Page 9, 31st May 1968

31st May 1968
Page 9
Page 9, 31st May 1968 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Cardinal Heenan of WestminsterEriday Visits hospital and sehool in me, End parish. Sanuilat: Opens Cie

/Welkin mark 401ith anniterears it leunding of English Orient! at Douai. Si. Edmund's College, 4, Sunday: Sines Mass. Cathedral. 10.30. Preaches at International Sen. ice el Witness. West minster Abbey, 3. Confirmations. Cathedral. 4.311. Mondat! Addresses Intonatiunal Ciinferente of Voluntare Avt.11cItS Till "Who is in t' tieighhour?" 1930, bishop Casey of Weelminsler-Friditt: Nem and confirmation, Whitton. Saturday: Attends Si. Edmund's erthihition. 4. Tutsdav: Attends Chapter Mass and meeting. Archbishop's llouse,,1 I. PreStois prizes, Cardinal Vaughan School, 7.311. Thursday: Offers lass and wives confirmation, Cardinal Vaiiihan Stewed, III. Bishop Butler. Ameillary of Westminster --Friday: Visit and contirmai.on, Radlett. eaturdas: Attends St. Edmund's exhitii. lion, Attends Old Iloy's Dinner-. Ratcliffe College. Monday: Ones prizes. Raielitle College, W.:dm:Woo Ad• minittration Council, Westminster. II. (lives Annual Fairchild leteture Ti' Worshipful Company ol Cierdners, St. Michael's, Cornhill. Archbiehup Beek ta itiverpacaFridat Blesses and opens new church Our lath Queen of Marttrs. Literpool. 7. Saturday: Visits C.Y.M.S. Annual Conference, Mott College, Litt:recto], 4. Sundate relebnites Pontalical I-In:11 Mass. Cathedral, 11. Attends seri lee [Or "Community and Unity" Exhibition. Cathediel. 4. Monde): Concelebrates Mass. Notre Dame content. Birkdale. in celebration of its Centenary.

Wehrle Cashman of Arundel and

BrightonFriday! Mere Mass and preaches, St. Mary's, Cadopan SIrtel, 6.30. Saturday: Attends Centenary Celebrations, Lancing Collier, Chapel, 12. Tuesday: Attends meeting. Surrey School Comntission, Woking, 8 p.m. Wednesday! Attends meetinp, Directors cit Vocations, Hose, 3.311, Ihursdas: Con• firmations, SUSsr:/t Univositt. 7.30.

Bishop Rudderharti of ClIfton--Sunday: Confirmations. Pro-Cathedral, 3.30. Wednesday: 13Iessing and opening 01 Si. Bernadette's Church, Whitehurch, Bishop Cunningham of flexham and Newesolle-Sunday: Solemn Pontifical High Mass and Papal Blessing. rattledrel, 11.30. Confirmation, Cathedral, 3.

Bishop Foley of lemesister -FridgeMonday! On Lourdes Pilerenaite 51011day: Mien& Council Meeting of Roman Association of K.S.CC. Club, London, 5.30, Tuesday: Attehds Roman Association Meeting. K.S.C., London, II. 'I htirsday: Attends Femme: Commission !sleeting. Lancaster, 10.311,

Bishop Wheeler of 1.eetle-FridaeThursdas: On Lourdes Pilgrimatte.

Bishop McClean of MiddleshrouehFriday-Thursday: Leach Middleehroueh Ditroesan Pilitrimaate to Lourdes. Bishop Grind of Norlhampton-Fridat'. May Devotions. Cathedral, p.m Santeday: Celebrates Mass lot handicapped Children, Our Lady fled the Eriathsh Martyrs, Cambridge, 3. Sunday("MI-tuna non and Mass, Cathedral, 11. Tuesday and Wednesday: Chapter Meetinye, Northampton.

Bishop Ellis of Nottingham-Saturday: Ordination of Rev. D. Caine. Wtthenshaeve. Sunday: Pontifical High Mass (Il), Confirmation (3), Cathedral.

Bishop Iteslleaux of Plemoulh-Saturday: Attends Civic Opening of Annual (7onferenee of Nailenal Association of Stead 'Teachers, Guildhall, l'Ismouth. 9.311. Sunday: Pontifical High Slats Ole Confirmation (3). Cathedral. Tuesday: Plesses new church, Comte: Martin, sass first Mass, 6. Thursday: Mass at Pat. Cornwall, 7.40. p.m.

Bishop Censer of Shrewsbury-Sunday: Confirmations, Cathedral. Monday and Tuesday: Attends Ruffian Association Meeting, London. 'Thursday: Concelebrates Mass, Juhilarlans, Hale Barns, 11.311. Attends Catcnian Dinner, Stockport.



Rev. M. Fitzpatrick. Blackburn Catholic Youth Centre, so be parish priest at St. Joseph's, Shaw. -Rev. M. Walsh, Sc. Edmund's, Little Hutton, to he chaplain al Blackburn Catholic Youth Centre. Syke Street, Blackburn.

Kee. B. Pilling. Citareaul, Young Students, to be assistant priest al Chu Lath of Grace, Prestereh.

Re.. W. Byrne, Our Lady id tiratt. Prestuich, to he assistant priest at St. Leek's, Bury, Vert Key, F.. Kelrirart Irons SI. Mariv'e, Bitty to he fissistant at Cathedral. Ret NI. Stanley. Irom St. WillthronEs, Clattim, to be assistant it SI Maric's, Bury. Rev. II. Wood, from Cathedral to St. Willibrord's, Clayton, Assistant.

At a recent Provincial Chapter of the Passionisr Fathers, held at St. Paul's Retreat, Myddelton Lodge, Ilkley. Yorks, the following elections were made. Provincial Consultors! Fr. Hubert Condron; Fr. Bonaventure Wilson, Fr. Austin Smith and Fr. Aldan Baker. Delegate to the General Chapter and Substitute: Fr. Smith and Fr. Autrutine Lane.

The following appointments of Superiors Were made: Master of Novices Fr, Mark Whelehan. Minst create: Rector Fr, Colum Devine; Assistant Fr. Chrysostom Kelly.

Ilkley. Rector Fr. Andrew Lane; Assistant, Fr. Pius Rotherham.

Milton Rector Fr. Cluistopher Kelly; Assistant, Fr. Malachy Steenson. Ormskirk: Rector Fr. Austin Smith; Assistant, Fr. Michael Mysrscough.

Birmingham: Rector Fr. Bernard Leen; Assistant. Fr. Benedict McCaaery.

Broadway: Rector Fr. Alfred Wilson: Assistant, Fr, Dominic Drumm.

Highgate. Rector Fr. Henry Kielty; Assistant, Fr, Matthew Crilly. Herne Bay. Rector Fr. Peter Paul O'Connor; Assistant Fr. Sebastian Shearer.

Cannarthen: Rector Fr. Malcolm Reid; Assistant Fr. Gerald Bentley.

Si. Dated's: Rector Fr. Francis McCaRery.

St. Joseph's. Paris: Rector Fr. Basil Rice; Assistant, Fr. lames F_amer


Fr. Kenneth Tasman, S.J.

Fr, Kennelh Tasman. S.J., at Salts. entry, Ithndesia, aged 78. He was burn in London, educated at Dulwich College and Keble College. Oeford, ard he he. came a Chureh of England clergyman. At the age of 311h c was admitted as a nosier to the Society of Jesus at Roehampron, making his first vows in 1922 after st ending ONC1 a sear in tuberculosis sanatoria. lele was sent In South Africa, and in 19211 was the first priest to he ordained in Salistuirt. All his ptiestle life was spent in Africa, mainly in Rlende•eia. at Avondale, Monte Cassino Mission and Mtoku.

Fr. Laurence Cardwell, S.].

Fr. Laurence Cardwell. 54.. at Denbigh. said 7e. He was torn at Fallowfield, near Manchester. educated at Stonthurst, and entered the Society of Jesus in 19117. He taught !mathematic& and physic& at Preston from 1914 to 1920, then studied IN:elutes. at St. Buitho's College, Wales, and was ordained in 1922. After teaching at Mount St. Meryl' College and Heyehrnp (where he was Minister) he became parish priest of Spinkhill. His last :,ears were spent at St. Buenos College


SUNDAY: N. Ireland Home Service, 1030-11.15 a.m.: Morning Sere ice"Creator Spirit": A Meditation for Whit Sunday, written and narrated by Fr. Patrick MeEnroc. Reader: Maurice O'Callaehan, World Service 5.15-5.45 p.m.: Service of International Witness, Westminster Abbey, Preacher: Cardinal Heenan. Radio 4, 8-5.30 p.m.: Subject for Sunday. Down among the dead men. Salty Trench, aged 22, talks to Leslie Smith about her experiences while working for outcasts. (Broadcast April 111). MONDAY to FRIDAY: BBC Sentland. Late Night Epilogues. Spiritual Classics, by Fr. Bernard McDonald. TliFSDAY: Radio 3. 1.50-2.22 p.m.: Byrd at Aldeburgh. Motets (('antimiet ■ acrue,) (Ftom the 1967 Aldeburgh Festiva!, pent At two programmes. Second on WEDNESDAY at 1.5n p.m.).

FRIDAYS Third Programme, 10.3011 p.m. Keeley: Mita brevit.

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