Page 5, 31st March 1972

31st March 1972
Page 5
Page 5, 31st March 1972 — SEX AND THE SINGLE MIND

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ONE of Francis Xavier's (1506-1552) memorials is at Goa in what used to be l'ortuguese India, This Jesuit missionary and saint "The Apostle of the Indies" came from a Navarre family and matriculated from the University of Paris Where he resided at the College de Ste Barbe, then under the protection of the King of Portugal. He was ordained at Venice on June 24, 1537 and took part in the formation of the Society of Jesus of which he became the first Secretary.

Xavier was enlisted by John III of Portugal to work in his vast Eastern Empire. He landed at Goa on May 6, 1542. The memorial to him is shown in the above picture.

The pearl fishers of Southern Travancore accepted Portuguese protection and Xavier baptised about 30,000 people in Southern India. He visited Moluccgt and the Spice Islands, and attempted to spread the Gospel to Japan and China. He deserves to be ranked with Saints Patrick, Boniface and Columba.

He comes particularly to mind now as the 350th anniversary of his canonisation occurs this year.

R. Hodson Edenbridge, Kent.

I AM writing, with the full co-operation of the Bertrand Russell Estate. a major life of the late Bertrand Russell and would be grateful to hear from any of your readers who have correspondence, photographs or information likely to be of use to a biographer.

Any material sent to me will be returned without delay.

Ronald W. Clark 10 Campden St., London, W.8.

Altaration MIGHT I be permitted to correct the reference in Focus on Facts (March 17) to an altar as being "for sale." It is for disposal "at any price" or 'none at all. Even free delivery is arranged should the inquirer not be able to afford an offer.

Secondly, it is not a "small" altar. It is 8 x 3 x 34 feet. Thirdly and most important of all Brightlingsea is not "fortunate" in being able to put catechists into store!

(Miss) P. Fitzgerald Colchester. AM quite sure that the booklet "Sex Education and the Primary Child" was never intended to be the final, authoritative word on this complex subject. Yet, L. Moore (March 17) seems to claim that it is — basing his claim on the fact that Archbishop Beck wrote an introduction expressing confidence that "the notes will prove useful to parents and teachers."

To accuse the headmaster S. B. Pope (February 25) of "making at least an oblique attack on the authority of the Archbishop" because he expressed his views and those of many teachers on sex education is quite ridiculous. His Grace encourages, welcomes discussion.

All the "top men" in the field of catechetics insist on freedom to discuss and to criticise. Fr. Richards and Fr. Wet z are names which spring to mind. Fr. de Rosa went so far as publicly to disagree with the Vicar of Christ. One does not

Alleged tOrtures

in Ulster Ypublished a small part of Fr. Faufs letter. He has listed 25 principal methods of torture. Catholic Standard. March 3. I realise that in deference to the sensitivity of your readers you may have been reluctant to mention kicking the genitals and applying heat from a powerful fire, it is a known medical fact that excessive heat to the testes will cause sterility.

Insertion of instruments into the anal passage and urinating on prisoners are other alleged methods of denigrating those arrested.

Of course Fr. Faul is a Catholic and a priest, so his testimony is suspect! It is only natural that English people are reluctant to believe that their Army or the loyalist Stormont Government and forces of law and order could commit such acts.

One would have thought that Catholics of all nationalities would recognise that as human beings we are imperfect because of original sin. All of us have the potential to become saints or devils.

In the Algerian war it was the padres in the Freach Army who put a stop to the torture of prisoners. They stated publicly that the methods of interrogation were immoral. Theirs was a courageous and difficult decision, amounting to treason. They were courtmartialled. but the tortures ceased.

Fr. Foul's 24 case histories have been submitted to all relevant Departments. Heads of State, Army, Church, etc. The Army gives orders and carries out its duties in the name of Her Majesty the Queen. Onc

wonders if Fr. Faul's documents and case histories have been or will be submitted to her for inspection.

If English men and women rare for their country and their Army they should think carefully on what is happening in Northern Ireland, Young soldiers are being brutalised in the situation. It will affect them for the rest of their lives. The prestige of England abroad has sunk to a low level. European reporters are sending the grim

details of interrogation methods to their papers. These are men who held England in high regard. Some took refuge here during the war.

England was the only country in the world that opened its doors to the destitute and sick displaced persons of Europe. All other countries demanded good health and monetary guarantees. .Agnes Berry wrote in the Guardian of March 1: "It is sad to see England on the slippery slope."

It is the Agnes Herr ys and James O'Callaghans (Guardian reporter who resigned his job) who one hopes will once more rouse themselves to protest against the injustices in Northern Ireland.

Peggy Norris, M.B.

Liverpool want the 'freedom claimed by these men. But until a matter has been the subject of an official, authoritative statement it is open to discussion.

It is interesting to note what Pope Pius XI wrote about sex education — and no Church authority has repudiated his words : "Adopting a policy which is as foolish as it is fraught with danger, there are many who advocate and promote a method called by the unpleasant name of 'sex education.'

They are under the false impression that it is possible by merely natural arts. and without any of the safeguards of religion and piety, to forearm adolescents against unchastity and sensuality."

Now, agreeing that "times have changed" we must admit that human nature has not. Again, in this sex-ridden society of ours, it may well be necessary in the interests of our children to be a little more explicit,

The whole matter is most difficult and delicate. And for this reason no, one should be accused of disloyalty if he expresses views in keeping with the mind of the: Church always concerned for souls of our children.

M. A. McGarvey Headmaster Liverpool, 19.

U-UNLESS the Church is not only just but can be seen to be just she has no right to lecture others on social justice.

The allegations of an Italian Socialist M.P. do not constitute proof of fact, but I suggest that a State which gels contributions from this country in the shape of Peter Pence should give some account of what happens to this money. and some assurance that workers in that State are given a "just wage."

If we can help to secure this by increasing our Peter Pence. then let us know. If on the other hand our Peter Pence does not affect the issue, then I. for one, in conscience cannot contribute in future to a State which is less just than its (very poor) neighbour.

(Fr.) Michael Gedge Holbury. Southampton.

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