Page 2, 3rd April 1936

3rd April 1936
Page 2
Page 2, 3rd April 1936 — IN DARKER GERMANY

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Locations: Moscow


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EVIDENCE FROM DUTCH WOMEN Wives and Mothers in Concentration Camps

In a long letter to the Manchester Guardian, two Dutch ladies, sent to Germany as a women's delegation to try to get into touch with the German authorities about the fate of the widow of the alleged communist Rudolf Claus, beheaded at the end of last year, have told the story of their visit.

Frau Claus visited her husband in prison in October, 1935, and for weeks after was not heard of again. At last her family was informed that she was being detained in the women's concentration camp at Moringen, in Hanover.

The Dutch delegation was not allowed to see her, and on asking why, received the answer :

"We are not allowed to give you any Information as to that. Claus was warned three times, but nevertheless went on with his work. It was necessary to make an example as a warning to eve ybody, and for that reason he was executed."

These facts did not seem to have anything to do with Claus's widow, but the only satisfaction that could be obtained was the sentence: "You may be sure mat eveiybody in here has earned his punishment."

The director of the National-Socialist Women's Union at Brunswick was approached, but her answer was no more convincing: "The emigres and the Jews are arousing the whole world against Germany and telling lies. . . . If anybody is punished he deserves it. If the communist Claus has been executed it was Just."

Other Cases Among the hundred women at Moringen fs the widow of Steinfurth, who was shot with three comrades on February 2, 1934, though her sentence has long come to an end.

Two other well-known women held in detention without trial or any suspicion are Frau Beimler, the wife of Hans Beimler, who escaped from Dachau camp and exposed to the world its horrors, and her sister Maria Dengler.

It proved impossible for the delegation to visit the camp at Moringen, though assurances as to the women's comfort and treatment were freely given.

The letter ends: -The holding of hostages in a modern State in the heart of Europe is a disgrace to civilisation. Is it really impossible to get it ended? It is surely time that the rulers of Germany were told plainly what the world thinks of it, told, above all, by the wives and mothers."

ENGLISH TOURS FOR RUSSIAN WORKERS A British Travel Agency for Moscow?

Mr. MARCUS SAMUEL asked the Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department in the House of Commons whether he will consider setting up a tourist agency in Moscow for the purpose of attracting Russian workers to take their holidays in this country; and whether he will arrange for special facilities to be given to such tourists so that they may see the show places in this country in the same way that the Russian Intourist Agency arranges such trips to demonstrate the attractions of Russia?

The PARLIAMENTARY SECRETARY TO THE BOARD OF TRADE (DR. BURGIN): I have been asked to reply. My hon. and gallant friend the Secretary of the Department of Overseas Trade will bring my hon. friend's suggestion before the executive committee of the Travel and Industrial Development Association. As regards the second part of the question, no special facilities are required to see the show places of this country, which, in general, are open for all to see.

Mr. GEORGE GRIFFITHS: If there are any "show places" in this land for Rnssians, will the hon. gentleman see that they are shown the distressed areas? .

Sir A. KNOX : Would it be possible to appoint guides from the Conservative Central Office, so as to prevent these people seeing anything?

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