Page 8, 31st May 1985

31st May 1985
Page 8
Page 8, 31st May 1985 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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0 = Ordinetion, V v. Visitation'. = Mass: C Conn, whorl.

Ca/dirty! Horne, Arehelshop ot Westminster Sunday-Friday Celechetics Conference, Bruges. Satunday7 Preenh St. John's College. Cambridge, 10 am.

Archbishop Bowen of Soullwrark Tuesday: inauguration M for new parish ol Ham, B pm Wednesday: Bishops/Stoll meeting. SI John's Seminary Diocesan Bishops Meeting. St John', Seminary. 3 30 pm. There:ear ConeeMration of pariah church. TonbrIdge. 7_30 pm Seturday: Interviews candidates for the Peestlinort, Archbishop't House kchilishoP Codas de Murrell, of Illnelingham Sunday: V and C. St Philip's, Smethwink Consecration vi St Males Church, HarvIngion, S ern. 'Niacin: Chapter Meeting 5 m, 91 cam'. cathedral, 11.45 pm. C, Holy Crofts, Lichfield, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Corpus Christi SA, St Chad's Cathedral. 12.55 pm. AA, Warwich University Chaplaincy. 7 pm. Friday: Archbishop's Council Meriting, 11 am. M lw Jubilee of Parish at Brownhills, 7 pm. Saturday: Leads Diocesan Pilgrimage to Walsinghani.

Archbishop Ward of Cardiff Sunday' V & C, St Tato** Whitchurch, Dodd( Teendey: Newport District Deanery Meeting, Archbishop's House, 11 am. M, 150/5 Anniversary of death of Foundot of Ursulines of Janie. SI JoReph's, Greenhill, Swansea, 7 pm Wednesday: C. St Mary's Canton. Cerdifl, 7.30 Dm_ Thursday: Puntilical M toy Corpus Christi. St David's Cathedral. 12.30 pm. Meeting of St Jude Society. Archbishops HOusq, B pen.

Biehop Alexander et soedayeraonoor Radio Bristol Pilgrimage In Holy Land. Tuesday: Returns helm Holy Land Thursday: V. Sheltesbury Genesi:1 and CeiebraLu H. 2.15 pm. Callon Cathedral. 7 pm. Friday: V, Clifton Seminedane at Oscott College Recommission, Special Ministers of Holy Commumon Cl eidton Cathedtal, 7.3U pm Satusday: C at SI Mary'S Convent, Shaftesbury, 11 am. k4 tor the Newman Asancialion a1 Whitelriars School. Cheltenham. 5.30 pm.

Eilahop John Brewer. Bishop of Lancaster Sunder V & C. St Clare's, Preston. Televised PA Tuesday: Meeting of Board of Governors. UShem College_ 3 pm Wednesday C SI Pal:lc:Ws VVorkington, 7 pm. Bishop Clark of East Anger: Sunday: Continues V. St Mary's, Great Yarmouth. Walla Calabar, Hirrieby and Ada, Monday: PA, St Marrs Primary School, Great vermouth. Tuitadsy: C, Si George's, Norwich, 7.30 Thursdar Corpus Christi H. St Thema; More School. Norwich, 0.30 arn Friday. Confers Mlnletries, All Hallows College, flehlin, 5.30 pm Siturder 0 Deaculls, All Hallows College. Dublin.

Bishop Clarra, Auxiliary Ise Bloninghem Weider Meeting with Priests of Wolverhampton Lleanery, 10 311 am PA & C. St May, Leek. 7 30 pm Tuesday: Chapter Meeting & MI, Si Chad's Cathedral, 11.45 ann. M & C, SS John & Anthony, Kingehutal. 7.30 pm. Wednesday M & C, St Patrick, Stafford. 7.30 pm. Thursday. Concelebrates M at Shy*, Jubilee of Corpus Christi Parish, Wednealiald, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Gray of SteewebUry Sender. V. St John the Banner, TImperley Winder Church Student Interviews, Curial Offices.

Bishop Chsam111, Ancillary tor Westminster Sunday C. Bow Commen, 10 am. Sever Jubilee PA, Edon Grove, 6.30 pm. Tuesidar. Allen Hall student* Stoop, PJH, 8.30 pm Wednesday: CD& 10 sm. Thanksgiving Service, St Dunstan'e, 7 pm. Friday: Pastoral Workers' Group, 10.30 am. C, Haverstock Hill, 7.30 pm Saturday: C, Claplon, 8 pm.

Bishop Hannigan of Menevla Sunday: C, The Cathedral, Wrexham, 3 pni. Friday: C, Llay, 7 pm. Saturday: Stad oil V to Tenby Bishop Herds of Middleabemeh Sunday: Centenary celebrations, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Stalthes, PA, 11 am. Tusedmy/Wednesdar Meeting of UalsaW Governors Felder Presentation 01 Papal Award In Mrs Barbara Boyes, Out Lady of Lourelea. Saithum. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Harvey Auxillery Sur Westminster Sunder. C. St is:melee. Enfield (1 orkey Street). 10 am. C, St Joseph. Wembley. 5 pit. Tuesday: Deans' Meeting. 10 30 arc Wedneeday: C DA.. 10 am. Friday: M, SI James' School, Grahame Park, 9.10 am. Saturday: C. Our Lady of Willesden. Willesden, 8 pm.

Bishep Henderson, Auxiliary for Southwark Sunday/Monday: Commences Pastoral V. &dews, S am-8 pm. PA and C. &Moue 3 pm (Mold 12 noon, Woe) 9.30 Wednoettey: Bishops' Stall Meeting, Wonersh, pm. Saturate,: Annual meeting 01 the Southwark Ecumenical Commission, Minna Centre, 2 30-0 20 pm.

Bishop HItchen. Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday: V. St Paul's, Weal Dottiy. Monday: C. Our Lady's, Formby, Twaiday/Viedneadar UShavi Governing Body. C, Our Lady's. Formby, 7.30 pm. Thersder. Regional Sponsoring body. 2.30 orn. Crider Catholic Social Services, 2 pm. Appeal or Venerable English College, Rome; Reception at Walker Ad Gallery. Liverpool, 7,30 pm. Satwday CAFOD, London Bishop Jukes. &Wintry lot Southwwk Sunder V to Mongeham parish. Monday Chaim Beans' Meeting Cl West Melling, 11 am Tuesday: Leborern Eancens meeting, 11 ern Wednesday: PA and olfers hospitality to Link Couples, West Mailing. 8 pro Thursday Bishops' Stall Heeling. Wonersh. V. Whitstable parish and bletere 01 Mercy Convent. FeldaylSaturday: V to Sheerness parish.

B ishop Kelly el Salford Sunday Meeting with Religious of the Diocese, al Cathedral High School, Salford, 2.30 pm. Mondar-Wedneerley: V. Ushaw College and Nonhem Bishops Meeting Thwarter PA le Cathedral tor Venal of Corpus Christi, 12.10 pre Rescue Council Meeting 2 pm. Friday: Begins V of Si Michael's, Whitatietd. Bury. 2 pm. 5:Murder interviews Candidates for the Priesthood If Cathedral Hama, Salford, S ern. M tor the Annoying of the Slob al St Michael's, Wheelie:Id 12 pm B ishop Hugh Lindsey of Harhem I NavVelleit C M, Wallaend Monday Working Party for a ministry to priests, Bishop's House, Ptewcestle TusedaylWedneeday: GoVernOrS Mnniii,rj. lishaw College Friday: V. Campion College. Osterley, pm Saturday: National Board ol Cale:air. Women, Meeting, London. 10 are Bishop Konatent, Auxiliary tel Westminster Sunday C, Ogle Street, 11 am. C, More House University Chaplaincy, b pm. Monday: Committee lor Christian Formation Meeting, Clapham. 11 ern Wednesday: CD& Archbishop's House. 10 am C, Hammersmith. 7.30 pm. Friday: Governors' Meeting, 61 Edmund's College, 2 pm Saturday: C. Bayswater. 0.30 pm.

Clamp Mottuinnes ot tacaingham Sunday: VIC, St Peter's, Hinckley. 3 pm. Wednesday, Sehools Commiaelon Meeting, SI Paul's, Nottingham. 2 pm Vises Melees ol Charity, Leicester, 13 pm. Thursday: D.D.C.F. Meeting, London, 11 am Nolte Ecumenical Council, Sutton in Ashfleid, 7.30 pm Friday Diamond Jubilee PA and Celetoalmns Si Philip Men. Mansfield, 7 pm. Saturday. 0 Matthew Sheldon, Good Shephutd, Arnold, 12 noon

Bishop McCertia, Auxiliary for Birmingham Sender M 8 C. SI Oeture's, Coventry. Tuesday, Chapter Meeting & H. SI Chairs Cathedra, 111.45 an, Wednesday: V. School & Parish. Christ the King. Coventry Service. Solihull Council of Churches, 8 pm Thursday: M & Blended Sacrament ProceasLon. St Anne, Caversham Friday: Diocesan Schools Commission, 2 pm Saturday: Comore MP tot Community Relations, London, 11 am Bishop McMahen et Brentwood Sunday: M & C. Holy NamP Chelmsford 11 10 urn Preaches, Brentwood School. 7,45 pm. Tuesday: Mooting el Unity COMMiltoe, Stock. 8 pin Wednesday: Healed 01 Bishops and Stall, St Jnhn'a Serfiiouy, Wonersh Thuredaylerldar Conlein Minn:doylies. Ushow College. Saturday: Preachea at SI Thome, More Festival, Si Mary Lefton. Harlow, A pm

Bishop Mosertey It Malian Sunday: DIOCSISan pilgrimage or Walainghem mender Meetiee of University Council, 4,15 pin TuesdaylWednesday: Meeting et Ushaw Governos Emmy V end M at Spinkhill primary school, 11330 am Bishop Mullins. Ara. Bishop In Swansea Sunday' Pregelhu. Pencoed, 11 am. Tuesday Concelehralee M at Si Joseph's. Greenhill Ice Un,i3,rinn 1 pm Saturday: Meeting of Mu Commerce Mr Higher Education London

Bishop MurphrO'Connor ol Arundel and Brighten Sunday: V StOvrong Parish, am Brighton Deanery C. Arundel Cathedral, 2 30 pm. Tuesday: chaptai Meeting. Storringinn. am. Wednesday: BishopstSlatf meeting. Si Johrea Seminary. Wonersh. pm Thursdey M end leads Corpus Christi Procession, Arundel Cathedral 5.311 [Au Friday: V. South of England Show, Ardingly. Tooth Foaming, StOrrinplOn, pnl Sounder Crawley Deanery, Arundel Calhedtal, 3

Bishop J. O'Brien, Auatillary 10f Westminster

Monday. Herta Area Advisory Council meeting at All Sahli!, Pastoral Centre, 8 Pm. Tuesday Ecumenical Open evening Ed All Saints Pastoral Centre, 8 pm Wednesday: CDA at ArchhIstelpe House. 10 am, ThWeday: C al Si Berthoinmew's St Albans, B pin Friday: C at SI Anthorly's Radial, 7.30 can. Wader

Justice & Peace Study Day at Holy Road School, VVallord B ishop K O'Brien, Auxiliary lee Middlesbrough Sunder Centenary et Our Lodi Slat ot the Sea Church, Stailhes Tuesdaylbiednesday: Meeting at Ushaw Governor,* Bishop It O'Connor, Auxiliary for Liverpool Sunday: V. Our Lady's. Prescot Monday; V continued, Out Lady*. Prescot, C, Ti Thomas', $t Helens, 7.30 psi, Tuesdayrwednesday: Governors' Ushaw. Wednesday: Prescot Deanery Pastoral Council Heeling, pm. Thursday: SI John' Stone. Woodvale, 7 30 pm. Fader G1 GnrialaPhare. spoke. 7.30 PM

Bishop Reersthane. Auxiliary for LiverPool Sunder V. Sacnid Heart, Chorley Monday; V. Sacred Heart, ChOrter 7.30 pm Tuseidey/Wednesdev: Governors' Meteline, UShaw. Thursday; C, SI Joseph's, Anderton. 7,30 pm Friday: Toxtelli Deanery Meeting, 3.30 pro C, St Robed Bellarmine, 000110, 7.30 pro Seturder C. St JOSOph's, Si Helena P 30 pm.

B ishop Pleatleaux of Plymouth Sunder M and C, St Bonitace's Church, Creditio, 11 am Wednesday: M and C, SI May's Abbey Church, Bodmin, 7 pm. Bishop Thomas of Northampton Sunder V. SI John's, Luton. Monday: Liturgy Commission, em Eccles Educalloo Board, poi Clapham, En. Coma. Tuesday: C. SI Aidan's, pm. Wednesday: Oscoil Reunion. MACC.0 AGM, pm Thurediry. Visits Rick, Chusham. Garrett's GPM. 7.30 Pm Crider Garrard& CIOSs. 7.311 pm Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary In Southwark sender C at Tolworth, 11 am. Tuestley: Meeting with Prison Chaplains al Aylesiord. Saturday: C at Thornton Heath. 3 pm.

Bishop WeIrmiley fide Fore.2) Sunday: V. Minden Garrison. Weal Germany Werineatar 0, Class Reunion, Aisbey Woad 12 now, FrldeyHaturder inlereationel Military Pile:Images. Lourdes pm. Sishop Wheeler al Leeds Sunday: V A C. Knollingley lien'. Petrone' Feast Trinity and All Saints, Horstorth. 8.30 pm Monday: Jubilee PA, f el Martyrs. Bradlord 7.30 pin luesdayfWednesdar Northern Bishops Meeting. Liana*, Thursday, Solemn Corpus Chrlati, Cathedral, 7.30 pm Friday: Leaves for Ronne. Saturday; 0, Si Paune.outsIde theWalls, Roma

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