., Third Lesson for Tene.hra P of Wednesday (CnoperinHoeree) (Records), 8.40 pin., Talk by Fr. Ducatilion: The Future of Civilisation RADIO EIREANN : 7 p.m., Poetry of the Passion by the Rev. Fergal McGrath. 7.43 p.m., Music of Tenebrae by Milltown Park Jesuit. Choir. 8.30 0.01., " Good Friday "Play (John Masefield). 9.10 pro., " The Seven Last Words "-Relay from St. Paul's Retreat, Mt. Argue.

RENN'ES-BRETAGNE: 8.30 p.m., Missa brevis (Palestr)nas SOTTENS: 7.65 p.m., Concert.

WARSAW (1): 1.15 p.m., Passion Music. CH p.m., Abbe Zieja,


BEROMUNSTER: 7.20 p.m., 0 bittrs Leidensizelt. 7.35 p.m., The Redentin Easter Play (1464). 8.45 p.m., A Requiem Mass.

BRUSSELS (2): 7 p.m.. Meditation on the Passion (arr. for Radio).

BUDAPEST Ili: 3.15 p.m., Report Irons the Holy Land Museum. 5.5 p.m., Talk: Good Friday in Rome. 7,20 p.m., Pension Play (Theo Fleiseh mann ).

MILAN, NAPLES AND ROME GROUPS: 8 Ti.mIMilan Group), " The Passion "-Three-Aet Play (Enrico Pea). 8 p.m., (Rome Group). Requiem (Verdi); conductor, La Rosa Parodi. 9.30 p.m. (Milan Group), Sacred Concert. 8.45 p.m. (Naples Group), Sacred Song and

Organ Recital. 10.5 p.m. (Milan Group), Passion Music.

MONTE CENERT: 6 pan., Arias from !Rabat Mater IScarlatti).

PARIS (Poste Pension): 4.40 p.m., Fr. Roguet, 0.P.

PARIS (PTT): 5.15 p.m„ Organ Recital from the Schola Cantorum.

PARIS (Radio Paris): .0.10 a.m., Records: Sacred Music. 2 p.m. Religious Prose and Poems (Paul Claudel), presented by the Author, 2,45 P.m., Sacred Music (Records).

RADIO IgIREANN: 5.30 p.m., Records of the Sistine Chapel Choir. tl.e p.m., The 1.515100 and Easter in Gaelic Folklore, 7.25 p.m., In the Upper Room-Talk by Dr. Arthur Ryan. 7.45 p.m., Music of Tenehrao by Milltown Park Jesuit Choir. 8.20 p.m., Irish Poetry OE the Passion. 8.45 p.m., Passion Music by the Choir of Mt. Aruus.

RADIO NORMANDY: 10 a.m. and 6.3 p.m., Relay from the Basilica of St. Theresa, Lisieux. STOCKHOLM: 5.20 p.m., Passion Music, VIENNA: 5 p.m., " Persia' '' (Wagner) from the State Opera.

WARSAW (1): 3.20 p.m„ " Miserere mei Deus " -Sequence with Music ftrrr. • And Stuglik). 4.25 p.m., Organ Recital from Our Lady of Victories, Lodz. 5.30 p.m., Part I. " Le Dieu vivant " (Cite and Suzanne Malard). 7.1.5 " The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ " or. " The Triumph of the Gospel "--Oratorio (Elsner). 10.5 p.m., 18th Century Polish Music, with Introductory Talk in French.

WARSAW (2): 9.30 p.m., Passion Musie. ZAGREB: 4.15 p.m., Stahel. Mater (Pergoles1).


BEROMDNSTER: 11.45 am, Hermann Schneider reads his Story, DmaithAus-Passion. :2 p.m., Sacred musie (Records). 4 p.m., Sacred Songs. 7 p.m., Choir from the Sacred Heart Church, Laufen. 7.40 '' Dec Acker/mum und der Tod "--14th Century Play.

BRUSSELS (L): 2 p.m., Holy Hour, 5 p.m., Excerpts from the St. Matthew and St. John

Passions (Bach) (Records). 5.30 " The Children of Jerusalem "-Play (Suzanne de Sainte-Croix). 6.5 p.m., Reading: Le Porche du Mystere de la deuxieme Vertu (Peguy). 6.15 p.m., Third Lesson of Tenebrue of Wednesday (Couperin-lloaree) (Records). 6.30 p.m., Maundy '.hursday (Francois Mauriac) with PlaM Chant, de Lassos and Palestrina Music. 7 p.m., Review by Mgr. Picard. 8 p.m., Good Friday Programme. Crucifixes (DAH).' Le paint de sue de Ponce Pilate (Claudel). Tenebrae fac.ta runt (Palestrina.). La tuort de Judas (Claudel). 8.45 p.m., Office of the Burial of Our Lord according to the Byzantine Rite, 9".31a0Yd. pe.m.f,rojaThielitsevBeenneWd cirtains efrom rr othr ye, cArQmssay.

-Oratorio (Haydn). 10,10 DM. Tenehrae from St. Andrew's Benedictine Abbey, Lophem Bille1171-ABPrEugSeTs. (1): 9.15 a.m., Mass of the PreSanctified. 4.10 p.m., Lamentations from }Mann. Church. 7.20 p.m., Good Friday Meditation by Bishop Revaez.

CRACOW: 2.311 p.m., Service from the Pilgrimage Church, Ealwar1a. 4.30 p.m.. Concert. 5 p.m., Passion Music from the Cathedral, 8 p.m., Stabat Mater (Pergolesi).

DANZIG: 3 p.m., " Per Ackermann und der Tod "-14th Century Play (Johannes von Seas). DEUTSCHLANDSENDER: 9 a.m.. Fourth Sym

Cphreoentylo(nia'r'u-ckonraerto) rit,Readsa).. 4.(3B0ecpo. rmd.e,a"; The FRANKFURT: 6.30 p.m., St. Matthew Passion


KASSA: 8 a.m., Maas of the Pre.Sanctteed. 5.30 p.m., " Mary Magdalene "-Play 'a Slovak (Fiedler).

'KAUNAS: 4 p.m., Service. 5 p.m., Sacred Music.

LAHTI: 6.30 p.m., Concert. " Boat( (mines "Cantata (Roman). Organ: Prelude, Fugue and Chaconne (Pachelbel). Stabat Mater (Pelves lesi).

LEIPZIG: 5 p.m., St. Matthew Passion (Bach), LJUBLJANA: 7 p.m., psalms. 7.30 p.m., The

Seven Words from the Cross." 8.15 p.m., L13°ErtElMnd13')OdUiRta:"1o1.3COon sic.mer.t,. Address by the Rev.

Fr. 13ouillet: The Light Behind the Cross.

1.30 p.m., Sacred Songs.

LYONS (Radio Lyons) : 1.37 p.m., sacred Choral Music. 7.15 p.m., Abbe Turel.

MAnsF0ILLEs: 2.45 p.m., The Passion "Sequence (Bezet).

MILAN, NAPLES AND ROME: 10.30 a.m. (Palermo and Catania), Good Friday Concert, 4.15 p.m., Organ Recital. 7.30 p.m. (Naples Group), Organ Recital. 8.30 p.m. (Rome Group), Sacred Concert.

MONTE CENERI: 6.30 p.m., :Motets. 7.15 p.m., The Myateriea of Holy Week, Nos. 5 and 6 (Biter). 7.30 p.m., Impression' miatiche suite Basiliche Romane-Four-Part Mass (Vteari), „OSLO:. 7.30 To Deem (Nleolai).

PARIS (Poste Parisien): 9.5 p.m., -The Passion" PARTS TTequen(pceIT: 0 .m r. 2R3oguetp,0.,P.).

Sacred Music (Records). 5 p.m., Choir of St. Gervais'. 8.30 p.m., Concert. Stabat Mater (Haydn). Missa solemnis in D (Liszt).

PARIS (Radio-Parts): 11.20 a.m., Sacred Music (Records). 2.15 and 3.30 p.m., Sacred Songs. 6.45 11.1n., Address by the Rev. Fr. Bolssenst: We the First Christians-Crucify Him. 7.15 p.m,. Reading by Paul Claudel. 11 p.m., Concert, Including Guy Ttopartz' Requiem.

RADIO NORMANDY: G p.m., Address by the Rev. Pr. Samson of the Oratory: The Gospels' Answer to the Cry: Bread, Peace, Liberty. 9 p.m., Relay from St. Wandrille's Abbey.

REYKJAVIK: 9 p.m., Requiem (Verdi).

SCHENECTADY: 11 p.m., Catholic Hour. Address by Mgr. Fulton J. sheen: Personal Freedom (Correlation of the Seven Last Words and the Seven Capital Sins) Seventh Word: Covetousness.

STRASBOURG: 11.15 a.m.. Sacred Concert (Records). 2.20 p.m., Talk in German on the 5th Centenary of the Cathedral. 2.45 p.m., See Marseilles. 3.13 p.m., String Quartet, The Seven Words from the Cross (Haydn). 4.30 p.m., St. John Passion (Each). 8.30 p.m., Concert for the 5th Centenary of Strasbourg Cathedral, relayed from the Cathedral.

STUTTGART: 9 A.M., Bach Organ Recital, 11 p.m., Requiem (Verdi).

Published by the NEW CATHOLIC HERALD, LTD., at 67, Fleet Street, London, E.C.4, and printed in Great Britain by the BRIGHTON HERALD, LTD., at Pavilion Buildings, Brighton. Friday,

March 31, 1939.

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