Page 10, 31st October 1958

31st October 1958
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Page 10, 31st October 1958 — • •

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Locations: Venice, Rome


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For first Venice gives

the Church another Pope

THE coronation of His Holiness Pope John XXIII will take place on Tuesday, November 4, Feast of St. Charles Borromeo, exactly a week after his election.

As in the case of the late Pope Pius XII, the Holy Father is expected to be crowned with the triple tiara on the balcony of St. Peter's, following Pontificia' High Mass celebrated in the Basilica.

The ceremony will be carried out acc&cling to the ancient rite of the 14th century. This includes when the Chaplain chants "Holy Father thus passes the world's glory"—as a flax-tipped torch is ignited to die out at once. A special blessing of the Pontiff is pronounced by three Cardinal Bishops and a special three-fold supplication to God for the welfare of the new Pope is made.

The news of the election of a Cardinal Patriarch of Venice to the See of Peter for the second time in a half century became known on Tuesday about half an hour after white smoke announcing that, at the I I th ballot, a Pope had been chosen.


Immediately the news was flashed round thc world by Vatican Radio in a dozen languages, on television and teleprinter.

A great crowd of more than 250,000 swarmed to St. Peter's Square; homes, offices and shops were abandoned as the people of RDIlle gathered for the first appearance, by floodlight, of the new Pope. Inside the conclave area, the newly-elected Holy Father, having accepted election to the Supreme Pontificate, was receiving the first obedience from the assembled Cardinals.

The crowd waited as it were in a massive hush, eyes glued to the central balcony of St. Peter's. lights already flickered through the great doors and windows.

" By what name do you wish to he called ?" Cardinal Tisserant had asked the new Pope. whose name and identity was as yet unknown to the world.


" I wish to be known as Joannes (John) XXIII," he replied.

He then went to the sacristy to put on the white soutane, and the Cardinals changed from purple mourning to their customary scarlet.

It was during this lime that Cardinal Canali, the senior Cardinal Deacon. left the Sistine Chapel and went to the balcony of St. Peter's.

Enormous spotlights bathed the balcony in brilliant tight as he stepped forward to make the announcement: "Annunzio vobis gaudium magnum: habemus Paparn-1 announce to you tidings of great joy; we have a Pope,"

The sudden and immense cheering delayed momentarily the announcement of the name; cheers which stretched out into the blackness far and beyond St. Peter's Square.

Then Cardinal Canali continued: " He is the most illustrious and most reverend Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who has taken the name of Giovanni (John) XXIII."

Immediately, the new Holy Father stepped out on to the balcony accompanied by Cardinal Tisserant, Dean of the Sacred College, and Cardinal Micara, Vicar of Rome, and preceded by a master of Pontifical ceremonies bearing the Papal Cross. "


Then Pope John gave the first Pontifical blessing of his reign orbi et orbi, to the city and to the world.

With the appearance of the new Pope the crowd broke into cries of Viva ii Papa. It was the first time that cry had been heard in St. Peter's Square since the late Holy Father made his last appearance before leaving for Castel Gandolfo where only a few weeks later Ile was to die.

The first "Iron Curtain" nation to receive the news of a new Pope was Hungary, whose Communist rulers would not allow Cardinal Mindszenty to attend the Conclave. The news was broadcast by the Hungarian Service of Radio Free Europe in Munich.

In Venice

In Venice, the people went wild with joy. Gondolas and speedboats brought thousands of people to the landing-stage at St. Mark's Square to join the thousands before the Cathedral who were shouting "Viva il Papa."

In homes. hotel foyers and even in cafés people knelt in prayer before television screens to receive the first blessing of the Supreme Pontiff.

Forty-eight hours before Cardinal Roncalli was chosen to succeed Pope Pius XII as Bishop of Rome. the news that a Pope had been elected was flashed round the world. It was a false alarm. due to a misunderstanding of the smoke signals issued by the traditional stove in the Sistine Chapel.

However, to obviate any further confusion, the smoke after the succeding negative ballots before the Cardinals elected Pope John 'XXIII on Tuesday evening issued in a thick black cloud, thanks to

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